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Special Features

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Special Features Playlist on the Museum's YouTube Channel

Browse additional "Special Features" videos on the museum's YouTube channel.

illustration of a plane

National Postal Museum Video Tours

A series of short video tours of the National Postal Museum.

a missile being loaded onto a submarine

Mail by Missile

In 1959, the US Navy and Post Office Department placed 3,000 letters in a missile on board the USS Barbero submarine. In this presentation, curator Nancy A. Pope reveals more about this Cold War era mail delivery experiment.

cartoon of a man with a very large nose sitting at a desk

Why Stamps Were Invented

This animated video was created in 1993 for the Postal Museum's Stamps and Stories gallery.

photo of someone's hands with a magnifying glass, enlarging an image

Printing Postage Stamps

Want to know how stamps are printed? This animated video was created in 1993 for the Postal Museum's Stamps and Stories gallery. The BEP shut down its 111 years of printing postage stamps on June 10, 2005. U.S. stamps are now all printed by private contractors.

Stamps An American Journey- screenshot of of a variety of stamps

Stamps: An American Journey

You see stamps every day but have you ever really looked at them? This video tells the surprising story of the journey of stamps from an idea, to art, to issued stamp.

Thanks to the ongoing support of The United States Postal Service, the National Postal Museum continues to provide exciting exhibits and programs such as the Stamps: An American Journey video.

How does the mail get to me?- text in front of a woman looking through a window

Delivering To You

Have you ever wondered how your mail finds it way across town, across country, or across the world and into your mailbox? This video shows how it works.

screenshot of the back of a vehicle

Video Footage of Long Life Vehicle Tests

Video footage of Long Live Vehicle testing performed in Laredo, Texas in 1985. During the tests, which totaled 24,000 miles in all, officials challenged the endurance and maneuverability of three vehicles produced by Grumman and General Motors, Poveco (Fruehauf & General Automotive Corp), and American Motors.

photo of a smiling elderly woman with glasses

Jeanette Cantrell Rudy Interview

Lovely, alluring duck stamps have captivated many collectors, including Jeanette Cantrell Rudy. The indomitable Mrs. Rudy, however, occupies a niche all her own. Over a fifty-year span, she assembled the foremost duck stamp collection. Further, she has transcended stereotypes claiming distinction as a woman in domains dominated by men.

To read about Jeannette Rudy, visit: Glorious Flight: The Jeanette C. Rudy Duck Stamp Collection.

collage of a pilot with goggles and a plane in front of a map

The National Postal Museum Finds Its Home

This video gives a brief background to the Smithsonian Institution's preservation of postal history and the creation of the Smithsonian National Postal Museum.

photo of an elderly man wearing a tie

Personal Perspectives

This video was created for the opening of the National Postal Museum in 1993. It features a collection of postal employees talking about their jobs.