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Learn how to protect yourself from current scams. Visit Identity Theft on the U.S. Postal Inspectors website.

Protect Yourself
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The US Postal Inspection Service has a long, and rich history as one


of America’s oldest federal law enforcement agencies.


After over two centuries of combating crime through the mails,


Postal Inspectors remain at the cutting edge of criminal


investigators. In fact, we enjoy the highest conviction rate of any


federal agency. Still the best way to beat crime


is to prevent it. Here are some simple steps that will help make


sure you don’t fall victim to these scams through the mail, on


the telephone, or by Internet. If an offer seems too good to be


true, it probably is. Use your good common sense, before you


part with your hard earned cash. Number two. Do your homework. Before investing


any money, purchasing an expensive item,


playing a lottery or sweepstakes, or even replying to an e-mail


do some research. Contact your State Attorney General’s office,


the Federal Trade Commission, or consumer protection agencies


to verify the offer. Number three. Pay close attention to


the financial dealings of relatives who may be sick or aged. Often these con


men will target the elderly, seeking to prey on their unfamiliarity with new


technology or recent loss of a spouse. Provide support for your


relatives...offer to help them with e-mail or web site purchases, and


make sure that they’re aware of the potential danger of fraud.


You can also take preventive steps like encouraging them to sign up for


the Federal Trade Commission’s “Do Not Call” list to help them avoid


telemarketing fraud. You can also learn more about the various


types of fraud by visiting our web site at: WWW.USPS.COM/POSTALINSPECTORS.


Our web site often contains


information about new types of scams, and ways that consumers


can avoid becoming victims. For over 200 years, we’ve helped to


keep the mail safe. The Postal Service delivers the mail, but


Postal Inspectors deliver justice. And you can count on all of us to


make those deliveries.

Mail Scams and Schemes: Art Forgeries
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The United States Postal Inspection Service—one of our nation’s oldest federal law enforcement agencies—protects mail, post offices and postal employees. Inspectors are on the ground and on the job, from restoring postal service after a disaster to capturing drug traffickers and protecting citizens from mail fraud. We can all be partners in prevention, by learning to protect ourselves from fraud, identity theft, and other postal crimes.

Learn firsthand from retired Postal Inspector and Postal Museum Docent Dan Mihalko about real postal crimes involving counterfeit works of high art sold at a high price!

Hi! Dan Mihalko here... your favorite docent.

Imagine buying a Salvador Dali print signed by the artist or one by Picasso, Chagall, or this one by Miro.

Great investment, right?

Yes, if it's legitimate.

The art world has also bred a subset of forgers and counterfeiters.

The prints look legitimate.

They market these counterfeits as signed, limited-edition prints and sell them for thousands of dollars.

But when buyers tried to resell the prints, they found that they were counterfeit and worth just a fraction of the price they originally paid.

Postal inspectors ran a sting called Operation Bogart and cracked a billion dollar art fraud ring.

The mastermind printed counterfeit artworks in a New Jersey warehouse, forged the artists' signatures and sold these fakes through the mail.

Postal inspectors shut down the business, seized thousands of prints, and sent three to jail.

Years later, the son pulled the same scam!

Postal inspectors arrested him, too.

These con artists give real artists a bad name...

We Are the U.S. Postal Inspection Service
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"We Are the U.S. Postal Inspection Service” highlights the men and women of law enforcement who specialize in protecting the American public, the mail, and the Postal Service. Produced by the U.S. Postal Inspection Service."

00:06  What I think cop shows get wrong about Postal Inspectors is they don't use them enough.

00:10  We are the elite of Federal law enforcement.

00:12  We're a highly trusted government agency.

00:15  We're the investigative and security function of the postal service.

00:19  We're a mini police agency all of our own.

00:22  We represent the United States government.

00:23  That's a responsibility and a charge that we take extremely seriously.

00:28  It's such a broad jurisdiction. We have every type of investigation that a police department might have. Narcotics, homicide cases, child exploitation cases, prohibited mailing, robbery cases, burglaries, bomb cases, bioterrorism, identity theft.

00:44  There are over two hundred federal statutes that apply to the mail.

00:46  When you start telling them bombs in the mail, anthrax in the mail, and then the light bulb goes on and they get it.

00:52  I worked countless child exploitation cases.

00:56  When you go to court, to look to the live child that you resqued from this predator and to tell them that he's going to spend the rest of his life in jail is the most rewarding thing that you can get out of this assignment.

01:08  I am United States Postal Inspector Lisa Holman.

01:11  I am T. Lamont Greene Postal Inspector.

01:14  I'm Inspector Pless, Revenue Investigations.

01:17  I am Dade Bowers Postal Inspector.

01:19  I am Postal Inspector Amanda McMernie.

01:22  Protecting the employees, I would say it's the most important job.

01:24  We have to give them a higher level of protection than they would get from even the local police.

01:29  We will absolutely investigate any kind a robbery.

01:32  It's our responsibility to follow up and to take action.

01:35  I am Postal Inspector Tom Noise.

01:38  I am Phil Berbit Postal Inspector.

01:40  I am Postal Inspector Kim Orland, Fraud Inspector.

01:43  We have a very focused mission, rid the mails of this type of crime. Crime is still out there. It's constantly evolving.

01:50  The investigations are like mental chess.

01:53  It's like working a puzzle.

01:54  You run your own case. You get to make all the decisions, tactical, evaluative.

01:59  Whatever the facts are, the facts are.

02:00  There are steps that you take and that's exactly how you work an investigation.

02:04  We present good information. We have good cases.

02:08  It's not uncommon for the US Attorney's office to call and say hey we'd really like you to work this case.

02:12  We earn that respect over a number of years.

02:14  Our work ethic is second to none.

02:18  We have a very successful prosecutorial rate.

02:21  You bring a person the justice. You put them in jail.

02:24  I am Postal Inspector Denis Fernal.

02:27  I'm Forensic Document Examiner Patricia Manzalilo.

02:30  I am DMI Specialist Yolanda Berns.

02:32  When there's a crisis there is no better agency.

02:36  There are no better men and women step up to the plate.

02:38  They call on us to do some of the work that they don't want in the hands of any other agency.

02:44  Hurricane Katrina, September 11, major events.

02:47  We'll respond and take control of the situation.

02:51  As a Postal Inspector you're laying your life on the line everyday.

02:56  I am ER Team member Stephen Matthews.

02:58  I Matthew Boyden Postal Inspector. I'm Ray Moss Postal Inspector.

03:02  I am Postal Inspector Rich Sheehan. I am Tim Vasques Postal Inspector.

03:07  We are the best law enforcement agency.

03:09  There are no better people to work with than other Postal Inspectors.

03:12  And it's our job to protect the American public and that's what we do.

03:16  So if I have a case that crosses state lines, wherever they are, we'll go get them. We're good.

03:21  You know they call us the silent agency.

03:23  I'd wanna work for no other agency other than Inspection Service.

03:26  Best job in Federal law enforcement.

03:30  I'm Guy Catrol Postal Inspector.

03:32  I'm Gregory Campbell Postal Inspector.

03:34  I'm Dave McGinnis Postal Inspector.

03:37  I'm Postal Inspector Shannon Rolaf, Portland, Oregon.

03:40  I'm United States Postal Inspector Jay Banicevich.

03:43  I'm Postal Inspector Delanie Delion.

In a Time of Terror
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A U.S. Postal Inspection Service video highlighting the anthrax display in the National Postal Museum’s “Behind the Badge” exhibition.

Weeks after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, our nervous nation faced a new danger—poison in the mail. Members of the media and two U.S. senators received mail containing anthrax. Handling contaminated mail caused the deaths of five people, including postal workers Joseph Curseen, Jr and Thomas Morris. Seventeen others were sickened, including Postal Inspector William Palisak.

Hi. I’m Andrea Avery, United States Postal Inspector. We’re here at the Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum where the anthrax story is told.

Until this case, officials believed that anthrax could not escape through an envelope. But, they were wrong. Tiny spores of anthrax spread as the letters passed through automated sorting equipment, threatening the lives of postal workers and the very infrastructure of mail service.

Victims included civilians in states along the East Coast. But postal workers at the Brentwood Postal Facility in Washington, DC and the Trenton Postal Distribution Center in New Jersey were particularly hard hit.

The journey of the anthrax-laced letters began when they were mailed from this collection box in Princeton, New Jersey. The decontamination process left the dust you see.

This threatening message, along with a powdery substance identified as anthrax, was sent to the office of Senator Tom Daschle and NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw. The examination and decontamination processes left them nearly illegible.

This photo shows the original envelope and letter, before it was discolored and darkened during the decontamination process.

To protect their own health, Postal Inspectors wear respirator masks and hazardous materials or “HAZMAT” suits in locations that may have been contaminated by anthrax or other biohazards.

Despite the danger, inspectors wearing HAZMAT suits regularly entered the “hot zone” to recover mail, evidence, and other items.

The Brentwood Postal Facility in Washington, DC and the Trenton Postal Distribution Center in New Jersey were closed for years for decontamination. Upon reopening, Brentwood was renamed The Curseen-Morris Mail Processing and Distribution Center in honor of Joseph Curseen, Jr and Thomas Morris, the postal workers who died of anthrax inhalation.

On the heels of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the anthrax attacks—and subsequent copycat hoaxes—fed a worldwide paranoia. People feared poison could enter their homes in an innocent-looking envelope.

In response, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service joined forces with the FBI to create the Amerithrax Task Force. This special team led a complex investigation that involved experts in microbiology and chemistry, and bio-weapons specialists from government, university, and commercial laboratories.

Over the course of the 9-year investigation, members of the Amerithrax team:

  • interviewed ten thousand witnesses on 6 continents
  • recovered over six thousand pieces of potential evidence
  • issued five thousand seven hundred and fifty grand jury subpoenas
  • gathered five thousand seven hundred and thirty environmental samples from sixty locations, and
  • scrutinized over 1,000 possible suspects

The case was closed in 2010 with the conclusion that the anthrax mailer had killed himself in 2008. Since 2001, USPS has instituted security measures, including biohazard detection equipment, to prevent this from happening again, and thankfully, it has worked.

Featured in: Anthrax
Mail Scams and Schemes: Medical Quackery
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The United States Postal Inspection Service—one of our nation’s oldest federal law enforcement agencies—protects mail, post offices and postal employees. Inspectors are on the ground and on the job, from restoring postal service after a disaster to capturing drug traffickers and protecting citizens from mail fraud. We can all be partners in prevention, by learning to protect ourselves from fraud, identity theft, and other postal crimes.

Learn firsthand from retired Postal Inspector and Postal Museum Docent Dan Mihalko about real postal crimes involving phony health “remedies!”

Postal Inspectors have investigated medical quackery for years.

There are all kinds of fake cures and remedies out there.

Take the Fat Blocker weight loss program.

The pills contain vitamins and a common allergy medicine.

They might stop your sniffles but you won't lose any weight.

Nobody lost a pound wearing these mail-order slimming shoe inserts either.

Or the Mega II Rapid Weight Reduction Program, only thing mega about this was the size of the book.

None of these programs worked and Postal Inspectors shut down the companies.

But here's my favorite, Smilin' Bob.

He was a pitchman for Enzyte, a male enhancement product.

The pills promised to...

Well, what they promised didn't happen, but they sold like crazy.

The company made a fortune but it all ended when Postal Inspectors arrested the founder and sent him to prison for 25 years, and he had to pay back five hundred million dollars.

Bob's not smiling anymore.

Featured in: Avoid Scams
Identity Crisis
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One day you discover that someone has your number . . . or all your numbers: your Social Security, credit card, even your bank account numbers, what will you do? This video produced by the U.S. Postal Inspection Service tells the story of a couple whose credit is ruined and the criminals who defrauded them. It also gives you tips on how to protect yourself against identity theft and what to do if you’ve been victimized.



[phone ringing]

Mr. Patterson: I'll get it.




Hey, Joyce. Any word yet?


What? I don't understand. What credit cards?


Got any credit cards we don't know about?


Mrs. Patterson: No.


But we never even got a past-due notice.


Maryland? No, there has to be some sort of mistake.


We don't live there. Can we get a copy of the credit report?


That's not our address. Well, who should I talk to? Look, I understand, but...


And the bank? What about the loan? All right. Okay. Thanks for calling.


Mrs. Patterson: What did she say?


Mr. Patterson: They apparently can't approve the loan for the new house.


They say we've got three delinquent credit-card accounts.


Mr. Patterson: That's impossible. We only have the...


Mr. Patterson: Get this. It's not even our address. They're billed to an address in Maryland.


Mrs. Patterson: Maryland?

Mr. Patterson: I know, it's crazy.


Mrs. Patterson: What about the house?

[four months earlier]

[pinball machine sounds]


Man playing pinball: Man... I gotta get me one of these.


Man with computer: It's nice, right? I picked it up last week. It's amazing what you can do with good credit.


Man, check this out. I paid this guy 500 bucks to get me system access to the ISP.


Man playing pinball: Run that by me again in English.


Man with computer: It's simple. I got thousands of E-mail accounts that I got access to.


I can see people's personal stuff that they get without them knowing it.


See this mailbox here, that's this guy named Patterson. Patterson lives over in Wildwood.


He just sent out a file.


You know what that is?


That is a copy of last year's tax return that Señor Patterson was sending to his real-estate agent.


We just take the names and the Social


Security numbers, open up a couple credit cards in his name. Boom!


Man playing pinball: Won't they catch on?


Man with computer: No, man. No, no.


Even if they do, it'll be long after you've got a pinball machine in your crib.


Man playing pinball: Sweet. What can I do?


Man with computer: You can help out with the shopping sprees.


Keep what we want. Pawn the rest.


I love computers.

[dance music]


Guy in bar: We need to stop hitting mailboxes before somebody gets smart.


2nd guy in bar: It's no sweat. You know my new girl, Mandy?


She works in payroll at this big place in Adamsburg. She's gonna start hooking us up.


Employment applications. All kinds of stuff from over there.


Guy in bar: Ain't she gonna know we're up to something?


2nd guy: No, I told her I needed the info for this telemarketing thing I'm doing.


I said it would increase my commissions if I got new names for the list.


"Baby, if they don't want to buy, they can just hang up."

Guy in bar: Sweet.


2nd guy: I told her we wanted applications from the people they didn't hire.


That way, no way it comes back on us.


Guy in bar: You think she's cool?


2nd guy: Hell, yeah, man. She's got a kid and stuff. She don't care where the free dinners are coming from as long as they keep coming.


Guy in bar: That's brutal.


2nd guy: Speak of the devil. There's my baby.

[dance music]


Receptionist: Hi. Can I help you?


