Inverted Jenny Collector’s Edition

Sales ended October 15, 2013. This item is no longer available.

In 1918, stamp history was turned upside down by the Inverted Jenny — a misprint that mistakenly shows a wrong-side-up biplane. Now, nearly a century later, the U.S. Postal Service is issuing a new version of the stamp, arguably the most famous error in the history of American philately.

Merging past with present, the limited-quantity Inverted Jenny Collector's Edition pays tribute to the beloved stamp, taking collectors up close to the intaglio printing process behind the 2013 Stamp Collecting: Inverted Jenny stamps. Based upon impressions pulled from the original 1918 printing dies, the modern stamps are updated with a $2 denomination to distinguish them from the 24-cent originals.

Celebrate the stamp—and the story—with a limited edition set that includes:

  • - A series of collectible proofs pulled during the time of the 2013 production, showing each intaglio color in isolation
  • - An authentic section of the die wipe used during the press run
  • - One mint and one cancelled sheet of Stamp Collecting: Inverted Jenny Forever® stamps
  • - A 48-page booklet that reveals the story of the stamp, from how the initial error leaked to why the Postal Service is issuing the new version
  • - A protective box that bears an ornamental seal showing the stamp name and biplane in hand-drawn lettering

No more than 5,000 will be sold. Don't miss another great moment in history.

Made in the USA.

Sales ended October 15, 2013. This item is no longer available.