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Did you know?Over 200 pilots flew mail as employees of the Post Office Department's Air Mail Service. When hired, all agreed to the service's rules, including a demand, unique among aviators, that the schedule was paramount. Pilots were expected to keep the mail moving at all costs.

Thirty-five pilots gave their lives flying America's airmail in the early years of the service. Click on a name to learn more about that pilot.

Ames, Charles Hayden Milatzo, John F.
Blanchfield, William F. Miller, Max
Brown, Howard C. Moore, James F. "Dinty"
Bunting, Walter M. Oakes, Paul S.
Carroll, William M. Robinson, Frederic A.
Charlton, John P. Jr. Rowe, Hiram H.
Christensen, James Titus Sherlock, Harry C.
Doty, Lyman W. Smith, Arthur Roy
Gautier, Robert Smith, Carl B.
Gilbert, Clarence A Smith, Howard F.
Hopson, William C. Smith, Walter J.
Hyde-Pearson, Leonard Brooke Stevens, Walter H. S.
Lamborn, Charles W. Stewart, Kenneth M.
Leonhardt, Elmer G. Stoner, Clayton W.
Lewis, William E. Vanatta, Elmer R.
McCandless, W. J. Woodward, John P.
McCusker, Frank Wright, Richard W.
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