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Owney Curriculum Resources

Want a good warm-up Owney exercise? Need a static map of Owney’s Journeys? Want to see every Owney tag we have at the National Postal Museum? How about the lyrics from the Owney song? Find these additional resources and more in this section.

“Owney The Railway Dog” Presentation

Want to share Owney's story with a group of kids or adults? Use this short presentation to tell the dog's story in words and pictures. Download the PDF (.pdf).

Reading List

A list of books about Owney that are available for use in your classroom.

Postage Stamps in Owney’s Day

Owney rode the rails from 1888 to 1897.  Learn more about the stamps and mail that filled the mailbags he used as his bed.

Owney First Day Cover

The Owney Stamp became available for purchase on July 27, 2011.  On that day many people sent beautifully illustrated mail pieces using Owney’s stamp as inspiration.  These “first day covers” serve as an inspiration for this “get to know Owney” lesson.

Owney Map

If you are having trouble using Owney’s Online map, or if you’d like to print out a copy of Owney’s map in your class, use this static PDF.  It has yellow markers for all of Owney’s historically documented stops.

Owney on Social Media

Owney is on Facebook and Twitter and shares his stories with an elementary school audience in mind.  Review this quick fact sheet to see if Owney’s social presence is right for your class.

Complete Owney Tags

The National Postal Museum has historical information on every Owney tag in its collection.  If for some reason you cannot access this information online, you can use this document as a visual reference guide to the complete collection.

Owney Activity Guide

Not all Owney activities are for the classroom.  “Make a tag for Owney,” “Pooch Postage,” and “Tail-waggin’ tales” are just some of the activities in this guide.  Designed for camp groups and after school programs and other non-standards based environments, you may find inspiration or opportunity for use of these with your students.

"The Owney Song"

Use this Owney Song to tell his story in a musical way. Geographic and historical references are aligned with Unit 1/Lesson 2, “The Singing Map. [ Downloadable 5.8 MB MP3 file | Lyrics ]