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The Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum has embarked on a venture to tell the story of America’s Mailing Industry. This research project investigates the 200 year-old partnership between private industry and the United States Postal Service, who together provide efficient and effective communication and commerce channels to consumers and businesses across the United States and the world.

In order to share a comprehensive story, the National Postal Museum invites companies that are part of America’s Mailing Industry to submit their stories. These stories will provide additional resources to this important research project, allowing members of America’s Mailing Industry to chronicle their histories to be viewed by millions of Smithsonian website visitors.

Submitted stories will be subject to Smithsonian curatorial review. Guidelines for submitting a story have been created and can be accessed by opening the below PDF document. The National Postal Museum has limited resources available, so publication of stories will not be immediate. Rather, stories will be reviewed and published as soon as feasibly possible.

Guidelines for Your Company’s Story (PDF)

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