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PILOT STORIES: Milatzo, John F.

Air Mail Service Began: February 24, 1923
Air Mail Service Ended: March 27, 1923
Pilot Reappointed: April 3, 1924
Air Mail Service Ended: April 22, 1927
Total Hours Flown: 1455.00
Total Miles Flown: 142,041
Assignments: Washington
  Mar 1, 1923 – Chicago, Illinois
  April 3, 1924 – Omaha, Nebraska
  Aug 1, 1924 – Cheyenne, Wyoming
  Aug 20, 1924 – Omaha, Nebraska
  Mar 1, 1925 – Maywood, Illinois
  June 1, 1925 – Cleveland, Ohio
  Aug 16, 1925 - Maywood, Illinois

John F. Milatzo was the last Air Mail Service pilot to die before the service was turned over to contractors. He was flying on April 22, 1927 when snow and sleet collected on his plane, forcing him to land at night. He crashed, and his plane exploded into flames.

Milatzo in airplane Telegram regarding crash
  Milatzo's airplane crash
Click on the photos to view a larger image.

(top left) Milatzo in airplane

(top right) Telegram regarding crash

(bottom right) Milatzo's airplane crash
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