National Parks Centennial: Mount McKinley, Alaska

Painting of Mout McKinley

Artist: James Barkley
Art director: Stevan Dohanos
First day of issue: July 28, 1972

Acrylic on board

This artwork by James Barkley represents the second of three depictions of Mount McKinley on U.S. postage, all of which reflect changes in printing that allowed for a broader range of artistic approaches. The 1937 stamp depicting Mount McKinley included a monochromatic engraving; the 1972 stamp was done in acrylic on board and a 2001 stamp featured a breathtaking color photograph.

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The 1937 stamp depicting Mt. McKinley in a monochromatic engraving
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1972 Mount McKinley stamp
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The 2001 Mount McKinley stamp

Art of the Stamp