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Motoko Hioki

photo of Motoko Hioki

School and Tours Coordinator

phone: (202) 633-4739

I have a long term relationship with museums. Like many museum goers became so, my love towards museums grew as my parents took my brother and I on (almost) weekly trip to local museums. Family trips in Japan usually involved many historic sites (lots of castles and battle fields) visit and educational activities, which we believed that was all other kids are doing as well (apparently not). Anyway, we went so many places that we were probably little museum critics by the age of 12. My brother decided to go on more traditional track to educate people, and became a teacher where he can use museum as a teaching tool. I decided that I wanted to be on museum side, where I can be a person to provide all those fun stuff!

Interests: food, visit museums, being optimistic, arts & crafts, American sense of humor
Favorite museum object: Mailboxes from different countries, especially the Japanese one! I feel nostalgic looking at that old-style round mailbox (today, mailboxes in Japan are square-shaped).
What I like best about working at the National Postal Museum:  It truly is a treat for me to listen to visitors' stories and looking at their happy faces when I am interacting with them.