Celebrating 175 Years of the Smithsonian Institution

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As we welcome in the new year and commemorate the Smithsonian at 175, let's not only look back, but look ahead to what is on the horizon. In that spirit, please enjoy this short video about how our foundation is our future.


America. 1846.

An audacious idea, to grow and broadcast more knowledge than the world had ever seen with an eye to the future.

That dream was the Smithsonian. Your Smithsonian.

Expanding the portrait of a people.

Revealing the building blocks of life.

To discover new species and save those we already know.

A knowledge powerhouse with purpose, and a community mindset.

Inspiring a new generation to learn from the past.

Speak up. Be civic. Serve a nation.

So that together we can step into the future with optimism.

No dreams deferred.