Before Starting This Activity

18-cent International Year of the Disabled stamp
The Post office issued The International Year of the Disabled stamp in 1981.

Use People-First Language:

  • Never use the word “handicapped.” The correct word to use is “disability.”
  • Never use the word disability as an adjective. For example, one is not a blind person, but a person who is blind.
  • Never use the term “special” or "special needs." This implies that the individual is separate from others. For example, a classroom should not be called “special classroom.” The appropriate phrase would be a classroom that is accessible to students with and without disabilities.
  • Never use euphemisms such as “physically challenged” or “handi-capable.” The phraseology is condescending. Say the person has a disability.
  • Using the word “normal” implies that people with disabilities are abnormal.

©Design for Accessibility: A Cultural Administrator’s Handbook

6-cent Hope for the Crippled stamp
The Post Office distributed this stamp in 1969. Today we use the term mobility disability.
15-cent Special Olympics stamp
Special Olympics was founded by Eunice Shriver Kennedy in 1962 as a summer camp. The Post Office released this stamp in 1979.