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Ideas & Suggestions

  • Write an article to appear in the school or PTA newsletter describing the project and asking families to collect stamps. Consider having a student write and submit this article.
  • Parents working in offices where they receive lots of stamped mail, such as bill payments, are a great resource.
  • Put a collection box for stamps outside your classroom door or in the school office. Have students advertise the project around the school with posters or other creative activities.
  • Suggestions for mural subjects:
    Quilt squares
    Geometric shapes
    Albert Einstein
    Architectural Design
    King Tut
    Benjamin Franklin
    Phyllis Wheatly
    United States map
    Native American
    Weather map
    Leonardo Da Vinci
    Rainforest Animals
    Storybook Character
    Book Cover Reproduction
    Japanese Landscape displayed with Haiku poems
    William Shakespeare
    Cat in the Hat
    Books & other print material

    Linn’s ABC Book: S is for Stamps. Sidney, Ohio: Linn’s Stamp News, 1993.
    This book uses stamps from around the world to teach children the letters of the alphabet. The illustrations are of fun stamps with kid friendly pictures of butterflies, trains, kites, giraffes, and more.

    My Stamp Album. Glen Cove, New York: American Stamp Dealers Association, 1992.
    As a stamp album for beginning stamp collectors, this book is designed to highlight the fun and excitement involved in stamp collecting. Illustrated pages reflect various interesting subjects, such as holidays, animals, and sports, that can be found on stamps. This album can be downloaded for free at

    The National Postal Museum’s Create a Postage Stamp Activity and Coloring Book. Washington, D.C.: National Postal Museum, 1997.
    Learn about how stamps are created and design your own stamp with this activity and coloring book developed by the National Postal Museum’s education department.

    Frank Schaffer’s CLASSMATE April/May/June 1987.
    This magazine for teachers contains many reproducible worksheets that can be used in your classroom. Some of the activities described in this issue include starting a stamp club and designing your own stamp.

    American Philatelic Society
    The American Philatelic Society (APS) offers a variety of opportunities to learn more about philately.

    Philately and Education
    Designed by Education International, this site presents postage stamps that honor teachers and education. The site also contains a list of links to many websites related to philately and education.

    Rachel Grabek’s “Welcome to Art” page
    Keep checking this elementary school art teacher’s website to see Stamp Mural projects in progress, as well as many other interesting classroom art projects.

    Science on Stamps
    This site presents many stamps with science-related themes such as chemistry, mathematics, astronomy, and more.

    Stamp on Black History
    This site lists United States postage stamps commemorating African Americans, provides information about the hobby of stamp collecting, and offers suggestions for related classroom activities.

    Their Stamp on History
    This is an educational site that explores the lives of historic figures who have been pictured on United States postage stamps.