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PILOT STORIES: James C. Edgerton

Although he had little flight experience when hired, James C. Edgerton proved to be an excellent pilot. A month after the service started, postal officials lauded Edgerton for having made 20 perfect flights without " a stop en route, and without damaging a airplane." As an army airmail pilot, Edgerton flew 52 trips over a total of 7,155 miles, spending 107 hours in the air and making only one forced landing. When the Post Office Department took over airmail service, Edgerton moved up in their ranks, becoming the Chief of Flying.

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Edgerton's airplane leaving Philly for DC  
  Edgerton surrounded by dignataries
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(top left) Edgerton's airplane leaving Philly for DC

(bottom right) Edgerton surrounded by dignataries prior to leaving for DC
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