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Bill Lommel

photo of Bill Lommel

Museum Specialist, Web Team


Bill started at the National Postal Museum in the spring of 2001. Currently he works with the museum's Web Team as editor of the museum's website content and, he works with the Collections Department digitizing collection objects. He graduated with an M.A. in Museum Studies with a concentration in museum collection management from The George Washington University.

Interests: skiing, hiking, gardening, travel, and languages and cultures
Favorite museum object: Ritual Offering to Hebiesso postage stamp
What I like best about working at the National Postal Museum: working in support of the Smithsonian's mission, "the increase and diffusion of knowledge."

  • Bill installing an exhibit in Shanghai, China
    Installing an exhibit in Shanghai, China
  • Bill with friends while in the Peace Corps, Benin
    Bill with friends while in the Peace Corps in Benin
  • Bill skiing in Italy
    Taking a French cooking lesson at Lac du Bois