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Women in the U.S. Postal System


In Their Own Words

Past & Future

  • mp3 link to audio | 768kb | pdf link to transcript| Janet Stout discusses her hopes for the new generation and a new future for women in the service.
  • mp3 link to audio | 320kb | pdf link to transcript| Dianne Williams talks about the tremendous increase in the number of women in the service from 1969 to the present.
  • mp3 link to audio | 1mb | pdf link to transcript| Janet Stout remembers how few women were in the service when she began work.
  • mp3 link to audio | 448kb | pdf link to transcript| Gretchen Day shares the story of her aunt, one of Washington, DC’s first female postal clerks.
  • mp3 link to audio | 480kb | pdf link to transcript| Pamela Vanetta talks about growing up with a postmaster for a mother.


mp3 link to audio MP3 audio file | pdf link to transcriptAudio transcript in PDF file