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The National Postal Museum's website offers a variety of activities, both online and downloadable, for kids and adults. Have fun!

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Please note: because some activities are in Flash, they will not display on some mobile devices.

Activities Highlights

cross section of a train mail car

See how fast you can sort letters.

white tiles, some of which have letters filled in

Match wits and nerve with an unforgiving keyboard.

Word Search- a word search example with several words circled in red

Happy hunting for hidden terms and names!

Artful Animals Activity Guide- two black and white spotted illustrated birds

Artful Animals (PDF)

Find artful animals all over the Smithsonian and at home.


Explore a variety of games for kids and adults!

Downloadable Activities

Find artful animals and stamp designs, or create your own stationery.

Video Zone

The Museum’s digital video resources include special features, lectures, historical footage and exhibit videos.


Test yourself by answering postal and philatelic questions.