EdLab Kickstarts New Partnership


By Reema Ghazi, Youth Experience Coordinator

EdLab has officially kick-started its partnership with the Capitol Hill Cluster Schools. Since September, we've been working with teachers and students at Peabody Pre-K, Watkins Elementary, and Stuart Hobson Middle School to introduce them to mission-based learning.

The kindergarten class we are working with at Peabody Pre-K will be doing a mission to uncover and raise awareness on the history of their school. An essential part of this process is encouraging students to be curious about their surroundings, so one of our first steps in this mission project was to explore the statue sitting at the center of Stanton Park, a large park and community hub right across from the school's front doors.

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Doing the "See, Think, Wonder" thinking routine with our Capitol Hill Cluster kindergartners.

We used a thinking routine titled "See, Think, Wonder" to discover details about the statue and think about who the figure in the statue might be-- Nathanael Greene, a Revolutionary War hero. As part of their exploration, the students used iPod touch cameras to document the various details and perspectives of the statue. Students will later be visiting the National Portrait Gallery to explore other important figures- perhaps even George Peabody himself!