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Linda S. Edquist

photo of Linda Edquist

Conservator, Head of Preservation

phone: (202) 633-5511

Conservation is my second career, my first was creating and manufacturing wearable art for galleries, boutiques, and individuals. My love of history and costume made costume conservation a natural fit. Once the First Ladies Exhibition opened at NMAH, NPM was preparing to move and open the new museum and I took on the opportunity to be a part of this team. Years later, I still enjoy my work and the staff here, where there are always more challenges and opportunities. Never one to remain still, I just completed my MBA in the Management of Non-Profits.

Work History

Interests: Art, weaving, gardening, yoga, volunteering to improve healthcare for all
Favorite museum object: Highway Post Office Bus
What I like best about working at the National Postal Museum: Working in a smaller SI museum where one can be involved in a wide variety of projects.

  • Linda at the conservation lab microscope
    The conservation lab microscope
  • Home vegetable garden
    Home vegetable garden
  • Linda's Avon Breast Cancer Crew
    My Avon Breast Cancer Crew