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Logbook Answers

Date: October 15, 1923
Location Time: depart or arrive Omaha 9:05 a.m. depart
North Platte 12:25 p.m. arrive
1:30 p.m. depart
October 15, 1923
Omaha 284 pounds/ 8 sacks added
North Platte 30 pounds/ 1 sack removed
15 pounds/1 sack added
Condition of Ship
Date: October 15, 1923
Mechanics gave a complete tune-up before leaving Omaha with full tanks of gas.
Mechanic Mike added 1 pint of oil, tightened the screws on the tail skid, and filled the tank with 97 gallons of gas in North Platte.
October 15, 1923
Fred owes me 6¢ for a postage stamp
Breakfast $ 0.75
Lunch $ 0.80 for two sandwiches
$ 0.03 for glass of milk
Mike owes me $ 0.40 for a sandwich
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