About Us

Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, Inclusion

The Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum is committed to the work of developing an inclusive, anti-racist, and equitable environment for its employees, visitors, and community. Through its collection, exhibitions, programming, resources, and digital and virtual presence, the museum strives to foster thoughtful discourse and engagement with the unique and prolific postal and philatelic histories of the United States.

National Postal Museum Councils

Several individuals donate their time and efforts to helping the National Postal Museum in various ways. Among those are the men and women who serve on the Museum's various advisory boards and councils.


Volunteers are the backbone of the National Postal Museum, connecting visitors to the museum and its content! We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities based on your interest and skills.


Want to gain valuable skills and experience working in a museum? Apply for a Postal Museum Internship! Work on a relevant project, get one-on-one mentorship from staff, and contribute to the museum's offerings.


Find information about job opportunities at the Museum.

Meet Our Staff

The National Postal Museum is blessed with a skillful and dedicated staff who help tell the story of the history of the Postal Service, and the story of American culture and identity through postage stamps.