Postal Inspector Alan Goddard: I'm Postal Inspector Alan Goddard. I'm looking for Mandy Richards.


Mandy: This is Mandy.


Goddard: Hi. Mandy Richards? I'm Postal Inspector Alan Goddard. This is my partner, Inspector Niece.


Is there someplace we can talk in private?


Mandy: I guess we can go into the break room.


Goddard: Yeah, that'd be fine.


You recognize this man?


Mandy: Yeah, that's my boyfriend, Nick. Is he in trouble?


Inspector Niece: You're both in trouble, Mandy. You want to tell us about the applications you've been giving him?


Mandy: He's been using those to do telemarketing.


[2nd guy in bar: Hooking us up.]


Goddard: What if I told you he's been using them illegally, and he's running a mail-fraud scam?


What if I told you that makes you an accessory to a Federal crime?


Mandy: I don't know anything about that.


Niece: Your boyfriend slipped up, Mandy. He bought a car a few weeks ago on someone else's credit.


Then he sold it for some quick cash, but he forgot to clean it up first. Guess what we found under the seat.


It didn't take long to figure out where he got this.


Mandy: I didn't know. He said no one was gonna get in trouble.


Goddard: Mandy, we believe you. But I'm not sure a jury will.


Why don't you help yourself?


Mandy: Look, I didn't know. I swear. I cannot go to jail. My little girl.


Niece: Be smart, Mandy. We can't promise anything. But we'll tell the U.S. Attorney you cooperated, if you help us with Nick.


Mandy: What do I have to do?


Mandy's boyfriend: Mandy, baby, what's up?


Mandy: Don't come here with that. You've been playing me.


Mandy's boyfriend: What you talking about? I'm straight with you.


Mandy: You keep telling me you're using these for a telemarketing list.


You get a new car every couple months. You move from one nice place to the other.


You don't make that cash talking on the phone.


Mandy's boyfriend: I told you it's all commission.


Plus we got that computer thing. There's those websites.


Mandy: What kind of fool do you think I am? I'm not gonna risk my job so you can spend money on some tramp.


Boyfriend: Baby, it's not like that.


Mandy: Look, I got a kid to think about. Until you cut me in for some of the money, you can forget about these applications.


Boyfriend: Mandy, you know I ain't got no other woman. I don't know what you're talking about.


There's no scam.


Boyfriend's friend, Darrell: Hey, man, we ain't got all day!


Mandy: Did you meet Darrell in church?


Boyfriend: All right look, we got a little thing going.


It's no big deal. We're just opening credit-card accounts in these folks' names, pop them for a few grand at a time.


The credit-card companies cover the money. Nobody's getting hurt.


Mandy: You're crazy. I could go to jail for helping you with this. Who's gonna take care of my girl then?


Boyfriend: Listen, baby, I'm telling you, it's nothing.


It's like we max out these credit cards, right? We keep paying the minimum on the bill. Nobody ever suspects a thing.


I been taking care of you. What do you think's been paying for these clothes?


Mandy: If I risk my neck, you cut me in for some of the green, too.


Boyfriend: No. ... All right, I'll have to ask Darrell about it.


He's not gonna like bringing in anybody new.


Inspector: Our suspect in the car, Darrell Henderson, has priors for weapons charges.


Do this one by the book.


Boyfriend: I said we'll see, all right? Now, I need those names.


Mandy: You got one of those credit cards on you? Give me one. Let me go buy my baby some clothes. That's the least you can do.


We'll talk about everything else later.


Boyfriend: All right, whatever.


Inspector: That's it.


Boyfriend: Here. Now, don't go crazy with that. Don't shop anywhere people know you.


And don't say a word to Darrell about this. Are we cool? Are we cool?


Mandy: Yeah, we're cool.



[police car siren]


[police radio sounds]


Narrator Inspector: Darrell and Nick are serving time in a Federal prison.


Mandy lost her job.


Unfortunately for the Pattersons, it took several months and hundreds of dollars in legal fees to clean up their credit reports and clear their good name.


In the meantime, their dream home was sold to another buyer, and they're struggling to repair the damage done by these crooks.


The really sad thing is it might have been prevented by following four simple steps.


First, deposit all outgoing mail in a blue postal collection box, rather than using your residential mailbox.


In parts of the country, theft from residential mailboxes is a real problem.


Second, shred or burn unwanted preapproved credit applications and financial statements,


old credit cards, and other documents.


Thieves often will go through trash containers or even Dumpsters to find these items and use them to steal your identity.


Third, once a year, order a copy of your own credit report, especially before making large purchases like a new home or car.


Check it carefully for any activity you did not authorize.


Also, check for accounts you might have forgotten to close.


Sometimes thieves take over these old accounts and use them to order new credit cards or checks.


Fourth, limit the amount of personal information that you give out over the telephone and Internet.


Try to ensure you only provide such information to reputable companies, and be sure to read their policies


on confidentiality to be sure they aren't sharing your information with anyone else.


If you think you've been the victim of identity theft, you need to report it. Contact your local United States Postal Inspector.


You can find the number on our website at USPS.COM/POSTALINSPECTORS.


Identity theft is the fastest-growing crime in America, but it doesn't have to happen to you.


Producido por el United States Postal Inspection Service Transcripción del vídeo

Yo atiendo. ¿Hola? Hola, Joyce. ¿Alguna noticia? ¿Qué? No entiendo. ¿Cuáles tarjetas de crédito? ¿Tienes algunas tarjetas de crédito que no conozco?


Pero ni siquiera recibimos un aviso de retraso. ¿Maryland? No, tiene que haber algún tipo de error. Nosotros no vivimos allí. ¿Nos pueden enviar una copia del reporte de crédito? Esa no es nuestra dirección.

Bueno, ¿con quién debo hablar? Mire, entiendo, pero... ¿Y el banco? ¿Y el préstamo? Bueno. Bueno. Gracias por llamar.

¿Qué dijo?

Aparentemente no pueden aprobar el préstamo para la casa nueva. Dicen que tenemos tres cuentas delincuentes de tarjetas de crédito.

Eso es imposible. Sólo tenemos el...

Ni siquiera es nuestra dirección. Fueron enviadas a una dirección en Maryland.


Lo sé. Es una locura.

¿Y la casa?

Hombre... debo conseguir uno de estos.

Es lindo, ¿verdad? Lo retiré la semana pasada. Es sorprendente lo que se puede hacer con buen crédito. Hombre, mira esto. Le pagué a este tipo 500 dólares para que me diera acceso al sistema de ISP.

Repite eso en inglés.

Es simple. Tengo acceso a miles de cuentas de E-mail. Puedo ver cosas personales que gente recibe sin que lo sepan. Mira esto. Este tipo, Patterson. Patterson vive en Wildwood. Recién envió algo. ¿Sabes lo que es eso? Esa es una copia de la devolución de impuestos del año pasado que el Señor Patterson estaba enviando a su agente inmobiliario. Tan sólo tomamos los nombres y los números de seguro social y abrimos un par de tarjetas de crédito bajo su

nombre. iBum!

¿No se darán cuenta? No, hombre.

No, no. Y aunque lo hagan, será mucho tiempo después de que tengas una máquina de flipper en tu casa.

Buenísimo. ¿Qué puedo hacer yo?

Tú puedes ayudar con las compras. Guardamos lo que queremos. Vendemos el resto. Amo las computadoras.

Debemos dejar de robar las cajas de correo antes que alguien se dé cuenta.

No hay problema. ¿Conoces a mi nueva chica, Mandy? Ella trabaja en pagos de nómina en esta compañía grande en Adamsburg. Ella empezará a conectarnos. Todo tipo de cosas de allí.

¿No desconfiará que estamos tramando algo?

No. Le dije que necesitaba la información para mi trabajo de telemercadeo.

Le dije que aumentaría mi comisión si consiguiera más nombres para la lista. "Querida, si no quieren comprar, tan sólo tienen que colgar." Le dije que sólo queríamos aplicaciones de las personas que no empleaban. Así, no hay forma que regrese a nosotros.

¿Piensas que ella está bien?

Sí, si, hombre. Tiene un chico y todo. A ella no le importa de donde vienen las cenas gratis, con tal que sigan viniendo.

Eso es brutal.

Hablando del diablo. Allí está mi chica. Ven a bailar conmigo.

Hola. ¿Puedo ayudarlos?

Sí. Soy el Inspector Postal Alan Goddard. Estoy buscando a Mandy Richards. Esta es Mandy.

Espere un momento.

-Hola. ¿Mandy Richards?


Soy el Inspector Postal Alan Goddard. Esta es mi compañera, Inspectora Niece.

¿Hay algún lugar donde podemos hablar en privado? Supongo que podemos ir a la sala de descanso.

Sí. Eso estaría bien.

¿Reconoce a este hombre?

Sí. Ese es mi novio, Nick. ¿Tiene algún problema?

Ambos tienen problemas, Mandy. ¿Nos quieres contar de las aplicaciones de empleo que has estado dándole?

No, él ha estado usando esos para su trabajo de telemercadeo. Conectarnos.

¿Y si yo te dijera que él los ha estado usando ilegalmente y que está al mando de un fraude de correo? ¿Y si te dijera que eso te hace accesorio a un crimen federal?

Miren, yo no sé nada acerca de eso.

Tu novio se tropezó, Mandy. Compró un auto hace unas semanas usando el crédito de otra persona. Luego lo vendió de inmediato para conseguir dinero rápido, pero olvidó limpiarlo antes. Adivina lo que encontramos bajo el asiento. No tomó mucho tiempo descubrir de donde consiguió esto.

Yo no sabía. El dijo que nadie se metería en problemas.

Mandy, nosotros te creemos. Pero no estoy seguro que un jurado lo haría. ¿Por qué no te ayudas a ti misma?

Miren, yo no sabía. Lo juro. No puedo ir a la cárcel. Mi niñita.

Se inteligente, Mandy. No podemos prometer nada. Pero le diremos al abogado fiscal que cooperaste, si nos ayudas con Nick.

¿Qué debo hacer?

Mandy, querida, ¿qué pasa?

No vengas con eso de "querida." Me haz estado usando.

¿De qué estás hablando? Siempre te digo la verdad.

Me sigues diciendo que estás usando estos para telemercado. Compras un auto nuevo cada par de meses. Te mudas de un lindo lugar a otro. No se gana ese tipo de dinero hablando por teléfono.

Querida, te dije que todo es comisión. Además, tenemos esa cosa de computadoras. Están esos sitios web.

Ven aquí.

¿Qué clase de estúpida crees que soy? No arriesgaré mi trabajo para que tú gastes dinero con alguna prostituta.

Querida, no es así.

Mira, yo tengo una hija en que pensar. Y hasta que me des parte del dinero, puedes olvidar estas aplicaciones.

Mandy, tú sabes que no tengo ninguna otra mujer. Y no sé de que diablos estás hablando. No hay ningún fraude.

iOye, hombre! iNo tenemos todo el día!

¿Conociste a Darrell en la iglesia?

Está bien, tenemos un pequeño negocio. Pero no es gran cosa. Sólo abrimos algunas cuentas de tarjetas de crédito bajo los nombres de estas personas, les sacamos unos miles a la vez. Las compañías de tarjetas de crédito cubren el dinero. Nadie se lastima.

Estás loco. Yo podría ir a la cárcel por ayudarte con esto. ¿Quién cuidará a mi hija si eso ocurre?

No. Escucha, querida. Te digo que no es nada. Cargamos estas tarjetas al límite. Seguimos pagando las cuentas mínimas. Nadie nunca sospecha nada. Yo te he estado cuidando. ¿Qué piensas que ha estado pagando por estas ropas lindas?

Si yo arriesgo mi cuello, me darás una parte del dinero a mí también.

No. Está bien. Tendré que preguntar a Darrell. A él no le gustará meter a nadie nuevo.

Nuestro sospechoso en el auto, Darrell Henderson, tiene antecedentes por cargos de armas. Hagan esto al pie de la letra.

Dije que veríamos, ¿bien? Ahora, necesito esos nombres.

¿Tienes una de esas tarjetas de crédito? Dame una. Déjame comprar ropa nueva para mi hija. Eso es lo menos que puedes hacer. Hablaremos de todo el resto más tarde.

Está bien.

Allí está.

Toma. Pero no enloquezcas con eso. Y no vayas de compras donde alguien te conozca. Y no digas ni una palabra de esto a Darrell. ¿Está bien? ¿Está bien?

Sí, está bien.

Darrell y Nick están sirviendo tiempo en una prisión federal. Desafortunadamente para los Patterson, tomó meses y cientos de dólares en cuentas legales para arreglar sus reportes de crédito y limpiar su buen nombre. Mientras tanto, el hogar de sus sueños fue vendida a otro comprador y están luchando por arreglar el daño causado por estos criminales. Lo triste es que esto podría haber sido prevenido al seguir cuatro simples pasos.

Primero, deposite toda su correspondencia saliente en un buzón azul del correo en vez de usar su caja residencial. En algunas partes del país, el robo de cajas de correo residenciales es un gran problema.

Segundo, haga pedazos a o queme aplicaciones preaprobadas de crédito y reportes financieros, viejas tarjetas de crédito y otros documentos. A menudo, ladrones buscan en la basura o incluso en basureros para encontrar estos artículos y usarlos para robar su identidad.

Tercero, una vez al año, ordene una copia de su propio reporte de crédito, especialmente antes de hacer compras grandes, como una casa nueva o un auto. Contrólelo cuidadosamente por alguna actividad que usted no autorizó. También busque cuentas que tal vez haya olvidado cerrar. A veces, ladrones toman control de estas cuentas viejas y las usan para pedir nuevas tarjetas de crédito o cheques.

Cuarto, limite la cantidad de información personal que dé por teléfono o por el Internet. Trate de asegurar de proveer información solamente a compañías de buena reputación, y esté seguro de leer sus pólizas de confidencialidad para estar seguro que no están compartiendo información con nadie.

Si piensa que ha sido víctima de robo de identidad, debe reportarlo. Avise a su Inspector Postal local de los Estados Unidos.

Puede encontrar el número en nuestro sitio web: USPS.COM/POSTALINSPECTORS.

El robo de identidad es el crimen más creciente en América, pero no debe sucederle a usted.

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Mail Scams and Schemes: Counterfeit Sports Memorabilia
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Learn firsthand from retired Postal Inspector and National Postal Museum Docent Dan Mihalko about real postal crimes involving fraudulent sports memorabilia and forged autographs.

How about some inside baseball today?

Dan Mihalko here... your favorite docent.

Collecting sports memorabilia is a pastime as old as sports itself.

And it's also big business, generating millions of dollars each year.

Bats, hats, you name it.

