Curator Q&A: Why Baseball?

Exhibition curator Daniel Piazza answers questions about Baseball: America’s Home Run.

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You know the question of deciding which exhibits to do is always a tricky one at the Postal Museum, because we have so many good options. The museum's collection is so vast, it's international in scope. And we could literally at any time do an exhibition on any one of several 100 topics. I mean, the collection is really that vast and has that many connections to world history and culture. So we have to think about these topics very, very carefully.

And baseball, when I sat down and looked at it, really seemed to be one that had broad appeal. There were meaningful connections to material in our collection that had never been seen and exhibited before.

And also that really, we did some evaluation of the, of the topic of baseball with visitors to the museum, and that was the, we put several topics, you know that I was thinking of at the time, and other curators were thinking of also in front of visitors to the museum and asked them to respond. And baseball was the one that got the most positive response.

So from there you know, we decided to go in on that one. But it's a nice problem to have, to have a collection that could literally be used to talk about almost anything.

Baseball: America’s Home Run