The U.S. Postal Inspection Service

1979 Postmaster

Around noon on October 26, 1979, Eatonville, Florida’s postmaster Catherine Alexander was seen being led out of the post office by a tall African-American man. She was later killed, having been locked in a car trunk for three days, then stabbed and run over by a car. She was 74 years old. Investigators found that that 37 money orders worth $400 each and $144 were missing from the office.

Linroy Bottoson was arrested when his wife tried to cash one of the money orders taken from the post office. Alexander’s shoes were found in Bottoson’s house as well as the knife he used to stab her. Bottoson believed he was locked in a battle between Satan and Jesus Christ, and his attorneys fought a long battle against his execution, claiming that he was mentally unfit. He was executed 23 years after the kidnap, robbery and slaying of postmaster Alexander.