If a big name player signed it or used it in a game, collectors will pay big bucks for it.

And big bucks also breed scammers.

Most common are forged autographs.

In this case, the fraudster forged signatures of famous baseball players onto cards, photos, and baseballs.

He advertised in a reputable collector's magazine then when you bought a signed item and attempted to have it authenticated, you learned the signature is a forgery.

Postal inspectors arrested the dealer and he was convicted of mail fraud.

Don't swing at a bad pitch!

Buy your collectibles from reputable dealers who offer guarantees of authenticity.

Compare prices.

If an autographed item is valuable and being sold at an extreme discount, it's likely that the item is fraud.

Trust your instincts... don't strike out!

Featured in: Sports Memorabilia
Strike Out
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The U.S. Postal Inspection Service investigated a scammer who had forged autographs onto memorabilia. The scammer then sold the “signed” photographs, postcards, and baseball cards as authentic. The scammer pleaded guilty to mail fraud in 2011. Watch the video to learn more about this investigation.

Dan Mihalko, Docent:
Collecting sports memorabilia is a big business these days. But what can you do to make sure you don’t end up falling victim to a con artist selling fakes? Take a look at this case, it has some important lessons.

America’s popular pastime, the love of baseball... And like most sports, baseball has generated a memorabilia business worth billions.

Mark Mench, Fraud Victim:
I think I consider myself very knowledgeable about what a real one and a fake one is.

Mark Mench has been an autograph collector for 30 years and is very confident he can spot a fake. But, let’s say, his batting average took a hit recently.

A Steve Prefontaine autograph you almost never see. So, he advertised for things that almost everyone would be interested in, who collects what I collect.

The “he” mark is reffering to is Carl Myer.

The way he fooled me is because, how he spoke. He knew dealers, he knew the business, he knew basically everything that I knew about autographs, and I’ve collected 30 years.

Based on these conversations, Mench bought several items. Cards for Roberto Clemente, Steve Prefontaine, and Mel Ott.

When the autographs came, I did recognize them as fake immediately and I tried to return them. I attempted to contact him. He actually threatened my life if I came near him. And basically, I was left holding the bag.

Ryan Amstone, US Postal Inspector:
Several sports collectors filed a mail fraud complaint with Postal Inspection Service claiming they purchased forged sports autographs.

Mench was one of 56 victims who paid Myer more than $74-thousand dollars for items.

A lot of the victims submitted those autographs to professional sports authenticators who confirmed they were in fact forgeries.

Postal Inspectors say when Mench filed a complaint they already had a file started on Carl Myer.

Everything was done by mail; that was his undoing.

Myer was prosecuted in federal court on mail fraud charges and is now serving a two-year prison sentence now.

I’m glad he paid a price because I’m sure he fooled many people besides me. I feel like I’m a person who would be hard to fool. It’s the first time in 30 I think I’ve every really been fooled.

Myer was also ordered to pay more than $65-thousand dollars in restitution. To be safe, buy your collectibles from reputable dealers who offer lifetime, money-back guarantees of authenticity.

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Hitting a Home Run
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If someone told you a team shirt had been worn by a famous player during a game, would you believe them? Off-the-rack baseball jerseys that never saw game time were fraudulently advertised as “game worn.” Watch the video to learn more about how the US Postal Inspection Service investigated this fraudulent sale.

Dan Mihalko, Docent:
Sports memorabilia is a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States. And where there is big money, there are scammers. As you’ll see in this report, do your research before buying a piece of history.

Ruth. Gehrig. Mantle. Baseball icons. Millions of fans who love the game collect memorabilia.

One father thought he had hit a homerun when he won an online auction for the jersey of his son’s favorite player.

Dan, Anonymous fraud victim:
I was devastated. I bought the jersey for my son to give him as a present. He is a huge Alex Rodriguez fan. And I felt victimized.

Dan didn’t want to show his face because he still can’t believe he lost 32-hundred dollars in this scam.

He bought the jersey off a site called Vintage Authentics.

Dan was told he won a jersey A-Rod wore in 1997 with the Mariners - he quickly learned otherwise.

There was an event where Alex Rodriquez was signing his jerseys. And I approached Alex Rodriguez. And his representative looked at the jersey and told me that it was a fake.

Postal Inspectors investigating Dan’s case bought some items from the site, then went to the teams.

Christopher Cizin, US Postal Inspector:
The team looked at the material on the name plates and confirmed it is not the same material used in the jersey – they also looked at the color of the names and the graphics on the jerseys.

Both the Oakland Athletics and Seattle Mariners confirmed these jerseys were frauds. Inspectors say this is a growing problem, in fact, some people have no idea they have been taken.

A person who wins an auction may have bid and won one of the auctions. If they receive the item they may have hung it up on the wall and they are happy with their purchase. And they would never even know that they were a victim.

Dan tried to contact Vintage Authentics, to no avail.

When I found out it was not an authentic jersey, I contacted the company and asked for my money back. And to this day, I never got my money back.

The owner of Vintage Authentics was arrested and was ordered to pay almost 18-thousand dollars in restitution. The best advice, be cautious when buying memorabilia and work with well-known, reputable companies.

Postal Inspectors and consumer advocates recommend using credit cards or money orders, not debit cards, for online purchases. Credit cards offer dispute rights, making it easier to reverse fraudulent charges. If you feel you’ve been a victim of fraud through the mail, contact the Postal Inspectors.

Featured in: “Game Worn”
Web of Deceit
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A short video on Internet fraud produced by the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. Criminals from around the world are using bogus emails and legitimate looking web sites to trick unsuspecting people. It's a type of Internet scam called "phishing." This dramatic video produced by the U.S. Postal Inspection Service tells the story of the international effort to stop "phishing" scams and provides tips on how you can avoid being tricked by these criminals. It's vital information you don't want to be without.


New Scotland Yard raided a warehouse in the Soho District today in search of a group of


thieves running a worldwide fraud operation. Instead they found parts of the warehouse


ablaze, with the evidence destroyed and the criminals long gone.


In other news… My journey to England began with a phone call


from a soccer mom in Glendale. Her name was Alice Keys, and her identity


had been stolen. They hooked Alice with a type of internet


fraud called “phishing.” She got an e-mail from her bank telling her


that there was a problem with her account. It contained a link to the bank's web site


that would allow her to fix the problem by reentering her personal data.


Trouble was ... it only looked like her bank. She figured that out when her credit card


bill came in the mail two weeks later with $4,000.00 in charges she couldn't explain.


Turns out her so-called bank was actually a slick-looking website created by a guy named


Charles Napier. The problem was he was 5,000 miles away.






Hey, how'd the search go? It didn't. Somehow they got tipped off.


It looks like they left in a hurry though. Did Scotland Yard have anything on Napier?


A lot. This guy is a real piece of work. He's running all kinds of scams…all of them on


the Internet. Advance payment, auction fraud, software piracy,


phishing. you name it, he's doing it! Got victims all


over the U.S. Really?


Yeah… we met with the Office of Fair Trading in London.


They've been receiving complaints as well. Any luck tracing the stolen merchandise?


No. All the stuff was mailed to some college kids in Florida. They forwarded everything


to a mail drop in Edinburgh. He recruited them on the net, paid them wire


transfers… they thought the whole thing was legit.


What about the number he posted for the bank? That turns out to be a prepaid cell phone


that he purchased with another stolen card. He used them for a couple weeks, then he dumped them.


Great! Well at least the trip wasn't a total waste.


I did pick you up a present. I bring you greetings from London.


Sorry I didn't have time to wrap it. Ah... You shouldn't have.


Think we'll be able to pull anything off this? I don't know. Greg tried the mobile forensics


kit at the search, but it was too far gone. I was hoping the lab could do something with it.


Can you do me a favor? Can you drop it by


there for me? I could use some sleep.


Coffee! Yeah… after I sleep. I'll see you later.


Napier had covered his tracks pretty well, but the crime lab was about to make a wake-up call.




Alan, Steve. Hey Steve...were you able to salvage anything


from that laptop? This guy was pretty careful Alan.


He formatted the drive to erase everything. The fire took out a couple of


the platters but I was able to salvage the rest. Alan, we've got thousands of victims here.


There are 40,000 credit card numbers alone. Stolen goods being moved all over the world.


That's good stuff, Steve. I'll need to get


that to the Assistant U.S. Attorney. Did you recover anything that might


help us find the guy? I mean he's into the wind, man.


Well, as a matter of fact, a week ago he booked a vacation in Thailand.


According to his itinerary, he is scheduled to take a tour of the Pa Sak river


tomorrow but then return to his hotel in Bangkok on Thursday.


Good news. I really appreciate that. I owe you one. Look, I need you to get me a disc with everything


you've get right away. You bet.


The Inspection Service and Scotland Yard requested assistance from the Thai police and arranged


for them to arrest Napier at his hotel.


I flew in to be an observer and to help with the interviews.


What's all this?


This is Alice Keys. She's one of the people whose lives you stole.


Oh, come on now. Some little bird gets pinched for a few quid, and you're treating me like a terrorist.


The credit card company will handle the loss anyway.


It took her six months to straighten out her bank account, and she almost lost her home.


But you wouldn't care about that. Yeah, yeah, life's tough all over.


We all have to survive as best we can.


You know, you are absolutely right.


And you are gonna need every one of your survival skills in Federal Prison.


Federal Prison? That's where you're wrong mate. I'm on the next plane back to Merry Old England.


No, not this time, Napier.


See we've already spoken to Scotland Yard and the British prosecutors about your extradition.


It looks like you're a man without a country…


Okay, now make sure you take a close look at anything that looks like it's going to England.


Charles Napier is awaiting trial in federal court for over 100 counts of mail


fraud, and his victims are slowly rebuilding their financial lives.


The Internet can be a safe place to do business, but you should be aware that there are those


who target unsuspecting consumers. There are steps that you can take to protect yourself.


Number one: Be suspicious of e-mails that


appear to be from banks, online auction sites, or other retailers.


Usually they will ask you to correct mistakes in your account information or provide other


personal information. Never use a link in an email to visit any website.


Type in the address that you normally use to log into those sites.


If you have doubts, call the business on the telephone. You should always be able to resolve


the complaint with a customer service representative, if the company is legitimate.


Number two: Only purchase goods and services from sites that you trust.


Software makes it easy for criminals to create websites and emails that look exactly like the real ones.


Examine all offers carefully before purchasing.


Lastly, when you're online, be on guard. For Postal Inspectors internet scams are like


old wine in a new bottle. The mail fraud and telemarketing scams that we've seen in the


past are now coming at you through cyberspace. Whether auction fraud or identity theft, reshipping


scams or foreign lotteries, be cautious and be smart.


For more tips on how to avoid internet fraud or to report the crime if you've been a victim,




These simple steps can help protect you from crooks thousands miles away or just across the street,


and will give them a world of trouble.

Producido por el United States Postal Inspection Service Transcripción del vídeo

El New Scotland Yard allano una bodega en el Distrito de Soho hoy

en busqueda de un grupo de ladrones quienes operaban una red de fraude mundial.

Por el contrario, encontraron partes de la bodega con la evidencia destruida y sin rastro de los criminales.

En otras noticias…

Mi viaje a Inglaterra comenzo con una llamada telefonica de una mama del futbol en Glendale,

su nombre era Alice Keys

y su identidad habia sido robada

Cazaron a Alice con el tipo de fraude de internet llamado "Phishing"

Recibio un email de su banco diciendole que habia un problema con su cuenta conteniendo un link del sitio de su banco, el que le permitiria solucionar el problema re-entrando sus datos personales

El problema fue que se parecia a su banco

se dio cuenta dos semanas mas tarde cuando llego la cuenta de su tarjeta de credito por correo con $4.000 en cargos que no podia explicarse…

Su bien llamado banco, no era nada menos que una replica de su sitio creado por Charles Napier.

Ya existen cientos de quejas sobre este tipo…

el problema es que se hombre esta a 5,000 millas de distancia en Londres.

Niece Hola!

Hola, que tal te fue con la investigacion?

Nada. De alguna manera huyeron. Parece que salieron muy de prisa…

y Scotland Yard tiene ya algo sobre Napier?

un monton. Este tipo es una pieza real de trabajo. Este hombre lleva a cabo toda clase de timos. Todos por internet.

Pagos adelantados, fraude de subastas, pirateria de software, lo que sea, el lo hace! Con victimas no solo en USA,

sino en varios otros paises tambien.

De veras?

si, nos reunimos con la Oficina de Fair Trading en Londres, ellos tambien han recibido reclamos

hay alguna pista de la mercaderia robada…?

No, todas las cosas se envian por correo a algunos chicos universitarios en Florida. Lo despachan a un lugar en Eidenburgh y el los

recruta en la red. Las transferencias y las ordenes de dinero todas se envian a ellos. Piensan que todo el asunto es legitimo.

Que hay acerca del numero que reporta para el banco? Todo parece ser un celular pre-pagado que compro con otra tarjeta robada. La uso por un par de semanas y luego la boto.

Genial! Bueno, al menos el viaje no fue una perdida total. Te traje un presente.

Traigo saludos desde Londres. Disculpa, no alcance a envolverlo.

Ah… no deberias molestarte… crees que podremos sacar algo de aca?

No se… Greg trato de investigar con el kit movil forence, pero estaba

muy lejos… Espero que el laboratorio pueda hacer algo… me haces un favor? puedes llevarlo alli por mi?

Necesito dormir… Café!

si… despues de dormir… Nos vemos luego.

Napier cubrio sus pistas bastante bien… pero el laboratorio criminal estaba a punto de hacer una llamada matinal.


Alan, Steve.

Hola Steve… lograste salvar algo del laptop?

Este tipo es bien cuidadoso Alan. Formateo el disco para borrar todo y el fuego elimino parte del disco duro… pero pude recuperar el resto.

Alan tenemos miles de victimas aqui. Debe haber unos 40,000 numeros de tarjetas de credito. Mercaderias robadas movidas por todo el mundo.

Eso es buen material, Steve. Necesitare entregarle eso al Fiscal Americano Asistente

Recuperaste algo como para poder encontrar a este tipo? Mira que anda desaparecido…

Bueno, de hecho hace una semana reservo unas vacaciones en Tailandia. De acuerdo a su itinerario, deberia tomar un tour por el rio Pa Sak manana, para entonces volver a su hotel en Bangkok el jueves.

Te lo agradezco. Te debo una, Steve. Escucha, tenme un disco con todo lo que tienes ahora.

Te lo aseguro.

El Servicio de Inspeccion y Scotland Yard solicitaron asistencia de la policia de Tailandia y coordinaron el arresto de Napier en su hotel.

Vole para observar y ayudar con las entrevistas.. Que es todo esto?

