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United Confederate Veterans Final Reunion Issue

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3-cent United Confederate Veterans single

The Department issued this 3 cent stamp through the Norfolk, VA., post office, on May 30, 1951, to commemorate the Final Reunion of the United Confederate Veterans. The Central design depicts a United Confederate Veteran as he appears in 1951. Behind him, he is shown in his youth as a Confederate soldier. Across the top of the stamp is the wording "Final Reunion United Confederate Veterans" in whiteface Gothic. In the upper left corner of the design is an hourglass representing time, most of which has run out as indicated by the sand in the lower half. Across the face of the hourglass are the letters "UCV" in dark Gothic. Centered below the glass is the denomination "3" in dark modified Roman with the word "Cents" in dark Gothic underneath. In a panel at the bottom appears the wording "United States Postage" in whiteface Gothic on a dark background.

The stamp was printed by the rotary process, electric-eye perforated, and issued in panes of 50 stamps each. The printing of 110 million copies of this stamp was authorized.

Reference: Postal Bulletin (April 19, 1951)

Jeffrie H Lovell

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