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The Queen's Own: Stamps That Changed the World

The Exhibition Booklet
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The Queen's Own: The Stamps That Changed the World exhibition booklet
The Queen's Own: Stamps That Changed the World exhibition booklet.

The Queen's Own: Stamps that Changed the World is the second in a series of philatelic research publications by the Smithsonian National Postal Museum.

Written by the distinguished American philatelist Thomas J. Alexander, this detailed 36-page booklet is illustrated with a wealth of color photographs, some never before published. Many show objects from Queen Elizabeth II's Royal Philatelic Collection.

The booklet explores the background and implementation of British postal reform, including the first postage stamps, as well as the related story of how U.S. postal administrators adapted those reforms to their larger, more sparsely settled nation. A final section recounts how penny postage was finally adopted for ocean mail between the United States and Britain.
Price $2.95.

Additional Items For Sale:

'The Queen's Own' Exhibition Cachet

The Queen's Own Exhibition Cachet featuring National Postal Museum stamps.

This handsome cachet was specially designed to commemorate the opening of this fascinating exhibit. Printing is one-color lithography and engraved with metallic gold ink. The cover features two 29-cent National Postal Museum stamps and a special cancellation design based on the silhouette image of Queen Victoria as portrayed on the Penny Black. (SOLD OUT)

The Queen's Stamps, Traveling Exhibition - 2002 Jubilee Celebration booklet. Produced by: The Royal Philatelic Collection. April 2002. Soft cover, 40 pages, 7.25 x 11.75 inches.

'The Queen's Stamps' booklet

The Queen's Stamps, Traveling Exhibition - 2002booklet was produced in conjunction with the highly successful tour of material from the Royal Philatelic Collection in 2002 to three of the royal residences in the United Kingdom -- Holyroodhouse Palace, Sandringham House and Hampton Court Palace. The touring exhibition was in celebration of Queen Elizabeth II's Golden Jubilee of accession to the Throne. This souvenir booklet describes the material that went on tour in 2002, some of which can now be seen in The Queen's Own exhibition at the National postal Museum and also has other details about the collection. (SOLD OUT)

'The Queen's Stamps: The Authorized History of the Royal Philatelic Collection'

The Queen's Stamps: The Authorised History of the Royal Philatelic Collection. Publisher: Methuen Publishing, Ltd. May 2004. Hardcover, 337 pages. ISBN: 0413772284.

Written by Mr. Nicholas Courtney, this elegant book, The Queen's Stamps: The Authorised History of the Royal Philatelic Collection, is the definitive historical account of one of the world's most important and extensive stamp collections, and of the monarchs and keepers who have contributed to it.

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