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Bob Hautman

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Bob Hautman shown here with Jeanette C. Rudy.
Courtesy of Bob Hautman

Images by Minnesota freelance artist Bob Hautman (b. 1959) appear on the 1997, 2001 and 2018 Federal Duck stamps. His work has also been featured on the 2001 New Jersey duck stamp(NJ18), 2001 Minnesota duck stamp (MN25), 1999 Texas duck stamp (TX19), the 1999 SCWA stamp, 1997 Federal Duck Stamp (RW64), the 1995 Minnesota Pheasant Stamp, the 1992 (MN16) and 1998 (MN12) Minnesota State Duck Stamp, and the 1989 Nevada State Duck Stamp. He is the brother of Joe Hautman and Jim Hautman, also Duck Stamp winners.

Mary T. Sheahan, National Postal Museum

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