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About the Museum

Photo of the museum's director

Director’s Report

The Director’s Annual Report shares information about the National Postal Museum and highlights the impact of philanthropy to the Smithsonian Institution while celebrating the generosity of the museum’s donors.

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History of the National Postal Museum

The National Postal Museum opened on July 30, 1993. It was created on November 6, 1990 in a joint agreement between the Smithsonian Institution and the United States Postal Service.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find answers to questions that are frequently asked about the National Postal Museum and about the history of postal service and philately.

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Meet Our Staff

The National Postal Museum is blessed with a skillful and dedicated staff who help tell the story of the history of the Postal Service, and the story of American culture and identity through postage stamps.

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Host an Event

For your next special event, dinner, or business meeting, let the National Postal Museum prove an unforgettable setting.

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Support the National Postal Museum

Your support enables us to maintain this tradition of excellence, open new exhibits, create exciting educational programming and offer cutting edge visitors experience. Please consider making a donation today!

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Employment Information

Find information about job opportunities at the Museum.

32 cent stamp with an illustration of the Smithsonian National Postal Museum

National Postal Museum Councils

Several individuals donate their time and efforts to helping the National Postal Museum in various ways. Among those are the men and women who serve on the Museum's various advisory boards and councils.

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Smithsonian Philatelic Achievement Awards

The Smithsonian Philatelic Achievement Award honors Americans and individuals from around the world for outstanding lifetime accomplishments in the field of philately.

photo of seix people at a gala event

Smithsonian Affiliations

As part of its outreach efforts, the National Postal Museum participates in the Smithsonian Affiliations. The program's mission is to make Smithsonian collections and resources more accessible to the American public.