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PILOT STORIES: Bunting, Walter M.*

Air Mail Service Began: November 15, 1920
Air Mail Service Ended: May 5, 1921
Total Hours Flown: unknown
Total Miles Flown: unknown
Assignment: College Park, Maryland
  December 1, 1920 – Cheyenne, Wyoming

On May 5, 1921, Walter M. Bunting was killed while coming in for a landing at Rock Springs, Wyoming, when his airplane dove into the ground. He was 50' in the air as he passed the hangar, and his motor sounded fine according to witnesses. One witness stated that "the airplane was being climbed too steeply to get speed quickly and therefore when he made his first turn he lost some 50'. He continued to climb after turning and when his airplane was up about 150' it seemed to have a slight miss but apparently revved up good." Bunting banked too much and went into a steep spin from which he could not recover.

Bunting's widow, Mrs. Lilliam T. Bunting of Carney's Point, New Jersey, was awarded the standard $35 per month compensation for as long as she remained unmarried.

Letters recovered from the crash had explanatory slips placed in them and were forwarded if possible.

This letter salvaged from Air Mail airplane which was destroyed by fire at Rock Springs, Wyoming, May 5, 1921
POSTMASTER, Cheyenne, Wyoming

Walter M. Bunting  
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(top left) Bunting

(bottom right) Telegram regarding a December 1920 crash
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