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Exhibit Videos

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Exhibit Videos Playlist on Museum's YouTube Channel

Browse additional exhibit videos on the museum's YouTube channel.

photo of a man with a flashlight and another person in the background in silhouette

Delivering Justice - A U.S. Postal Inspection Service Video Series

This video series about the U.S. Postal Inspection Service is related to the exhibit, Behind the Badge: The U.S. Postal Inspection Service.

black and white photo of the Titanic

Fire & Ice: Hindenburg and Titanic Video Gallery

The exhibit, Fire & Ice: Hindenburg and Titanic, includes a video gallery which features historical footage and an interview with Hindenburg ground crew member Frank Ward.

photo of a postal worker next to a mailbox

All Systems at Work

All Systems at Work, part of the Systems at Work exhibit, shows how letters, catalogs, magazines, and parcels make their way through mail centers.

airmail plane taking off

Airmail: The Quest for Speed

America's commercial aviation industry owes its start to the Post Office Department and the early airmail service.

black and white photo of a train on a bridge over a river


Railway Post Office (RPO) clerks processed mail on moving train cars. It was hard and dangerous work. Railway mail cars were often placed directly behind the engine, putting clerks in danger during wrecks. Companies used wooden mail cars that were not as safe as metal cars, but were cheaper. These cars often turned into death traps after a wreck, filled with scalding water from  steam engines or set ablaze when oil lamps and wood stoves tipped over or exploded on impact.

photo of a colorful HPO billboard with a blue and white bus

Mail By Bus

Highway Post Office service was initiated in response to declining railroad traffic in the early 1940s. As the American population grew, use of the highway system grew as well, meaning fewer passengers traveled by rail. This, in turn, meant fewer trains available to carry mail in several parts of the country. The service grew very slowly at first, not really taking-off until the 1950s, when these brightly-colored buses became common sights on American highways.

photo of a boat on the water

Star Route Service

Independent contractors have been delivering mail to some of America’s remotest locations since the Star Route Service began in 1845. See the mule trains, boats, dog sleds, and more that contractors have used to carry the US mail with certainty, celerity, and security.

sepia photo of a postal worker with a dog

Story of Owney

Watch an animated video featuring the life of Owney, a mailbag-loving dog who became the mascot of the Railway Mail Service in the 1890s.

photo of a  hovercraft in the Arctic

Hovercraft: Arctic Efficient

Mail service in southwestern Alaska has continued to prove challenging to the U.S. Postal Service. Although airplanes continue to carry mail to many remote Alaskan areas, the hovercraft has proven successful in delivering more mail, more often, to the state's Yukon Tuspaquin Delta Region. This video demonstrates the service in action.

black and white photo of a man on a horse

RFD: To The Country

RFD: To the Country explores the history of Rural Free Delivery. Beginning in 1896, this service helped put rural Americans in better touch with the world.

screenshot of a woman in front of a road

RFD: The Second Century

In 1996, the National Postal Museum produced this video that celebrated the Rural Free Delivery centennial and looks at how the service works in this day and age.

Missing You: Letters in Wartime- black and white screenshot of the video's introduction

Missing You: Letters in Wartime

This video uses snippets of letters from World War I to Desert Storm to express the essential connection of mail between military personnel and the families and friends left behind.

On the Road- blue screenshot of the video's introduction

On The Road: Moving Mail in America's Cities

This video chronicles the use of motorized vehicles to move mail within America's towns and cities.

black and white photo of a woman sitting at a desk

V-Mail: New Service Speeds Mail to U.S. Troops

A short, 1944 newsreel describing V-Mail produced by the Office of War Information.

Mail By Rail- black and white screenshot of the video's introduction

Mail By Rail

Mail By Rail filmed in 1993, is the story of the Railway Post Office clerks, as told by four ex RPO clerks, Tom Clifton, Harold Coffman, Winston Lark and Don Shenefelt.