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Please note: because some activities are in Flash, they will not display on some mobile devices.

Help Keep Mail Safe game screenshot

Some of the offers in your mail may be too good to be true. Check these letters for clues and try to outsmart the scammers who want to steal your money and identity.

a variety of stamps along with a magnifying glass and tweezers on a light red background

Learn about tools of stamp collecting, such as the perforation gauge, tongs, and magnifying glasses. 
To get started in stamp collecting, touch the stamps and tools to learn how.

four colored squares on a teal background

Explore Museum Objects

Explore philatelic and postal objects, or play the matching game to test your memory!

a cross section of a trail mail car

Play the mail sorting game and see how fast you can sort letters in sixty seconds. Watch a movie about mail on the fly and read about the Postal Service’s beloved mascot, Owney.

a sepia-toned landscape

Can you get 20 mailbags from Philadelphia to New Orleans in 1853? Use a stagecoach, boat or train to move the mail along actual mail routes.

a variety of colorful stamps on a black background

Score big if you can match the faces of famous Americans on stamps. Click here to learn more about the famous Americans featured in this game.

Postmaster's Challenge introduction screenshot

Test your knowledge of postal history and stamp collecting.

a cartoon mailbox with letters in it

Match wits and nerve with an unforgiving keyboard to discover the letters that complete the puzzle. Bring your knowledge of postal vocabulary!

Word Search- an illustrated white magnifying glass on a aqua background

Happy hunting for hidden terms and names! It may take a wizard to solve these puzzles!

a cancelling maching broken up into puzzle pieces

Jigsaw Puzzles

Piece together your postal history with these Jigsaw puzzles.

a sheet of stamps with a piece missing in the middle

Scramble is for you if you love to solve puzzles!

an illustration of a dog, colored brown

You don't need crayons here! Create postal-themed works of art right on your computer screen using our online coloring pages.

an envelope with the barcode circled in blue

Decode the Barcode

Envelopes have a special code that the U.S. Postal Service uses to help deliver the mail. See if you can figure out how to crack the code.

a photo of a child reaching for a snow covered mailbox


Do you know how stamp designs are chosen, or which transportation method replaced dog sleds in Alaska? Test yourself by answering these and other postal and philatelic questions.