Treasures on Display

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Lou Gehrig’s jersey worn during the 1937, 1938, and 1939 seasons.

In celebration of the recent 150th Anniversary of Professional Baseball the National Postal Museum’s Baseball exhibit will feature historic objects loaned from renowned private collections that have never before been on public display. These rare artifacts—exclusively shared with the public as part of the exhibition—showcase a treasure trove of historically significant game-worn uniforms, jackets, hats, game-used bats, and memorabilia from America’s pastime. Artifacts from the stars of the major leagues ensure that this exhibition will be a must-visit for anyone who loves the game.

A special note of appreciation to Mr. Stephen Wong, who generously shared items from his private collection—many of the game’s most historically significant uniforms and other treasured collectibles—for this exhibit. These objects add to the richness of the story we are telling, creating a profound visitor experience.