The Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum would like to thank the following members of the United States Postal Service and the mailing industry for their support in helping to make this important project possible:

United States Postal Service

  • Brian Corley
  • Judy de Torok
  • Jason Diebler
  • Peter Klausner
  • Jennifer Lynch
  • Jeff Marino
  • Nick Sucich

United States Postal Service (Retired)

  • Kent Smith
  • Lenny Kilburn
  • Gary Thuro, Sr.
  • Nick Williams

Mailing Industry

National Postal Museum

  • Emma Auburn (Administrative Assistant)
  • Marty Emery (Public Relations & Internet Affairs)
  • Bill Lommel (Web Editor)
  • Karen McCormick (Former Contractor)
  • Hannah Trumbull (Development)
  • Nancy Pope (Curator)
  • Roxanne Symko-Smith (Project Management)

September 13, 2016 Celebration Event:
America’s Mailing Industry Virtual Exhibition Launch