Listen, Look & Do!

Bring your Pre-K 4 and Kindergarten students to the Smithsonian Institution’s National Postal Museum and learn about how the mail moves!

About Listen, Look & Do!

Listen, Look & Do! is an exciting program combining:

  • Story time (LISTEN)
  • Museum exploration (LOOK)
  • Related fun activity (DO)

Program Description

Who are the people that we meet as we’re walking down the streets of our neighborhood? One familiar face is that of the letter carrier. Come learn about this job at the National Postal Museum! Students will follow the journey of the character Little Letter that can’t wait to get delivered in the story Let’s Deliver the Mail. We’ll talk about a variety of community workers and how to identify them in our neighborhoods. Then we’ll focus on the job of letter carriers and learn how they collect, sort and deliver the mail. Finally, the students will pretend to be letter carriers themselves, collecting and delivering mail around the museum with real mailbags!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program right for my group?

  • Target age: Pre-K 4 and Kindergarten
  • Accommodates: up to 25 students
  • Tour duration: 45 minutes

What else should I know?

  • The National Postal Museum does not sell any food or snacks. Limited space may be available for those that bring their lunches with them. Arrangements to eat while on premises must be made with the School Programs Coordinator in advance of your visit.
  • Entry into any Smithsonian museum requires security screening. In order to ensure a prompt program start, visitors to the National Postal Museum should arrive 15 minutes in advance of their program’s start time. Please communicate to all chaperones and students that they will be subject to security screening prior to their visit.
  • The Museum does not have a requirement on the number of chaperones to bring. We simply ask you use your best judgement for the size of your group and the mode of transportation taken to the museum.

When is this program available?

  • This program takes place on Tuesdays through Fridays at 10:30 am to 11:15 am and 11:30 am to 12:15 pm.
  • There is no charge for this program, but reservations at least four weeks in advance are required.

Request a Reservation!

Please be advised that submitting a registration form is only a request. Written confirmation (via e-mail) from the museum constitutes a booking guarantee. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided within one business week. Questions regarding your registration request should be directed to

As a public health precaution, Listen, Look & Do! registration is currently suspended.