Esa es Alica Keys. Ella fue una de las personas que les robaste su vida.

Oh.. Por favor.. Algunos pajaros se pinchan facilmente y ustedes me estan tratando como si yo fuera un terrorista. La compania de su tarjeta de Credito manejara la perdida de todas formas.

Le tomo seis meses a ella estabilizar su cuenta. Ella casi perdio su casa. Pero a ti no te importaria algo asi…

si, si… la vida se te puede venir encima. Tenemos que sobrevivir lo mejor que podamos…

sabes?, estas absolutamente en lo cierto. Vas a necesitar todos tus calificaciones de sobrevivencia en la Prision Federal.

Prision Federal? Me parece que estas equivocado, companero. Me voy de vuelta a Merry Ole, Inglaterra en el proximo avion.

No esta vez, Napier. Ya hemos conversado con Scotland Yard y los prosecutors britanicos sobre tu extradicion. Parece ser que eres un hombre sin un pais…

ok, asegurense te fijarse bien en todo lo que va hacia Inglaterra. Charles napier esta esperando condena en la corte federal por mas de 100 cuentas de fraude de correo. Y sus victimas estan lentamente reconstruyendo sus vidas financieras.

La internet puede ser un lugar seguro para hacer negocios, pero debe estar consciente de que hay quienes tienen como meta consumidores insospechados. Hay algunos consejos que puede tomar para protegerse.

Sea desconfiado de los emails que parecen ser de bancos, sitios de subastas en linea, o de otros detallistas.

Generalmente, le solicitaran corregir

errores en la informacion de sus cuentas o proveer otra informacion personal. Nunca use un link en un email para visitar un sitio web. Tipee la direccion que normalmente utiliza para ingresar a estos sitios.

Si tiene duda, llame directamente por telefono. Siempre podra resolver su

inconveniente con alguien de asistencia de clientes, si la compania es legitima.

Solo compre mercaderias y servicios de sitios que usted confia.

Los softwares es un tema facil para que los criminales creen sitios y links de emails que son exactamente igual a los originales. Examine todas las ofertas cuidadosamente antes de comprar.

Finalmente, cuando este en linea, este atento. Para los Inspectores Postales los timos de internet son como el viejo vino en botella nueva. El fraude de correo y los timos de telemercadeo que se han visto en el pasado, ahora estan viniendo a usted por el espacio cibernetico, tales como el fraude de subastas o el robo de identidad, estafas de re-envios o loterias extranjeras. Sea cauteloso e inteligente.

Otro consejo mas para evitar el fraude de internet o reporte de un crimen si usted ha sido victima de el, este es nuestro sitio web en: USPS/POSTALINSPECTORS o LOOKSTOGOODTOBETRUE.COM

Estos simples pasos podran ayudarle a protegerse de criminales a miles de millas de distancia o simplemente en la calle del frente y nosotros le daremos a ellos un mundo de problemas.

Work at Home Scams
The above media is provided by  YouTube (Privacy Policy, Terms of Service)

This video produced by the U.S. Postal Inspection Service tells the story of a kind of “work at home” scam and how a young mother got caught up in it. This video also provides tips on how you can avoid being duped by these criminals, losing money and possibly much more. It’s important information to have before you answer that next help wanted ad.


New Scotland Yard raided a warehouse in the Soho District today in search of a group of


thieves running a worldwide fraud operation. Instead they found parts of the warehouse


ablaze, with the evidence destroyed and the criminals long gone.


In other news… My journey to England began with a phone call


from a soccer mom in Glendale. Her name was Alice Keys, and her identity


had been stolen. They hooked Alice with a type of internet


fraud called “phishing.” She got an e-mail from her bank telling her


that there was a problem with her account. It contained a link to the bank's web site


that would allow her to fix the problem by reentering her personal data.


Trouble was ... it only looked like her bank. She figured that out when her credit card


bill came in the mail two weeks later with $4,000.00 in charges she couldn't explain.


Turns out her so-called bank was actually a slick-looking website created by a guy named


Charles Napier. The problem was he was 5,000 miles away.






Hey, how'd the search go? It didn't. Somehow they got tipped off.


It looks like they left in a hurry though. Did Scotland Yard have anything on Napier?


A lot. This guy is a real piece of work. He's running all kinds of scams…all of them on


the Internet. Advance payment, auction fraud, software piracy,


phishing. you name it, he's doing it! Got victims all


over the U.S. Really?


Yeah… we met with the Office of Fair Trading in London.


They've been receiving complaints as well. Any luck tracing the stolen merchandise?


No. All the stuff was mailed to some college kids in Florida. They forwarded everything


to a mail drop in Edinburgh. He recruited them on the net, paid them wire


transfers… they thought the whole thing was legit.


What about the number he posted for the bank? That turns out to be a prepaid cell phone


that he purchased with another stolen card. He used them for a couple weeks, then he dumped them.


Great! Well at least the trip wasn't a total waste.


I did pick you up a present. I bring you greetings from London.


Sorry I didn't have time to wrap it. Ah... You shouldn't have.


Think we'll be able to pull anything off this? I don't know. Greg tried the mobile forensics


kit at the search, but it was too far gone. I was hoping the lab could do something with it.


Can you do me a favor? Can you drop it by


there for me? I could use some sleep.


Coffee! Yeah… after I sleep. I'll see you later.


Napier had covered his tracks pretty well, but the crime lab was about to make a wake-up call.




Alan, Steve. Hey Steve...were you able to salvage anything


from that laptop? This guy was pretty careful Alan.


He formatted the drive to erase everything. The fire took out a couple of


the platters but I was able to salvage the rest. Alan, we've got thousands of victims here.


There are 40,000 credit card numbers alone. Stolen goods being moved all over the world.


That's good stuff, Steve. I'll need to get


that to the Assistant U.S. Attorney. Did you recover anything that might


help us find the guy? I mean he's into the wind, man.


Well, as a matter of fact, a week ago he booked a vacation in Thailand.


According to his itinerary, he is scheduled to take a tour of the Pa Sak river


tomorrow but then return to his hotel in Bangkok on Thursday.


Good news. I really appreciate that. I owe you one. Look, I need you to get me a disc with everything


you've get right away. You bet.


The Inspection Service and Scotland Yard requested assistance from the Thai police and arranged


for them to arrest Napier at his hotel.


I flew in to be an observer and to help with the interviews.


What's all this?


This is Alice Keys. She's one of the people whose lives you stole.


Oh, come on now. Some little bird gets pinched for a few quid, and you're treating me like a terrorist.


The credit card company will handle the loss anyway.


It took her six months to straighten out her bank account, and she almost lost her home.


But you wouldn't care about that. Yeah, yeah, life's tough all over.


We all have to survive as best we can.


You know, you are absolutely right.


And you are gonna need every one of your survival skills in Federal Prison.


Federal Prison? That's where you're wrong mate. I'm on the next plane back to Merry Old England.


No, not this time, Napier.


See we've already spoken to Scotland Yard and the British prosecutors about your extradition.


It looks like you're a man without a country…


Okay, now make sure you take a close look at anything that looks like it's going to England.


Charles Napier is awaiting trial in federal court for over 100 counts of mail


fraud, and his victims are slowly rebuilding their financial lives.


The Internet can be a safe place to do business, but you should be aware that there are those


who target unsuspecting consumers. There are steps that you can take to protect yourself.


Number one: Be suspicious of e-mails that


appear to be from banks, online auction sites, or other retailers.


Usually they will ask you to correct mistakes in your account information or provide other


personal information. Never use a link in an email to visit any website.


Type in the address that you normally use to log into those sites.


If you have doubts, call the business on the telephone. You should always be able to resolve


the complaint with a customer service representative, if the company is legitimate.


Number two: Only purchase goods and services from sites that you trust.


Software makes it easy for criminals to create websites and emails that look exactly like the real ones.


Examine all offers carefully before purchasing.


Lastly, when you're online, be on guard. For Postal Inspectors internet scams are like


old wine in a new bottle. The mail fraud and telemarketing scams that we've seen in the


past are now coming at you through cyberspace. Whether auction fraud or identity theft, reshipping


scams or foreign lotteries, be cautious and be smart.


For more tips on how to avoid internet fraud or to report the crime if you've been a victim,




These simple steps can help protect you from crooks thousands miles away or just across the street,


and will give them a world of trouble.

Producido por el United States Postal Inspection Service Transcripción del vídeo

Estafas en trabajos de casa han existido por décadas. Es común que los delincuentes anuncien estas estafas en los periódicos. O pusieron letreros en postes telefónicos. "Gana dinero llenando sobres de su casa." "Gana cientos de dólares por semana desde tu cómoda sala de estar." Pero, ahora, hasta los delincuentes han alcanzado alta tecnología. ponen estas ofertas falsas en sitios web. El aspecto más reciente de esta estafa se conoce como "fraude de re- envío." La estafa es sencilla. Los delincuentes roban los números de tarjetas de crédito, encargan cosas caras en el web, y luego lo envían a sus víctimas. La víctima recibe las mercancías y entonces se re-envía al delincuente, pensando que están proveyendo un servicio legítimo. Lo que no le dicen es que puede hacerle un cómplice del crimen.

iAdelante! iEspere! Vengo en seguida.

Soy la Detective Danielson con la oficina del alguacil. ¿Es usted Catherine Hudson?

Sí. ¿Hay un problema?

Tengo una orden de arresto para usted por un importante robo. Necesito que venga afuera.

Espere. No entiendo. ¿De qué se trata esto? Espere. ¿Qué? Esto no es correcto. Está cometiendo un error.

Este tipo de estafa como trabajo en casa es algo nuevo. La mayoría de los policías locales no se han topado con esto aún. Cuando llegó a ser obvio que esto era sólo parte de un fraude de correo mucho más grande, nos llamaron.

Bueno, sé que contaste su historia. Pero empecemos de nuevo desde el principio.

Las cosas pueden ponerse aburrido en la casa. Entonces me conecté y encontré este sitio web. Tenía todos estos anuncios allí para gente que quería trabajar desde casa. Estaban buscando gente para recibir envíos y despacharlos a otra gente. Pareció inofensivo.

Goddard, nuestro hombre apareció. Parece un torpe de unos 30 años. Chaqueta del ejército. Anda. No va a esperar por siempre.

Alan, ¿qué tan cerca estás?


Hay algo aquí delante. Un accidente o algo. Sólo espérame. iHey, tengo que irme! Soy un inspector postal. Tengo una emergencia.


Alan, él se va. Voy a entretenerle.

Michele, no te muevas. Sigue el protocolo y espérame.

Hola. Linda noche, ¿verdad? ¿Vio ese accidente? Tardé casi media hora en tres calles.


¿Viene aquí con frecuencia? Nunca le he visto por aquí antes. Sólo estoy tratando de ser amigable.

Tengo todos los amigos que necesito. Disculpe.

iAlto! Soy un Inspector Postal. iDeja sus cosas abajo! iDeja sus paquetes abajo ya!

Estes son mis paquetes. Pagué por ellos. Sé que son suyos. iDéjelos en el mezón ya!

Re-envíos es sólo la forma más nueva en una serie de estafas que datan cerca de un siglo. Los anuncios prometen mucho dinero trabajando medio tiempo en casa.

Puede pagar $100 por materias para un trabajo artesanal en casa. Te enviarán

$10 en palos de helado, unas instrucciones fotocopiadas sobre como hacer marcos.

Normalmente, despachan poco o nada.

Y entonces aquí está mi favorito. Este dice que puede ganar $1,000 por mes llenando sobres. Casi ninguna de estas ofertas de trabajar de casa son legítimas.

Hoy en día, el Internet lo hace más fácil para que estos delincuentes recluten nuevas víctimas. Envían sus anuncios a millares usando correo electrónico o los ponen en sitios web para quienes buscan trabajo. En algunos casos, andan tras el tipo de información personal que comúnmente se requiere dar en una solicitud de trabajo. Pueden usar esto para robar su identidad. Evitar estos fraudes realmente no es muy difícil. Sólo siga estos consejos.

Uno. Observe cuidadosamente el anuncio u oferta. Si suena demasiado buena para ser verdad, probablemente es.

Dos. No llene una solicitud de trabajo ni de otra información personal a una compañía o empresa que usted no conoce.

Tres. Desconfíe de cualquiera oferta que no paga un sueldo regular o que tiene que ver con una compañía del extranjero. No hay un empleo legítimo que reciba y envíe paquetes.

Cuatro. Si tiene duda, contáctese con la oficina del Ministro de Justicia de su estado o el "Better Business Bureau" local antes de aceptar cualquiera oferta de empleo.

Si cree que ha sido víctima de estas estafas, denúnciela a su Inspector Postal local de los Estados Unidos.

Puede encontrarlo en su directorio telefónico o en nuestro sitio web:


El re-envío puede ser la cosa más nueve en fraude, pero el sentido común tradicional es la mejor medicina para prevenirlo.

Dialing for Dollars
The above media is provided by  YouTube (Privacy Policy, Terms of Service)

This dramatic video produced by the US Postal Inspection Service tells the story of telemarketing investment fraud and the lives that are ruined by these criminals. This video gives you tips on how to protect yourself against investment fraud and telemarketing scams and tells you what to do if you’ve been victimized. It’s information you don’t want to be without.


Hey, push them. Push them. Make the money. Push it up.


Bump it up. If they got 8, you can push them to 8 1/2. Obviously, you're a man of the scene.


Okay. Talk to me afterwards. But this is today, Joe.


You want to be the man? It's your shot.


Where do you want to be next year? Gentlemen, if I may have your attention for a moment, please.


The management of Initial Investments International


would like to invite all of its employees to join management at Escapades tonight.


There will be free drinks, free "X," and if we're lucky, a little free entertainment.


Your top salesman of the week. Mark, take a bow.


He'll also be receiving the grand prize of an evening of pleasure with the lovely Miss Amber in the VIP room.


That's right. Hopefully that's incentive for the rest of you slobs


to start getting your numbers up next week. Let's go, boys.




Hey, little girl.


Hey, are you ready?


I'll be with you in a minute. I'm still dressing. How was the traffic?


It wasn't too bad.


Are you eating?


Yeah. Just not too hungry this morning.


Had too much for supper last night, I think.


Here we go, Copper Top.


I wish you hadn't have come all the way in from the city though.


I could have driven myself.


Stop! Perfect chance for me to take my best guy out to lunch.


You promised we were going to go to lunch after you see the doctor.


You're just like your mother was. Always worrying if I'd eaten.


If I remember to take my medicine. I'm a grown man, you know. I can manage just fine.


I know, Dad.


You haven't invested any money in these guys, have you?


