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American Chemical Society Issue

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3-cent American Chemical Society single

The Post Office Department issued a 3-cent American Chemical Society commemorative stamp through the New York, N.Y., post office on September 4, 1951, to commemorate the seventy-fifth anniversary of the American Chemical Society.

The stamp is 0.84 by 1.44 inches in dimensions, arranged horizontally, with a double-line border, printed by the rotary process, electric-eye perforated, and issued in sheets of fifty. The color of the stamp is maroon. The printing of 110,000,000 stamps was authorized.

The stamp has for its central design the emblem of the American Chemical Society. On the left is pictured a modern alembic with supporting instruments, the conventional hydrometer and the modern ionization indicator, and to the right is the horizon of the chemical century typified by the towers of the catalytic cracking plant, a butadiene reactor, and a fractionating unit. Across the top arranged in one line of white-face gothic appears the wording "American Chemical Society" and just below arranged in two lines on each side of the emblem in white-face gothic is the wording "Diamond Jubilee 1876-1951." In a dark panel across the bottom of the stamp is the inscription "3c U.S. Postage 3c" in white-face roman.

Reference: Postal Bulletin (August 9, 1951)

Jeffrie H Lovell

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