Curator Q&A: What Will We See?

Exhibition curator Daniel Piazza answers questions about Baseball: America’s Home Run.

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First and foremost, I think, always the National Postal Museum's exhibits feature really great postal and philatelic content, and the baseball exhibition will be no different.

Original artwork for US postage stamps featuring great moments in baseball history and baseball players, archival and proof material that has never been seen before either by collectors or the general public for some of the most famous and popular baseball themed stamp issues in U.S. history, and also a lot of stamps and mail from around the world that feature baseball themed content, letters back home from during World War II describing watching baseball games in very sort of exotic and strange place, so all of that postal and philatelic content is very strong in this exhibition.

And then added to that, alongside it, accentuating all of this great philatelic material is just an embarrassment of riches in terms of game worn jerseys and uniforms, bats swung by famous players at great moments in baseball history, all loaned to us by private collectors as well as other museums and institutions around the world.

Just bringing all of this, all these stories and philatelic material to life and in some cases even being able to recreate the exact uniform that a player is wearing on a postage stamp with the artwork on one side and the actual uniform right next to it.

So I just think it's going to take the two dimensional paper philatelic material and bring it to life with all of this three dimensional game memorabilia in a way that has just never really been done before.

Baseball: America’s Home Run