Not yet. George Toras You remember George. He said he's making a lot of money with those folks.


He sent me this and he said that this is going to make his retirement.


It could make my retirement.


It's not going to make your retirement, Dad.


I see this kind of thing a lot at work. You don't need to invest in stuff like this, okay?


Well, those folks must be on the level. George was in banking for years.


He wouldn't put money in something that wasn't solid. It's got risks, but you've got to take risks to make money.


You shouldn't worry about that. With your pension and savings, you'll be fine.


You can put that extra money in a college fund for that grandchild I'm going to have someday.


The grandchild you're going to see grow up.


I hope you're right, Copper Top. But rainy days come too, and you've got to prepare for them.


Speaking of that... Do you have an umbrella? It's supposed to rain. Okay. You ready?


Yeah. Where do you want to go?


Let's go and get some fish. Okay. We can go to Seafarer and split a piece of lemon cake.


Salmon too.


Yeah. You don't want me to go in with you?


No, honey, I got my book. You'd be bored. Why don't you do some shopping?


I've got a couple calls I need to make. But I'll check in on you, okay?


Bye-bye. Bye.


Goddard. Hey, Alan.


Hey, Michele, how's your dad? Good. He just went in for treatment.


I've got something I need checked out. What do you need?


My dad got this mailing I don't feel good about. It's from Initial Investments International.


Their address is in the business district, but it looks like that stuff that outfit in Chicago used to peddle.


Yeah. Give me that address again.


Got it.


I'll tell you what.


Let me check the system, see if any complaints turn up. If nothing turns up, I've got a good contact at the SEC.


Your dad doesn't have money in this, does he?


No, but my neighbor, George Toras, may have. He's like my uncle. He looked out for me when I was a kid.


I don't want to see him get burned.


Let me see what I can turn up. I'll give you a call.


Thanks, Alan. I really appreciate it.


You got it. Bye.


You have one new message and seven old messages.


Michele, it's Alan. You were right.


Got a couple of complaints in the system about these guys. Five-grand-plus in losses both times.


They've only been in business the last seven months.


The lease is to a guy named Park Richardson. He's been sanctioned once before by the SEC.


I'm going to go take a look a little later. I've already jacketed a case on this one.


I'm sorry, Michele. I wish I had better news.


Damn it. That's great.


That's just great.


Hello. Can I help you? Hi, Mr. Toras. I'm Michele Niece.


I used to live down the street. In McCormick's.


Yes, Michele. Michele, come in. It's good to see you.


I didn't recognize you. How are you?


I'm doing very well, thank you. I'm sure you'd love to see April, but she's not home right now.


She went skiing with our kids in Denver, if you can believe that.


She'll be sorry she missed you. Me too.


Actually, I'm here on business. Okay. Let's have a seat.


Refresh my memory.


What is it you do? I'm a postal inspector.


That's right. Let me take your coat. He said you were tops in your class.


That's Dad. Have a seat.


He's very proud of you. Where do you live? I'm living in the city. I have a loft.


A warehouse. What's your dad think about that? Daddy doesn't like that.


I know your dad, yeah.


He said you recommended this company to him a few days ago.


I wanted to ask you a little about it.


I know what that is. Triple-I. One of the best investments I've ever made.


These guys are sharp. Real go-getters.


How'd you find out about them?


I have you folks to thank. I got a piece in the mail. It talked about investing in biotechnology companies.


Real ground-floor kind of stuff. So I called them up.


My broker, named Park Richardson, got me set up in a small investment, and it's been growing ever since.


Why do you ask?


Some of the returns that they talk about seem really high.


Well, they all do that. It's called advertising.


If you look at the fine print, it says that these returns are not typical.


It's all here if you read carefully.


They're not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.


I asked that very same question myself. You see, this is a general partnership company.


And the firms involved don't have to register with the SEC until they go public.


We checked with companies they claim to represent. Most have never heard of Initial


Investments International. And we have some complaints in our system about them.


You must be mistaken. I have my account summaries here. I was just working with them.


Now, look at this. Two months ago, I invested $5,000 in Fibercell.


And it's currently valued at almost three times that. And when they go public, I'll get three shares for every one


share that I already own. That's how this venture game works. It's not like your typical bank returns.


Mr. Tores, Park Richardson has been involved in a company like this before.


He was sanctioned by the SEC for making illegal trades.


If what you say is true, he'd be in jail right now, wouldn't he?


No, sir. Often we pursue civil actions against these people. We stop their mailings. We shut them down.


Sometimes the SEC fines them. But this time I think it's a little more serious.


I know you're concerned about your dad.


I'm concerned about you and about April.


I appreciate that. But I have some background in this kind of thing.


I know you do. I'm just looking out for you. You're just trying to help me.


I see this a lot at work. You need to listen to what I'm trying to tell you.


But in this case, you're mistaken. There's another Park Richardson.


Maybe you're right. Why not play it safe?


Call them and try to get your investment back. Sometimes they'll pay a few investors off


just to keep the operation going. Tell them you think it's a scam. Threaten to call the police.


Sometimes it works.


Young lady, I will do no such thing.


These investments have been very profitable for April and I.


The way the market is these days, you have to take risks if you want to make money.


Look at this. We have taken a few losses here and there.


But overall, Park has done a very good job for us.


You have not said anything for which you have any proof at all.


And I'm looking at these figures right here.


I don't mean to upset you, but I see this all the time. Just try to get some of your money back. Please!


If I did that, I would have to pay penalties


for early withdrawals. That could be almost 20%.


Wouldn't you sleep better? Wouldn't you feel more comfortable?


I know you're worried about your dad. I'm not worried about my dad.


I'm not trying to-- I'm worried about you.


You're one of the smartest guys I know. Mr. Toras, you have no idea what these guys will do.


You've got a lot of money involved. I want to make sure that you're okay.


I'm going to talk to April about it, okay?


Okay. I'm sorry.


That's okay.


You guys mean a lot to me.


I'll get your coat.


Triple-I, can I help you?


Yes. Hello. May I speak with Mr. Richardson?


Yes. May I ask who's calling? This is George Toras, one of his clients.


George. How's it going, my friend? You sneaking out to see some broads while your wife's away?


Nothing like that, Park.


I was just going over my account summary and taking a look at this Mitchum stock. It's not doing so well.


Yeah, it hasn't been doing too great, George. Sometimes the R&D; on these things takes time.


That's going to be a good one for us though.


Well, the thing is, Park, I've had a lot of expenses come up recently. I was thinking I might like to cash that one out.


Just get the money and cut my losses.


George, George, what are you talking about? You don't want to get out now.


You're 10% down and you're going get hit hard with the penalties.


Plus, these guys are doing a press release on their new manufacturing process, any day now.


You want to get out now, before the thing takes off?


No, I don't. But April said--


"April said"? George, when my old lady tries to tell me what to do,


I say, "I make the money. I'll spend it any way I see fit."


Didn't you make this dough to begin with? Your wife stayed home while you slaved away at the bank?


Yes, but...


But nothing, George. There's no buts. I can't make you money if you won't go with my recommendations.


Look at Pencourt stock. What do you got in that, 7 grand?


It's up to 12.5. Didn't I tell you to load up on that one, George?


Didn't I tell you I had my own mother in that?


That was a good investment, but this Mitchum stock--


This Mitchum stock is about to explode, that's what.


Let me tell you what I want to see happen here, George. I want to see us make some real money on this one, George.


I want to see you hit this one big, okay? You're a great customer.


Let's look at putting another 10 grand into Mitchum. Now's the time to buy it, George.


The stock is underpriced. Buy low, sell high, George, right? Can you see that, George?


I can see that, but I just don't have the money right now.


You don't okay. Well let's get at least 5 grand. You can do that, right, George?


I don't really have that cash right now. Maybe I could move something over from CDs.


How soon can you get it here? This thing is going to explode. I can cover you if you can


get it here within three days. You can do that, right, George?


Well, I suppose.


Let me tell you what I'm going to do, George.


You're a good customer. I'm going to eat my commission.


I'll take one of the girls upstairs to dinner, my treat, talk her into covering you until your check comes.


I'll make my money on the next one, okay?


I don't really want you to have to do that. I could get down to the bank first thing tomorrow.


Let me lock you in at 7 1/4 on Mitchum. You just hold on to verify the order, all right?


Thanks, Park. I really appreciate this.


Hey, for you, buddy, no problem, George. If you need me after confirmation, have her buzz you right back. Have a great weekend, pal.


Take care. Here we go.




That's why I'm the king. 5 grand, 30 seconds. I will take it. Anybody.


I want to see someone do it. Get on the phones. Let's move.


7 1/4. Easy money.


Just got to talk them out of it.


Prey on the elderly.


2,000 shares is a drop in the barrel.


Stay on them. "No" means "yes."




Mr. Toras? Hi, it's Michele Niece. How are you?


Hello, Michele.


Were you able to take your money out of Triple-I?


I'm not certain about any of this anymore.


I've started getting a lot of mail asking me to invest in oil wells and precious metals. How do you think they got my name?


They may have gotten your name from Park Richardson, sir.


So they keep lists of who the fools are?


No, I don't mean that. These crooks do share information sometimes.


Yeah. I made a tape the other night when I called them back. Would you like it?


Do you think it would help?


Yes, I would love to have that. That was a wonderful idea.


I was wondering if you might be able to do me another favor.


Do you have a pencil handy? I'd like you to give them a name.


Can I help you?


Mail lady. Got Express Mail that needs a signature.


Yeah, one second.


Hi. Here's your mail.


Thank you so much.


I've got a restricted delivery for Park Richardson. Is he here?


Yeah, hang on. Park, mail for you.


What do you need? Park?


Yeah. I need your signature right there.


Always happy to see the mail come in.


Good news, huh?


Always. You doing all right Denise?


I'm good. How are you?


I'm doing terrific. Thanks. Thanks.


Have a good day. You too.


Let's see.


We'll celebrate tonight, Denise. Dinner at Vargo's. My treat.


What do we got? One room. 12 guys. Split down the middle.


No other entrance. Informant said the guy's got a gun. I didn't see one on him.


You guys ready?


Can I help you?


Police! Search Warrant! Police! Open up!


How much longer you going to be here?


About five more minutes to bag the evidence.


Good job.


Investment fraud is just one of the types of phone frauds.


To avoid these telemarketing criminals, listen for these tip-offs.


You must act now, or the offer will expire.


Take your time.


Be cautious about investing with an unknown caller or responding to a mail solicitation that insists you must make up your mind immediately.


You must send money, give a credit-card or bank-account number, or have your check picked


up by a courier before you've had a chance to consider the offer carefully.


Never send cash, and keep financial information private unless you know who you're dealing with.


Get all information in writing before you agree to buy.


You can't afford to miss this high-profit, no-risk offer.


Realize that there's no such thing as a risk-free investment. Take the time to do your homework.


Read articles in news and financial publications like Barron's or The Wall Street Journal.


You don't need written information or references about the company.


It's a sure-fire investment. Check the firm out with the Better Business


Bureau, State Attorney General's office, or Consumer Protection Bureau.


Talk to a friend, relative, or financial advisor before you do anything.


Don't be afraid to hang up on pushy salespeople on the phone.


Remember, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


Young people can also help by keeping an eye on their parents' finances, especially if they're going through


an illness that may make it difficult for them to think clearly or remember details.


In this case, Inspector Niece may have prevented her father from losing money just by being alert.


You can do the same for your parents.


Remember, if you think you've been the victim of a telemarketing fraud, you need to report it.


Contact your local postal inspectors.


You can find them in the phone book or on our website at: USPS.COM/POSTALINSPECTORS.

Producido por el United States Postal Inspection Service Transcripción del vídeo

Vamos. Empújenlos. Empújenlos. Hagan el dinero.

Más alto.

Más alto. Si tienen 8, pueden empujarlos a 8 ½. Obviamente, usted es un hombre entendido.

Bueno. Hábleme después. Pero esto es hoy, Joe.

-¿Usted quiere ser el hombre?

-Es su decisión.

¿Adónde quiere estar el año que viene?

Caballeros, si me dan su atención un momento, por favor. La gerencia de Initial Investments International quisiera invitar a todos sus empleados a reunirse con la gerencia esta noche en Escapades. Habrán bebidas gratis, "X" gratis, y si tenemos suerte, un poco de entretenimiento gratis. Su mejor vendedor de la semana. Mark, agáchate. Él también estará recibiendo el premio principal de una noche de placer con la hermosa Srta. Amber en la habitación VIP. Así es.

Espero que eso sea suficiente incentiva para el resto de ustedes payasos empiecen a levanter sus números la semana que viene. Vamos, muchachos.

¿Papá? Hola, niñita. Hola.

¿Estás listo?

Estaré contigo en un minuto. Todavía me estoy vistiendo.

-¿Cómo estuvo el tráfico?

-No estuvo tan malo.

¿Estás comiendo?


Pero no tuve mucha hambre esta mañana. Creo que comí demasiado anoche con la cena.

Aquí vamos, querida.

Pero no hubieras venido desde la ciudad.

-Yo podía haber manejado.


Es la oportunidad perfecta para sacar a almorzar a mi mejor hombre. Me prometiste que íbamos a salir a almorzar luego de ver al doctor. Eres igual que tu madre. Siempre preocupándote por mis comidas, si recordé de tomar mi medicina. Soy un hombre adulto, ¿sabes?

Puedo manejarme muy bien. Lo sé, papa.

¿No invertiste dinero con estos tipos, verdad?

Todavía no. George Toras-- ¿Te acuerdas de George? Me dijo que está ganando una fortuna con esta gente. Me mandó esto y me dijo que esto hará su jubilación.

Podría hacer mi jubilación.

No va a hacer tu jubilación, papá.

A menudo veo este tipo de cosa en el trabajo.

No tienes que invertir es este tipo de cosas, ¿bien? Bueno, esas personas deben ser honestas.

George no invirtió por años.

Él no pondría dinero en algo que no fuese seguro.

Tiene riesgos, pero uno debe tomar riesgos para hacer dinero. No debes preocuparte. Con tu pensión y ahorros, estarás bien.

Puedes poner ese dinero extra en un fondo universitario para ese nieto que tendré algún día.

El nieto que tú verás crecer. Espero que tengas razón, querida.

Pero también vienen los días de lluvia, y uno debe prepararse para ellos. Hablando de eso, ¿tienes un paraguas? Tiene que llover.

Bueno. ¿Estás listo? Sí.

-¿Adónde quieres ir?

-Vamos a comer pescado.

Bueno. Podemos ir al Seafarer y partir un pedazo de pastel de limón.

-Salmón también.


-¿No quieres que entre?

