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In the early 1930s, Boeing's 247 airplane was the airplane to beat. Donald Douglas' company secured a TWA contract for a new style of airplane. Douglas Commercial Model 1 (DC-1), was produced in 1933. The model was tinkered with and unveiled the following year. This DC-2 was successful enough to make Boeing's 247 practically obsolete. Douglas Aircraft engineers continued to tinker and improve their design. Their first DC-3 was unveiled on December 17, 1935. While not as revolutionary as the craft flown by the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk 32 years ago on that date, the DC-3 changed the industry.

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American Airlines DC-3 TWA DC-2
Pan Am DC-2 Western Air Exp DC3 posed next to a Douglas M2 biplane
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(top left) American Airlines DC-3

(top right) TWA DC-2

(bottom left) Pan Am DC-2

(bottom right) Western Air Exp DC3 posed next to a Douglas M2 biplane
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