Owney postage stamp
Owney the Dog Augmented Reality Experience

(Web Version)

This augmented-reality experience brings to life “Owney the Dog,” mascot of the Railway Mail Service. Owney comes “to life” when the Owney the Dog postage stamp is viewed by your computer’s webcam. A multidimensional virtual Owney appears above the stamp. Owney barks, trots, sits and listens to postal train whistles in full 3-D. When the stamp is moved closer to the camera, details of Owney’s collar and some of the tags he received from his many travels can be seen. When viewed from a slight distance, the stamp can be moved around to see Owney from any side or angle.

Watch Owney Come to Life! Launch Application
  It's Simple.
    Here's How...
Step 1

Print an image of the
Owney postage stamp.

Step 2

Turn on your webcam and sound.

Step 3

Launch the Owney augmented reality application.

Step 4

Hold the Owney stamp image up to your cam until Owney appears.