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Stamps are exciting, educational tools! Using stamps, you can explore other countries, learn about history, and experience art.

The activities on this website will show you and your students how to use cancelled stamps for a variety of creative projects.

Whether you choose to create a stamp mural mosaic as a class, or to do just one or two individual projects, you will find these activities to be engaging and educational.
For your classes in:
  • ART - Experiment with colors, shapes and patterns to design a mural mosaic made from cancelled stamps.
  • MATH - Use estimation and graphing projects to count your growing stamp collection.
  • SOCIAL STUDIES - Explore different cultures and learn about history from the many people, places and events pictured on stamps.
  • SCIENCE - Use classification skills to organize your stamp collection.
  • LANGUAGE ARTS - With pictures of movie stars, sports figures, and distant lands, stamps can be an imaginative and inspirational tool for creative writing.


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