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Stamps Take Flight


U.S. Air and Space Stamp Gallery


Scott 3330

Scott 2743
Since the first U.S. airplane stamp in 1913, U.S. postage stamps have included almost every possible air and space subject. There are stamps for helicopters, zeppelins, hot-air balloons, and spacecraft—real and imagined. Airplanes alone cover the spectrum from the Wright Brothers’ Flyer to the F-16. And there are still more air-and-space stamp topics, including famed aviators and designers,  

space photographs, and children’s artwork of the future.

This section of the web site includes more than 200 U.S. stamp designs (about a fourth of them airmail stamps) with air and space themes. Look them up by topic using the Index to see how creative designers and artists have celebrated the past and imagined the future of air and space.


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