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Bill Lommel

photo of Bill Lommel

Museum Specialist, Web Team


In the spring of 2001, after earning a M.A. in Museum Studies and working in a few other museums, I started working at the National Postal Museum. As a member of both the Web Team and the Collections Department, I do web management and digitization of the collection.

Interests: skiing, hiking, gardening, travel, and languages and cultures
Favorite museum object: Ritual Offering to Hebiesso postage stamp
What I like best about working at the National Postal Museum: working in support of the Smithsonian's mission, "The increase and diffusion of knowledge".

  • Bill installing an exhibit in Shanghai, China
    Installing an exhibit in Shanghai, China
  • Bill with friends while in the Peace Corps, Benin
    Bill with friends while in the Peace Corps in Benin
  • Bill skiing in Italy
    Taking a French cooking lesson at Lac du Bois