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Pirate Ship introduction


Narrator [Pirate voice]:

Ahoy captain! Welcome aboard Pirate Ship, the easiest bulk shippin’ software on the seven seas!

ARRrr cloud-based platform makes buyin’ high volumes of shippin’ labels a gentle sea-breeze…

…especially f’er the thousands of startups in the subscription box industry.

Jameson Morris, Entrepreneur:

Hey, I'm Jameson Morris and I'm a serial subscription box entrepreneur.

I started my first subscription business in 2009, and it's been amazing how quickly the industry has changed since then.

Starting an ecommerce business has never been easier, and every day dozens of people are launching new monthly subscription startups based on their passions.

No matter what you love, there are millions of other people that love it too!

And with the tools available today you can start selling whatever you're passionate about in minutes.

Narrator [Pirate voice]:

But even though it's easier than ever to start a successful ecommerce business, shippin' thousands of boxes at once can become a real pain in the peg-leg, as Pirate Ship’s founders discovered from their own experience.


We launched our first subscription box from a tiny office, sleeping in bunk beds above our desks.

It quickly grew from shipping hundreds of boxes a month to tens of thousands of boxes a month.

We tried literally every shipping software that was out there.

We founded Pirate Ship because nobody was making that shipping easy.


Pirate Ship’s browser based software is specifically designed to help high-volume shippers with features that make it possible to create shipping labels for thousands of orders in a matter of minutes.


Our goal is to make it as simple as possible to generate big batches of shipping labels and to make it fun instead of something that you dread doing every month.


Batch shipping software is just one example of how the shippin' industry is evolving with new technology.

But the fast growth of the startup industry that uses this software highlights an exciting trend.


Starting a successful ecommerce business used to mean that you needed a big team and a bunch of money.

But now you can become a successful entrepreneur all by yourself for next to nothing.

It's not just the software that makes that possible though.

If it weren't for the affordable universal delivery and reliable shipping options like Priority Mail Cubic from the Postal Service, we wouldn't be seeing this amazing startup revolution.


Parcel shippin' has been part of the United States Postal Service's mission since 1913.

And we're proud to help the Postal Service deliver the American dream for thousands of small businesses across the country.

From all of us here at Pirate Ship, "Happy shippin’!"


Startups save their booty with Pirate Ship’s high-volume shipping software

Subscription boxes
Subscription boxes send y’ee curated selections of products every month.

Ahoy Captain! If y’er one of the millions of people across the country who receive a subscription box in the mail every month, it’s likely that Pirate Ship’s shipping label software was used to ship it.

But wait, y’ee ask… what’s a subscription box? Y’er forgiven for asking the question! Although “Fruit of the Month” clubs have been around longer than a barnacle on a Great Whale, the subscription box industry has only recently become a national trend. Typically, a subscription box is a box full of goodies that comes in the mail every month. The delivery can either be things that y’ee regularly run out of and need more of, or it can be a mystery box full of surprises that y’er sure to like.

The subscription box industry really kicked off in 2010 and quickly grew into one of the largest trends in ecommerce, with thousands of first-time business owners launching successful subscription services based around their hobbies and passions. Beauty products? There’s a subscription box for that! Chocolate? There’s a subscription box for that! Dog toys? There’s a subscription box for that, too!

20-somethings Bjorn Borstelmann and Jameson Morris were some of the first pioneers of subscription boxes, founding and advising many of the first subscription services. In the process, they learned how frustrating generating shipping labels for batches of thousands of packages can be. Fed up with spending too much of their time & money thinking about shipping, they set out to create shipping software that would make the process easy-ARRrrrr, and launched Pirate Ship in 2014.

Thousands of shipping labels and stacks of boxes
Creating thousands o’ shipping labels can be a real pain in the peg-leg!

Pirate Ship currently helps hundreds of small to medium-sized shippers generate shipping labels every month, and is the only shipping software specifically designed to make bulk shipping easy and fun.

Wait… fun? Yarr matey, y’ee heard that right… Pirate Ship makes shipping fun! Most people think of shipping as a boring chore at best, but disrupting those ideas and creating new ways to think about the shipping process has been the most exciting challenge for Pirate Ship’s crew of jolly scallywags.

Pirate Ship has simplified many of the complicated and frustrating parts of learning how to ship, and made it easy for small entrepreneurs to handle logistics all by themselves instead of relying on expensive fulfillment companies or outdated software… and handle it they have! Every day, hundreds of first-time entrepreneurs are quitting their boring 9-to-5’s and joining the startup revolution, and many of them are starting subscription ecommerce businesses. By providing the easiest batch shipping software and making learning about shipping fun, Pirate Ship is helping these startups succeed.

Pirate Ship partners with the Postal Service to provide shippers with easy access to all of USPS’ package-shipping options, from their highly-competitive Priority Mail services to their multiple International shipping options.

The shipping industry is always on the move, and it can be hard for busy entrepreneurs to keep track of all the changes. Pirate Ship always keeps their eye on the horizon for new ways make shippin’ easy-ARRrrr!

Graphic of Pirate Ship's logo and crew of jolly scallywags
Pirate Ship’s crew of jolly scallywags makes shippin’ fun and easy.

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