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Baseball fan or not, you know this song…or at least, you think you do.

T206 Honus Wagner, PSA 5 Baseball Card

A T206 Honus Wagner baseball card, graded a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10 by third-party sports grading service, Professional Sports Authenticator (“PSA”), is featured in Baseball: America’s Home Run. The card is the second highest graded example known and one of the most important pieces of sports memorabilia in existence.

A Closer Look at Game-Worn Major League Baseball Uniforms

Before you visit the exhibition, we wanted you to have a deeper understanding of the extraordinary artifacts you will see.

Jackie Robinson 1948 Brooklyn Dodgers Road Jersey

Jackie Robinson’s 1948 Brooklyn Dodgers road jersey is a profound reminder that baseball has often been ahead of its time. Robinson’s debut came a year before President Harry Truman desegregated the military and seven years before the United States Supreme Court ruled that segregation in public schools was unconstitutional.

Babe Ruth 1920 Game Used Bat

“I have seen hundreds of ballplayers at the plate, and none of them managed to convey the message of impending doom to the pitcher that Babe Ruth did," wrote Paul Gallico, a New York Daily News sportswriter.

Ty Cobb 1910-1915 Louisville Slugger Game Used Bat

If baseball is akin to war, its most ferocious warrior must have been Ty Cobb. Here we present Cobb's main weapon: his Louisville Slugger bat.

Roberto Clemente 1966 Pittsburgh Pirates Home Uniform

Two Puerto Rican players reached the big leagues in the early 1940s, but the doors flew open in the 1950s. Baseball fever in Puerto Rico reached unprecedented heights, and the island’s greatest star was Roberto Clemente.

Roberto “Momen” Clemente 1960 Louisville Slugger

The most prized and desired bats are those which exhibit physical markings that reveal personal traits associated with use by that ballplayer. This Louisville Slugger professional model bat perhaps epitomizes this phenomenon the most—all of its physical markings pertain to use by Clemente.

Roy Campanella 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers Road Jersey

Campanella made the fewest plate appearances of any Hall of Fame position player, but his impact was unforgettable.

Lou Gehrig New York Yankees Road Jersey and Team Jacket

Gehrig’s meteoric rise to fame, abrupt decline, and death at the age of 37 has made him somewhat of a mythical hero. His illness and how he handled himself are better remembered than all he accomplished playing 17 seasons for the New York Yankees.

Lou Gehrig 1934 Louisville Slugger Professional Model Bat

How does one know for sure that Gehrig used this bat throughout the 1934 season? The answer lies with unique features associated with this bat.

Yogi Berra 1951 New York Yankees Road Jersey

Yogi Berra became a folk hero, and sportswriters and commentators loved him as much for his uncanny way of mangling the English language as for his play.

Baseball: America’s Home Run