-No, querida. Tengo mi libro. Te aburrirías. ¿Por qué no vas de compras? Tengo que hacer algunas llamadas. Pero vendré a controlarte, ¿bien?




-Hola, Alan.

Hola, Michele. ¿Cómo está tu papa?

Bien. Recién entró para su tratamiento. Tengo algo que necesito que se controle.

¿Qué necesitas?

Mi papa recibió una correspondencia que me preocupa. Es de Initial Investments International. Su dirección es en el distrito financiero, pero parece ser esa cosa que aquella operación en Chicago solía vender.

Sí. Dame otra vez esa dirección.

Lo tengo. Mira, déjame controlar el sistema, ver si encuentro algunas quejas. Si no encuentro nada, tengo un buen contacto en la SEC. Tu papá no tiene dinero en esto, ¿verdad?

No, pero mi vecino, George Toras, puede que sí. Es como un tío. Me cuidaba cuando era una niña. No quiero que se queme.

Déjame ver lo que encuentro. Te llamaré.

-Gracias, Alan.

-No hay problema.


Tiene un mensaje nuevo y siete mensajes viejos.

Michele, es Alan. Tenías razón. Encontré un par de quejas acerca de estos tipos. Más de cinco mil en pérdidas ambas veces. Sólo han estado trabajando los últimos siete meses. El alquiler está a nombre de un tipo llamado Park Richardson. Ha sido sancionado una vez por la SEC. Me iré a controlarlo un poco más tarde. Ya he abierto un caso con este. Lo siento, Michele. Ojalá tuviese una mejor noticia.

Diablos. Eso es maravilloso. Muy maravilloso.

Hola. ¿Puedo ayudarlo?

Hola, Sr. Toras. Soy Michele Niece. Solía vivir a una cuadra. En lo de McCormick's.

Sí, Michele. Entra, Michele. Es bueno verte. No te reconocí.

-¿Cómo estás?

-Estoy bien, muchas gracias.

Estoy seguro que quisieras ver a April, pero ella no está en casa ahora. Se fue a esquiar con nuestros hijos en Denver, si puedes creer eso.

-Estará triste de no haberte visto.

-Yo también.

Pero la verdad es que estoy aquí por negocios. Bueno. Sentémonos.

Refréscame la memoria.

-¿Qué es lo que haces?

-Soy una inspectora postal.

Cierto. Déjame tomar tu saco. Él dijo que estabas en lo más alto de tu clase.

-Así es papá.

-Toma asiento.

Está muy orgulloso de ti.

¿Adónde vives?

Estoy viviendo en la ciudad. Tengo un desván. Un depósito. ¿Qué piensa tu papá de eso?

-A papi no le gusta eso.

-Conozco a tu papá.

Él me dijo que usted le recomendó esta compañía hace unos días. Quería preguntarle un poco acerca de ella.

Sé lo que es eso. Triple-I. Una de las mejores inversions que he hecho. Estos muchachos son listos. Muy emprendedores.

¿Cómo oyó de ellos?

Gracias a ustedes. Recibí un informe por la correspondencia. Hablaba de invertir en compañías de biotecnología. Cosas muy nuevas. Entonces los llamé.

Mi corredor, Park Richardson, me empezó con una pequeña inversión, y desde entonces, ha estado creciendo. ¿Por qué lo preguntas?

Algunas de las ganancias que mencionan parecen muy altas.

Bueno, todos hacen eso. Se llama publicidad. Si miras la pequeña imprenta, dice que estas ganancias no son típicas. Está todo aquí si lo lees con cuidado.

No están registrados con el Securities and Exchange Commission.

Yo también hice esa misma pregunta. Esta es una compañía de sociedad general. Y las firmas envueltas no tienen que registrarse con la SEC hasta que vayan públicos.

Averiguamos con las companies que dicen representar.

La mayoría nunca han oído de Initial Investments International. Y hemos tenido algunas quejas de ellos en nuestro sistema.

Debes estar equivocada. Aquí tengo los resúmenes de mis cuentas. Justo estaba trabajando con ellos. Ahora, mira esto. Hace dos meses invertí cinco mil dólares en Fibercell. Y ahora está evaluado casi tres veces esa suma. Y cuando vayan público, recibiré tres acciones por cada una que ya tengo. Así es como funciona este juego de empresas. No es como las ganancias típicas de banco. Park Richardson ha estado envuelto en una compañía como esta antes.

Fue sancionado por la SEC por hacer cambios ilegales. Si lo que dices es cierto, él estaría en la cárcel, ¿verdad?

No, señor. A menudo perseguimos acciones civiles en contra de esta gente. Cerramos sus negocios. A veces la SEC los multa. Pero esta vez creo que es un poco más serio.

Sé que estás preocupada por tu papá. Estoy preocupada por usted y por April.

Aprecio eso. Pero yo tengo experiencia en este tipo de cosa. Sé que lo tiene.

Sólo estoy tratando de cuidarlo.

-Estás tratando de ayudarme.

-Yo veo esto en el trabajo.

Tiene que escuchar lo que le estoy tratando de decir.

Pero en este caso, estás equivocada. Hay otro Park Richardson.

Tal vez tenga razón. ¿Por qué no se asegura? Trate de conseguir de vuelta su inversión. A veces pagarán a algunos de sus inversores para mantener a flote su operación. Dígales que es una farsa. Amenace con llamar a la policía. A veces funciona.

Jovencita, yo no haré tal cosa.

Estas inversiones han sido muy provechosos para April y para mí. La manera que está el Mercado estos días, uno debe tomar riesgos si uno quiere hacer dinero.

Mira esto.

Nosotros hemos tenido unas pocas pérdidas aquí y allá. Pero en general, Park ha hecho un buen trabajo para nosotros. Tú no has dicho nada por lo cual tengas ninguna prueba. Y yo estoy mirando estas figures aquí.

No quiero hacerlo enojar, pero veo esto todo el tiempo. Sólo intente de conseguir un poco de su dinero. ¡Por favor!

Si hiciera eso, tendría que pagar multas cada vez que sacara dinero. Eso podría ser casi 20 por ciento.

¿No dormiría mejor? ¿No se sentiría mejor?

-Estás preocupada por tu papá.

-No estoy preocupada por mi papá.

-No estoy tratando de--

-Estoy preocupada por usted.

Usted es una de las personas más inteligentes que conozco. Sr. Toras, usted no tiene idea de lo que estos tipos harán. Tiene mucho dinero envuelto. Quiero asegurarme que esté bien.

Hablaré con April acerca de esto, ¿bien? Bueno. Lo siento.

Está bien.

Ustedes significan mucho para mí. Buscaré tu saco.

Triple-I, ¿puedo ayudarlo? Sí. Hola.

¿Podría hablar con el Sr. Richardson? Sí. ¿Puedo saber quién llama?

Soy George Toras, uno de sus clientes.

George. ¿Cómo te está yendo, amigo? ¿Estás saliendo a ver algunas mujeres mientras su esposa no está?

Nada así, Park. Estaba estudiando mi resumen de cuentas y ví esta acción de Mitchum. No le está yendo muy bien.

Así es. No le ha estado yendo muy bien, George. A veces los estudios y desarrollos de estas cosas toman tiempo. Pero esa será una Buena acción para nosotros.

Bueno, la cosa es, Park, que he tenido muchos gastos recientemente. Estaba pensando que me gustaría vender esa una. Conseguir mi dinero y no perder más.

¿De qué estás hablando? No quieres salir. Serás golpeado duramente con las multas. Estos tipos están hacienda un comunicado de prensa acerca de su Nuevo proceso de manufactura. ¿QuiQuieresres salir ahora, antes de que la cosa despegue?

No, no quiero. Pero April dijo--

¿"April dijo"? George, cuando mi esposa trata de decirme qué hacer. Le digo: "Yo gano el dinero. Yo lo gastaré en la manera que vea mejor. ¿Acaso no fuiste el que ganó este dinero? ¿Tu esposa se quedó en casa mientras tú trabajabas como esclavo en el banco?

Sí, pero--

Pero nada, George. No hay "peros". No puedo ganarte dinero si no segues mis recomendaciones. Mira las acciones de Pencourt. ¿Cuánto tienes en esas?

¿Siete mil? Subió a 12.5. ¿Acaso no te dije que juntaras esa, George? ¿Acaso no te dije que tenía a mi propia madre en esa?

Esa fue una buena inversión, pero estas acciones de Mitchum--

Estas acciones de Mitchum están por explotar. Déjame decirte lo que necesito que suceda aquí, George. Quiero ver que hagamos dinero verdadero. Quiero ver que ganes grande con esta, ¿bien? Eres un gran cliente. Tratemos de poner otros diez mil en Mitchum. Ahora es el momento de comprarlo, George. Las acciones están baratas. Compra bajo, vende alto, ¿verdad, George? ¿Puedes ver eso, George?

Puedo verlo, pero no tengo el dinero en este momento.

Consigamos por lo menos cinco mil. Puedes hacer eso, ¿verdad, George?

En realidad no tengo ese efectivo ahora. Tal vez pueda mover algo de los CD.

¿Cómo de rápido puedes hacerlo llegar aquí? Esta cosa va a explotar. Te puedo cubrir si lo haces llegar aquí en tres días. Puedes hacer eso, ¿verdad, George? Bueno, supongo que sí.

Te diré lo que haré, George. Eres un buen cliente. Comeré mi comisión. Sacaré a cenar a una de las chicas de arriba, mi obsequio, y la convenceré de cubrirte hasta que llegue tu cheque. Ganaré mi dinero la próxima vez, ¿sí?

La verdad es que no quiero que tengas que hacer eso. Podría llegar al banco a primera hora mañana.

Te pondré por siete y un cuarto en Mitchum. Tan sólo espera para verificar la orden, ¿bien?

Gracias, Park. Realmente aprecio esto.

Para ti, amigo, no hay problema, George. Si me necesitas luego de la confirmación, haz que te pongan de vuelta conmigo. Ten un buen fin de semana, amigo. Cuídate. Aquí vamos.

Por eso es que yo soy el rey. Cinco mil, 30 segundos. Lo tomaré. Cualquiera. Quiero ver que alguien lo haga. Agarren los teléfonos. Muévanse. Siete y un cuarto. Dinero fácil. Sólo hay que hacer que lo pierdan hablando. Casen a los ancianos. Dos mil acciones son una gota en el barril. Quédense por ellos. "No" significa "sí".


¿Sr. Toras? Hola, soy Michele Niece. ¿Cómo está? Hola, Michele.

¿Pudo sacar su dinero de Triple-I?

Ya no estoy seguro de nada de esto. He empezado a recibir mucha correspondencia pidiéndome que invierta en pozos de petróleo y metales preciosos. ¿Cómo piensas que consiguieron mi nombre?

Pudieron haber conseguido su nombre de Park Richardson, señor.

¿Entonces guardan listas de quiénes son los estúpidos?

No, no quiero decir eso. Pero a veces estos criminals comparten información. Sí. Grabé una cinta la otra noche cuando los llamé de vuelta. ¿La quieres? ¿Te parece que ayudaría?

Me encantaría tenerlo. Esa fue una idea maravillosa. Estaba pensando si me podría hacer otro favor.


¿Puedo ayudarla?

Cartera. Tengo correspondencia expresa que requiere una firma. Sí, un segundo.

-Hola. Aquí está su correspondencia.

-Muchísimas gracias.

Tengo una entrega restringida para Park Richardson. ¿Se encuentra? Sí. Un momento.

Park, hay correspondencia para ti.

-¿Qué necesitas?



-Necesito su firma aquí.

Siempre feliz de ver que llegue la correspondencia.

¿Buenas noticias?


-¿Estás bien?

-Estoy bien. ¿Cómo estás tú? Estoy perfecto. Gracias.


-Ten un buen día.

-Usted también.


Celebraremos esta noche, Denise. Cena en Vargo's. Mi invitación.

-¿Qué tenemos?

-Una pieza. Doce tipos. Partidos por la mitad. Ninguna otra entrada. El informante dijo que el tipo tiene una pistola. Pero yo no lo vi.

¿Están listos?

-¿Puedo ayudarlo?

-¡Policía! ¡Mandamiento de registro!

¡Policía! ¡Abran!

¿Cuánto tiempo tardarás?

Cinco minutos para juntar la evidencia. Buen trabajo.

El fraude de inversions es sólo uno de los tipos de fraudes de telemercadeo. Para evitar estos criminales telemercantes, atienda para estas señas.

Debe actuar ahora o la oferta expirará. Tome su tiempo.

Tenga cuidado al inverter con un llamador desconocido o al responder a una solicitación por correos que insiste que debe decidirse inmediatamente.

Debe enviar dinero, dar un número de tarjeta de crédito o cuenta bancaria o hacer que se retire su cheque antes de que haya tenido tiempo de considerar la oferta.

Nunca envíe efectivo y mantenga su información financiera privada a menos que sepa con quién está tratando.

Consiga toda la información por escrito antes de que acepte comprar.

No puede arriesgar perder esta oportunidad de altas ganancias y ningún riesgo. Tiene que darse cuenta que no existe una inversión sin riesgos.

Tome el tiempo para investigar.

Lea artículos en las noticias y en las publicaciones financieras Como Barron's o The Wall Street Journal.

No necesita información por escrito o referencias de la compañía. Es una inversión segura.

Investigue la firma con el Better Business Bureau, la oficina del Procurador General del Estado o el Consumer Protection Bureau.

Hable con un amigo, pariente o consejero financiero antes de hacer nada. No tenga miedo de colgar el teléfono a vendedores atrevidos.

Recuerde, si algo suena muy bueno para ser verdad, probablemente es así. Los jóvenes también pueden ayudar al atender las finanzas de sus padres, especialmente si están sufriendo alguna enfermedad que puede hacer difícil para ellos pensar claramente o recordar detalles.

En este caso, la Inspectora Niece tal vez salvó a su padre de perder dinero al estar alerta.

Usted puede hacer lo mismo para sus padres.

Si piensa que ha sido la víctima de un fraude de telemercadeo, necesita reportarlo.

Póngase en contacto con sus inspectores postales locales.

Puede encontrarlos en la guía telefónica o en nuestro sitio de Web en: USPS.COM/POSTALINSPECTORS.

Long Shot
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It sounds exotic and exciting – playing the lottery in another country. Sure it’s a long shot. But if you win, you could pay off your debt, travel the world and make all of your dreams come true. Truth is that foreign lotteries really are a nightmare. This US Postal Inspection Service video tells the story of a lottery fraud victim and the con man behind the scam. It also provides tips to help you avoid becoming duped by this fraud.


This is the worst part of the job. You get a call from someone, and they sound desperate.


In this case, it's the daughter of an elderly woman named Margaret Bergman.


