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PILOT STORIES: Marshall, R. C. "Tex"

Air Mail Service Began: September 21, 1920
Air Mail Service Ended: June 22, 1927
Total Hours Flown: 3675.08
Total Miles Flown: 329,152
Assignments: College Park, Maryland
  October 12, 1920 – Chicago, Illinois
  October 16, 1920 – Omaha, Nebraska
  February 16, 1921 – Chicago, Illinois
  November 1, 1924 – Reno, Nevada

"Tex" Marshall was born on February 2, 1894. He joined the Air Mail Service in 1920 and flew the mail through 1927, when the service was turned over to private contractors.

Marshall had a habit of making a brief landing in a specific Iowa pasture each day to stretch his legs and smoke a cigarette. One day, a bull in the field began to charge Marshall. The farmer ran into the field and drove his bull into a corner so Marshall could takeoff safely. Wanting revenge on the bull, Marshall carried a rock with him onto the airplane and circled back to toss it at the animal. However, his aim was off and instead of hitting the bull, Marshall hit the farmer, making that the last time that "Tex" landed to stretch his legs in that field.

Tex Marshall in Omaha, Nebraska, 1924.  
  Telegram on Marshall crash
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(top left) Marshall in Omaha 1924 - National Air and Space Museumcredit

(bottom right) Telegram on Marshall crash 1-12-1921 - National Archives and Records Administration credit
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