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Eric Chapman

photo of Eric Chapman

Exhibits Specialist

phone: (202) 633-5553

I frequently went to museums as a kid, dragging my family with me and making them stay forever because I needed to read every label. Sparked by an initial interest in paleontology, I went to Cornell getting my B.A. in Geological Sciences. I then shifted towards a career specifically in museums, receiving my M.S. in Museum Studies from the University of Colorado at Boulder. During my first year of grad school I was working in the Collections, but I realized my real passion was with exhibits. It was in this department that I got to apply all the side jobs and hobbies I had accumulated over the years like tinkering with electronics, AV, building things by hand, random construction projects, and graphic design. Now I get to go to work and do all that fun stuff everyday.

Interests: paleontology, baseball, fishing, visiting museums, movies, trivia
Favorite museum object: 32-cent Dinosaur Sheet of Fifteen. Unfortunately there isn't a stamp with my favorite dinosaur on it yet, Deinonychus antirrhopus.
What I like best about working at the National Postal Museum: I love being able to work on a wide range of projects, everything from changing a light bulb in the exhibit galleries to helping design world class exhibits.

  • Eric identifying fossils at the NY State Fair
    Identifying fossils at the NY State Fair
  •  Eric outside Fenway Park with a statue of Ted Williams
    Outside Fenway Park with Ted Williams
  • Eric next to a triceratops
    Graduation Day with a Triceratops