Mrs. Bergman is a retired schoolteacher. Lives in a nursing home, and has trouble breathing.


Daughter's got her hands full raising two kids and trying to take care of her mom, too.


She called us after visiting her mom one afternoon.


She found a lot of mail from the Spanish Sweepstakes, the London Lotto, and the Australian Lottery.


Her mom's checkbook had a lot of entries for tickets.


No deposits of the winnings, though.


Names are different, but I've heard the story before.


The scam is simple. Crooks tell people they can make money playing the lottery in foreign countries.


They promise better odds, tax-free winnings. Make it easy to play. You can call their toll-free number.


Send them a check or use your credit card. Some of them even set up websites.


They promise to hold the tickets and send winnings overnight. Yeah, they promise a lot of things but deliver nothing.


Their slick ads don't mention that it's illegal to play a foreign lottery in the United States.


If you play even once, your name will go on a suckers list, and you'll get a mailbox full of scam offers.


They also forget to mention that instead of winning, some people lose everything.


This is the worst part of the job.


The best part is putting away the people who do this.


I didn't know who had taken Mrs. Bergman's savings yet, but I knew his luck was about to change.


That looks like him.


Mr. James Brunin, U.S. Postal Inspector Michele Niece.


Give us some room.


This is an outrage. I'm celebrating my anniversary.


If you come to my office tomorrow, we can discuss this.


Mr. Brunin, let's not make this difficult.


Jim, you want me to call my lawyers?


They'll know how to handle this sort of thing.


Make sure Theresa gets home okay. I'll call you later.


This is ridiculous.


Mr. Brunin I'm going to cuff you now okay. It's policy that we cuff everybody.


Mr. Brunin, I ask that you not make any sudden movements.


Do you have any sharp objects or weapons on you, sir?


Mr. Brunin, I might be willing to discuss a plea, but that would depend on the information you have for all of us.


I suggest you answer the inspector's questions, and then we can talk about your situation later.


I might be willing to drop the RICO count.


Give us the rundown on this Australian Lottery. How does this work?


Well, that's really quite simple. We print up flashy brochures and send it out to our list.


What list?


You know, our mailing list. Older people, usually. Retirees, snowbirds vacationing in Florida. That sort of thing.


Anyway, we tell them that they can play the lottery in Spain or Canada or Australia.


We tell them the odds are better playing the lottery overseas than if they played the Powerball here in the United States.


So people will buy 10, 20 tickets.


Once they bite on that one, we'll put them on another list. A new one for suckers.


And we'll send another half-dozen mailings, usually, telling them about the Irish Sweepstakes or English Lotto.


Usually, they'll bite on that one, too.


So you're strictly small-time. Just a few bucks here and there.


Hardly. See, once we really get them to bite, then we call them and tell them they've won.


Only we need a couple thousand dollars to pay off the taxes on their winnings before we can send them a check.


You'd be surprised at how easy it is.


What's your role in all this, Mr. Brunin?


We know the checks don't come to you. Not directly, anyway.


Well, I'll usually set up a small shop somewhere, give it a fancy name like International Exports, Inc.,


and hire a couple of guys to pick up the mail, cash checks.


Maybe somebody else to work the phones.


Then what?


We'll add their name to the suckers list and then sell it for big bucks to another operation.


You realize you're talking about organized crime, don't you?


This isn't "The Sopranos," all right? These are just people exchanging legitimate mailing lists,


which is not against the law, last time I checked.


It doesn't bother you taking money from these people?


Why should it? These people are greedy themselves.


They've got piles of money lying around, and they want to get rich quick.


It's my duty to take this money from them.


Besides, if I didn't do it, some other guy would.


So, if you're through sitting in judgment, let's get to the chase.


Do we have a deal or what?


Mr. Brunin, you haven't told us anything that we don't already know.


I'm going to need a list of all your associates.


Including the names of the folks that gave you this mailing list and those that you sell it to.


We'll see what you have to trade, and we'll discuss a plea.


Write it up. We'll check back in a few minutes.


Currently, Brunin's serving five years in a Federal prison as part of his plea agreement.


Unfortunately, Postal Inspectors intercept millions of pieces of mail every year promoting foreign lotteries.


But many more make it through to consumers and trick people into the scam.


There are some steps you can take to avoid becoming a victim.


One. Remember, it's illegal to play a foreign lottery in the U.S. If you do, you're breaking the law.


Two. There are no secrets to winning a foreign lottery. In fact, the lotteries usually don't even exist.


Three. If you purchase even one ticket, your name will be added to a suckers list.


And you'll start receiving lots of offers from bogus lotteries or investment opportunities.


These crooks actually buy and sell these mailing lists to aid their scams.


Four. Keep credit-card numbers, bank accounts, and other personal information to yourself.


Scam artists often ask for these on the phone.


Lastly. If you think you've been the victim of one of these scams, you need to report it.


Contact your local United States Postal Inspector.


You can find us in the phone book or on our website at USPS.COM/POSTALINSPECTORS.


Remember, if you're tempted to play a foreign lottery, you won't win anything. But you may lose it all.

Producido por el United States Postal Inspection Service Transcripción del vídeo

Esta es la peor parte del trabajo. Recibes una llamada de alguien y suena desesperado. En este caso, es la hija de una mujer anciana que se llama Margaret Bergman. La Señora Bergman es una maestra jubilada. Vive en una clínica. Tiene problemas para respirar. La hija es muy ocupada con sus críos y tratando de cuidar su mamá también. Nos llamó una tarde después de visitar su mamá. Encontró mucho correo de la Lotería Española, la Lotería de Londres, y la Lotería de Australia. El talonario de su mamá tenía muchas entradas por boletos. Aunque ningún depósito de las ganancias. Los nombres son diferentes, pero he oído la historia antes. Los estafadores le dicen a la gente que pueden ganar dinero jugando a la lotería de países extranjeros. Prometen probabilidades mejores, ganancias sin impuestos. Lo hacen fácil para jugar. Puede llamar su número gratuito. Enviarles un cheque o usar su tarjeta de crédito. Incluso algunos tienen paginas web. Prometen guardar los boletos y mandar sus ganancias rápidamente. Sí, prometen muchas cosas, pero no cumplen con nada. Sus anuncios no mencionan que es ilegal jugar loterías extranjeras en los Estados Unidos. Si juega incluso una vez, su nombre va a una lista de bobos, y va a tener un buzón lleno de ofertas estafadores. También se olvidan mencionar que en vez de ganar, algunas personas lo pierden todo. Esta es la peor parte del trabajo. La mejor parte es encerrar a la gente que hace esto. Todavía no sabía quien había tomado los ahorros de la Sra. Bergman, pero sabía que su suerte estaba a punto de cambiar.

Ese parece a él.

Señor James Brunin, Inspectora Postal Michele Niece. Haznos sitio.

Esto es una barbaridad. Estoy celebrando mi aniversario. Si viene a mi oficina mañana, podemos discutir esto.

No hagamos esto difícil.

¿Quieres que me llame a mis abogados? Ellos saben como manejar estas cosas.

Asegúrate que Theresa llegue a casa. Te llamaré más tarde. Esto es ridículo. Es política que esposemos a todos.

Señor Brunin, le pido que no haga ningún movimiento brusco.

¿Tiene objetos afilados o armas consigo, señor?

Señor Brunin, podría estar dispuesto a discutir una petición, pero eso dependería de la información que tiene para nosotros. Le sugiero que conteste las preguntas del Inspector y entonces podemos hablar de su situación más tarde. Podría estar dispuesto a abandonar el cargo de RICO.

Hablemos de esta lotería australiana. ¿Como funciona?

Bueno, eso es muy sencillo. Imprimimos unos folletos ostentosos y los mandamos a nuestra lista.

¿Qué lista?

Usted sabe, nuestro lista de direcciones. Usualmente los ancianos. Los que han jubilado y gente que ha emigrado a Florida. Cosas así. Bueno, les decimos que pueden jugar a la lotería de España o Canadá o Australia. Les decimos que las probabilidades son mejores en las loterías extranjeras de los que se juegan en Powerball aquí. Entonces la gente compra 10, 20 boletos. Una vez que hacen eso, les ponemos en otra lista. Una nueva para los bobos. Y usualmente les mandamos otra media docena de folletos, hablando de la Lotería irlandesa o la Lotería inglesa. Usualmente caen con esos también.

Entonces usted es de poca monta. Sólo unos dólares aquí y allá.

Qué va. Mira, una vez que realmente lo hacen, entonces los llamamos y les decimos que han ganado. Sólo necesitamos un par de miles de dólares para pagar los impuestos sobre sus ganancias antes de que podamos mandarles un cheque. Le sorprendería ver lo fácil que es.

¿Qué es su papel en esto, Señor Brunin? Sabemos que los cheques no vienen a usted. No directamente.

Bueno, montaré un comercio en alguna parte, lo daré un nombre elegante como Exportaciones Internacionales, y contrataré unos tipos para recoger el correo, cobrar cheques. Quizás alguien más para los teléfonos.

¿Y entonces?

Añadiremos sus nombres a la lista de bobos y entonces venderlo por mucho dinero a otra compañía.

¿Se da cuenta de que está hablando del crimen organizado?

Esto no es "Los Sopranos," ¿bien? Sólo son un par de personas cambiando listas de direcciones legítimas, lo cual no es contra la ley, la última vez que


¿No le molesta tomar dinero de esta gente?

¿Por qué debería? Esta gente es codiciosa. Tienen un montón de dinero tirado, y quieren ser ricos rápidamente. Es mi obligación tomar este dinero de ellos.

Además, si yo no lo hago, otro tipo lo haría. Entonces, si se sentaron para juzgarme, vamos al asunto. ¿Tenemos un trato o qué?

Señor Brunin, no nos ha dicho nada que no supiéramos. Necesito una lista de sus socios, incluyendo los nombres de la gente que le dio esta lista de direcciones y a los que se las vende. Veremos que tiene para darnos, y discutiremos su petición.

Escríbalo. Volvemos en unos minutos.

Actualmente, está cumpliendo 5 años en una cárcel federal como parte de su petición. Desafortunadamente, los inspectores postales interceptan millones de pedazos de correo cada año promoviendo loterías extranjeras. Pero muchos más llegan a clientes y les engañan con estafas. Hay unas medidas que puede tomar para evitar ser una víctima.

Uno. Recuerde, es ilegal jugar una lotería extranjera en los EE UU. Si lo hace, está rompiendo la ley.

Dos. No hay secretos para ganar una lotería extranjera. De hecho, las loterías normalmente ni siquiera existen.

Tres. Si compra aunque sea un boleto, su nombre estará añadido a una lista de bobos. Empezará a recibir muchas ofertas de loterías falsas u oportunidades de inversión. Estos delincuentes actualmente compran y venden estas listas para ayudar en sus propias estafas.

Cuatro. Resérvase sus números de tarjetas de crédito, cuentas, y otra información personal. A menudo ellos preguntan por estos datos por teléfono. Finalmente. Si piensa que ha sido la víctima de uno de estos timos, irepórtelo! Póngase en contacto con su inspector postal local. Puede encontrarnos en el directo telefónico o en nuestro sitio web: USPS.COM/POSTALINSPECTORS. Recuerde, si está tentado a jugar una lotería extranjera, no ganará nada. Pero puede perderlo todo.

All the King's Men
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You’ve discovered that you’re the victim of a financial crime. Your money is gone, your credit rating is in error, and you may have to testify against the people who victimized your. You’re confused, and uncertain . . . where do you turn for help? This U.S. Postal Inspection Service video introduces you to resources to help you deal with the criminal justice system, restore your credit rating, and put your life back on track. It also includes tips that may help you avoid becoming a victim in the first place.

My partner and I are Postal Inspectors, which means we investigate any crime that involves the mail.

Today that means doing a stakeout on a lowlife accountant.

He works for an investment firm that is really just a front for a complicated fraud scam.

They have been ripping people off to the tune of thousands of dollars.

He's got no clue what that kind of financial loss means to his victims.

He never gets to see that side of the story…but I do.

Did you have any luck flipping this guy?

No, he dummied up on me. Said they kept him in the dark about how business operated.

Certainly living the high life for a CPA.

Not anymore.


Inspector Goddard, this is Andrea Beshears with News 12. Did I catch you at a bad time?

Actually Andrea, I got nothing but time. What's up?

Well, we are doing a special on fraud for sweeps, and we need some first person perspective on the crimes.

You know, talk to victims and hear their stories.

Do you think you could help us out?

Yeah, it sounds good to me. We could stop a lot of this stuff if more people were aware of it.

Hey, do you know Karla Horan, our Victim Witness Coordinator? She might have some leads for us.

Let me run this past her, and I'll get back with you later this week.

Financial crime attacks its victims at their core.

Whenever someone loses control of their money or their identity, they often also lose their critical sense of security.

They doubt their own judgment, and many suffer depressive episodes after the crime.

My job is to help people rebuild not only their financial security, but their lives.

Mr. & Mrs. Patterson? Thanks so much for coming in. Listen, please don't be nervous.

If you stumble or you're not happy with what you say, we can always shoot it again, OK?

You ready to get started? Sure thing.

Have a seat.

Standby studio. Open us up in five-four-three-two-one. We're hot.

Tonight on News 12 we continue our special series on mail fraud, "Return To Sender."

Three years ago Matt & Lisa Patterson were the victims of identity theft.

Along with hundreds of other victims in the area, they had their lives turned upside down by two young criminals.

Lisa, how did you find out that there was a problem?

We were trying to buy a new house, and our real estate agent called and said that our loan would not be approved, that we had outstanding bills on our credit cards, and we even had a loan that we had defaulted on.

Matt, do you remember how you felt that morning?

Oh, it was awful. Your first response is that it is a mistake, it is just an error.

Then it sinks in, and you feel angry, powerless.

We didn't get the house.

But we were actually lucky.

The Postal Inspectors had a specialist to work with the victims, and she explained what steps we needed to take to repair our credit report.

She helped us with letters and affidavits and really walked us through the whole process.

She called my boss to explain why I would have to miss work to appear at the trial.

She even helped us with the victim impact statement for the judge to read before sentencing those two men.

Think you could handle things for awhile?

Sure. What's up?

I think I know someone who needs to hear these stories, and I do not want to wait for him to catch the news. I won't be long, ok?

Who is it? It's Postal Inspector Alan Goddard.

Open up Harrison.

Hello Inspector. What can I do for you?

Well, you could ask me in for starters. I thought we would have a little chat.

I told you I don't know anything about this case.

I don't know what good it can do to keep talking to me about it.

Can I come in, or do I need to get a warrant?

Hold on. Pardon the mess.

