William H. Gross Stamp Gallery

Named after its primary benefactor, the William H. Gross Stamp Gallery is the world’s largest gallery dedicated to philately. It provides an experience available nowhere else and offers something for everyone, from casual visitors to experienced collectors.

As visitors move through six thematic areas, stunning displays and interactive moments reveal the amazing stories that unfold from the museum’s unparalleled collection. Distributed throughout the thematic areas are hundreds of pullout frames containing more than 20,000 objects, providing ample opportunities to view noteworthy stamps that have never been on public display.

Windows Into America stamp installation
Above: Windows Into America stamp installation.

A glowing wall of windows featuring reproductions of 54 historic U.S. stamps provides an unforgettable backdrop to the 12,000-square feet of exhibits and continually reminds visitors that the history of stamps is intertwined with the history of America.