She asked you to leave, didn't she?

What did you expect after she found out what kind of man you really are?

It didn't have anything to do with these allegations against the company.

Right. OK if I sit?

Can I offer you a shot, Inspector?

I guess not, on duty and all.

You didn't come here to talk to me about my marriage, did you?

I came here to ask you a question, Mark.

Do you believe in fairy tales?

What kind of talk is that, man? Fairy tales?

Yeah, you know, Little Red Riding Hood, Humpty Dumpty...fairy tales.

Do you believe in them?

No, of course not.

Me neither. That's why I'm not believing any of this crap about you not knowing anything about the scams that your company is pulling.

See what I'm saying?

Buy what you want. Believe what you want. I told you already. I mean, what do you want me to do?

I want you to take a ride with me.

Are you arresting me?

No, you are not under arrest. There are some people I want you to meet.

I just want you to listen to what they have to say. Can you do that for me?

I lost nearly thirty-thousand dollars in an investment fraud.

The worst part about it was that I thought it was a good investment.

I really thought it was good, and I encouraged my family and friends to invest also.

And because my background is in banking, my friends, they listened to me.

When I found out though that I had been conned, I felt personally responsible for the money they had lost.

You know, I felt like I lost my credibility.

Can you imagine having to go home to your wife and tell her that you've lost a large chunk of your savings, or calling my best friend to let him know that, "Hey, the stocks that I told you were good were actually a scam?"

You know, I felt responsible for that, you know, and it made me look like a fool.

Mandy Richards served a six-month sentence in Alderson Federal Prison for Women for her part in helping provide lists of potential victims that were used in an identity theft scam by her boyfriend.

She joins us by satellite now. Mandy, I know you have been through a lot over the past year.

How did your boyfriend get you involved in all of this?

Well, he fooled me. He told me that he really needed some help to meet a quota at work, and he said, "How about giving me some of those applications that people turn in, the people that you guys don't hire?"

What was he doing with those applications?

He was stealing people's identity. I didn't know that.

He told me he was trying to do a good job at work, so naturally I wanted to help him out, but that was not what he was doing.

How did you find out what he was using the applications for?

Well, when they came to my job and interrogated me, and then eventually I was arrested, and they took my little girl away.

Well, that's one person who has suffered a lot is your daughter. Tell us about that.

Well, I mean like I said, they put her in foster care. I went to jail.

They supervised my visits with her.

You have kids, don't you?

Yeah, two girls.

People never think about the kids that get left behind when their parents go to jail.

I know that your boyfriend has threatened to kill you in the past. What happens when he gets out of jail?

Well, I don't know, but there's a way I can find out when he gets out.

It's a website, and it's called VNS, and everybody should know about it.

It's a Victim Notification System, and it lets me know when he gets out of prison so I don't have to be afraid all the time.

Miss Horan, you're up next, so we need to get you into makeup.

Great, thanks.

You think your girls would be proud of what you're doing?

I lost everything. My wife wouldn't forgive me for…I had borrowed money from our son's college fund.

I wanted to send him to a better school. I thought I could double my money, but I can barely afford the community college tuition that he goes to now.

And a few months after the trial, my wife left me.

These crooks got eight years for mail fraud, and the cells they live in, they're bigger than my apartment.

My ex-wife has to take a second job, so do I.

It seems like my family went to prison too, except they didn't do anything wrong. I did.

That reaction isn't uncommon. People often blame themselves for things that happen to them even though they're really no fault of their own.

Often times they're so embarrassed that they won't even tell their own family.

We see all kinds of very intelligent, educated people who fall into these scams.

Well, is Mr. Matson's story unusual?

I wish that it were.

I've seen victims lose their homes, suffer job losses, have problems in relationships, even divorce.

Ready two, take two.

Well the good news is that you're there to help them rebuild their lives.

We're out. Fade to black.

Alright, let's get out of here.

Inspector, I'd like to talk to you about the company now.

I think maybe I can help put some of the pieces in place.

Alright. Do you want to bring your lawyer in?

That would be best, wouldn't it? Do you think maybe the U.S. Attorney would make me a deal?

Well, I can't speak for him, Mark, but I'm sure he'll take your cooperation into consideration.

Were any of those people we were watching today ones that lost from our company?

No, no, no. Those were all from older cases.

I always thought the banks or the credit card companies would cover their losses.

Well, it's just like the fairy tale.

All the king's horses and all the king's men just couldn't put things back together again.

Let's go take that statement.

I need that paperwork by Tuesday.

You got it, boss.

Alright. Thanks.

Mark Harrison's remorse about his crime proved to be short lived.

After agreeing to testify against the leaders of the fraud ring, he was arrested again less than a year later for helping to operate an internet auction scam.

These types of criminals rarely have any regard for their victims or the damage they've done to their lives.

If you or someone you know has been a crime victim, it's important that you know about victim's rights and the services available to you.

In 2004, the Justice For All Act was passed, strengthening rights for federal crime victims.

Most states have similar protections for cases handled in the local criminal justice system.

All of these Victims Bills of Rights were created to give victims a proper place in the criminal justice system.

They provide an opportunity to participate and be heard, and offer practical assistance to minimize the inconveniences and frustrations that crime victims suffer.

You can find out more about your rights as a federal crime victim by visiting this website:

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service investigates many different types of financial crimes.

Most are handled in the federal justice system.

In addition to providing educational material about crime victims' rights and services, the Inspection Service continually strives to inform the public about current fraud scams and how to avoid becoming a victim.

Education is your best defense.

Keep up to date on the latest scams by visiting our websites:


Remember, being a victim of a crime is nothing to be ashamed of.

Neither is seeking help to recover from it.

Producido por el United States Postal Inspection Service Transcripción del vídeo

My companera y yo somos Inspectores Postales, lo que significa que investigamos cualquier crimen que involucre el correo. Hoy por ejemplo estamos vigilando a un simple contador.

El trabaja para una firma de inversiones que realmente es una pantalla para un timo complicado. Ellos han estado despojando a personas de miles de dolares. El no tiene idea del tipo de perdida financiera que le significa a sus victimas. El nunca llega a ver el otro lado de la historia… pero yo si.

Has tenido exito investigando a este tipo?

No, el me ha mentido. Dice que ellos lo mantienen sin saber de como se opera el negocio.

Ciertamente esta viviendo una vida bastante comoda como para ser un contador.

No por mucho tiempo. Goddard.

Inspector Goddard, es Andrea Beshears de Noticias 12. Lo llamo en un mal momento?

En realidad Andrea, tengo todo el tiempo del mundo. Que pasa?

Bueno, nosotros estamos haciendo un especial sobre fraudes por loterias, y necesitamos a alguna persona con una perspectiva de los crimenes. O sea, alguien que converse con las victimas y que escuche sus historias. Cree que pueda ayudarnos?

Si, me parece que si. Podriamos parar un monton de estos asuntos si mas gente esta al tanto de ellos.

Hey, conoces a Karla Horan, nuestra Coordinadora de Victimas Testigo? Ella podria tener algo que nos sirva. Dejame pasar esta informacion a ella, y te llamare despues en la semana.

Los crimenes financieros atacan al corazon de sus victimas. Cuandoquiera que alguien pierde el control de su dinero o su identidad, a menudo pierden tambien

su sentido de seguridad critico. Dudan de su propio juicio, y muchos sufren depresiones despues del crimen. Mi trabajo es ayudar a la gente a reconstruir no solo su seguridad financiera, sino tambien sus vidas.

Sr. y Sra. Patterson? Muchas gracias por venir. Escuchen, por favor no se pongan nerviosos.

Si se equivoca o no queda contento con lo que dice, siempre podemos grabar de nuevo, ok?

Estan listos para comenzar? Absolutamente

Tome asiento.

Atento estudio. Abrimos en cinco, cuatro, tres, dos, uno. Al aire!

Esta noche en Noticias 12 continuamos con nuestro especial de series en fraudes de correo, "De vuelta al remitente". Hace tres anos atras Matt y Lisa Patterson fueron victimas de robo de identidad. Junto con cientos de otras victimas en esta area, sus vidas giraron vertiginosamente por causa de dos jovenes criminales.

Lisa, como te diste cuenta de que existia un problema?

Estabamos tratando de comprar una nueva casa, y nuestro corredor de propiedades nos llamo y nos dijo que el prestamo no habia sido aprobado, que habian cuentas pendientes de pago en nuestras tarjetas de credito, y que incluso teniamos un prestamo impago.

Matt, recuerdas como te sentiste esa manana?

Oh, fue terrible. Tu primera respuesta es pensar que es un error, es tan solo un error. Luego lo asumes, y te sientes enojado e impotente.

No obtuvimos la casa.

Pero verdaderamente tuvimos suerte. Los Inspectores Postales tenian una especialista para trabaja con las victimas, y ella nos explico que pasos necesitabamos tomar para reparar nuestro informe de credito. Ella nos ayudo con las cartas e informes economicos que verdaderamente nos iban a ayudar en todo este proceso. Ella llamo a mi jefe para explicar porque yo tenia que faltar al trabajo para comparecer ante el tribunal.  Ella incluso nos ayudo con el estado de impacto de las victimas para que el juez lo leyera antes de sentenciar a

estos dos hombres.

Crees que puedes hacerte cargo de esto por un momento? Por supuesto. Que sucede?

Creo que conozco a alguien que necesita escuchar estas historias, y no quisiera esperar hasta que las vea en las noticias. No me tardare, ok?

Tomamos este caso hace diez meses atras. Hasta el momento, tenemos suficiente con relacion al pescado pequeno, pero nada substancial como para desbaratar a los lideres.

Necesitamos una persona de adentro, y Mark Harrison podria ser nuestro hombre. El lleva los libros y cuentas, y creo que esta comenzando a soltarse bajo la presion de la investigacion.

Yo podria encontrar una forma de darle el ultimo empujon.

Quien es?

Es el Inspector Postal Alan Goddard. Abre Harrison. Hola Inspector. Que puedo hacer por usted?

Bueno, podrias ofrecerme entrar para comenzar. Pienso que podriamos tener una pequena charla.

Yo ya le dije que no se nada acerca de este caso. No entiendo que hay de bueno en seguir conversando conmigo.

Puedo entrar, o necesito una orden judicial? Espere. Disculpe el desorden.

Ella te pidio que te fueras, no es verdad?

Que esperabas que hiciera cuando ella se dio cuenta de la clase de hombre que realmente eres?

No tiene nada que ver con estos acusaciones en contra de la compania. Bien, Algun problema si me siento?

Puedo ofrecerle un trago, Inspector? Imagino que no, despues de todo esta de servicio. No creo que haya venido hasta aca para hablar de mi matrimonio, no es cierto?

Vine hasta aca para hacerte una pregunta, Mark. Tu crees en los cuentos de hadas?

Que tipo de conversacion es esta? Cuentos de hadas?

Si, tales como, Little Red Riding Hood, Humpty Dumpty… cuentos de hadas. Tu crees en ellas?

No, por supuesto que no.

Yo tampoco. Es por eso que yo no creo nada de que tu no sabes de los timos que tu compania esta haciendo. Entiendes lo que digo?

Crea lo que quiera. Yo ya le dije. O sea, que es lo que quiere que haga? Quiero que me acompanes a dar un paseo.

Esta arrestandome?

No, tu no estas bajo arresto. Hay unas personas que me gustaria que conocieras.

Solo quiero que escuches lo que ellos van a decir. Puedes hacer eso por mi?

Perdi cerca de treinta mil dolares en un fraude de inversion. La peor parte de todo fue que yo pense que era una buena inversion. Yo verdaderamente crei que era buena, y anime a mi familia y amigos a que invirtieran tambien. Y porque mi trasfondo es bancario, mis amigos, me escucharon. Cuando me di cuenta que habia sido estafado, me senti personalmente responsable por el dinero que ellos habian perdido. O sea, senti que perdi mi credibilidad.

Puede imaginar el llegar a casa y decirle a su esposa que ha perdido una fuerte cantidad de sus ahorros, o llamar a su mejor amigo para decirle, "Hey, los valores que te dije que eran buenos realmente son un timo?" O sea, me senti responsable por eso; me hizo quedar como un tonto.

Mandy Richards cumplio una condena de seis meses en la Prision Federal de Alderson para Mujeres por su responsabilidad en proveer listas de potenciales victimas que fueron usadas en un timo de robo de identidad por su novio. Ella esta con nosotros ahora via satelite

Mandy, se que has pasado por muchas cosas desde el ano pasado. Como fue que tu novio te involucro en todo esto?

Bueno, el me engano. El me dijo que necesitaba mi ayuda para cumplir una meta en su trabajo, entonces me dijo, "por que no me das algunas de las postulaciones de la gente buscando empleo que ustedes no contratan?"

Que estaba haciendo el con estas postulaciones?

El estaba robando la identidad de estas personas. Yo no sabia eso. El me dijo que estaba tratando de hacer un buen trabajo en su empleo, por lo que yo naturalmente quize ayudarlo, pero no fue eso lo que el estaba verdaderamente haciendo.

Como te diste cuenta de lo que el estaba haciendo con las postulaciones?

Bueno, cuando ellos vinieron a mi trabajo a interrogarme, y entonces luego de esto me arrestaron, y me separaron de mi pequenita.

Alguien quien ha sufrido bastante con todo esto es tu hija. Cuentanos acerca de eso.

Bueno, como dije antes, ellos pusieron a mi hija en un hogar. Yo fui a la carcel. Ellos supervisaban mis visitas a ella.

Tu tienes hijos, o no? Si, dos ninas.

La gente nunca piensa en los ninos que dejan tras ellos cuando sus padres van a la carcel.

Yo se que tu novio te ha amenazado de muerte en el pasado. Que sucedera cuando el salga de la carcel?

No lo se, pero se que hay una forma de saber cuando el salga. Es un sitio en la web, y se llama VNS, y todas las personas deberian conocerlo. Es un sistema de notificacion a las victimas, y me permite saber cuando el salga de prision entonces no tendre que estar asustada todo el tiempo.

Miss Horan, usted es la siguiente, entonces debemos maquillarla. Perfecto, gracias.

Tu crees que tus ninas estarian orgullosas de lo que estas haciendo?

Lo perdi todo. Mi esposa no me perdonaria por.. Yo pedi prestado dinero del fondo de la universidad de nuestro hijo. Yo queria enviarlo a una mejor universidad. Pense que podria duplicar mi dinero, pero apenas puedo pagar la tuicion de la universidad de la comunidad que el va ahora.                                                                                          Y unos pocos meses despues del juicio, mi esposa me dejo.

Estos criminales fueron condenados a ocho anos de carcel por fraude de correo, y las celdas donde ellos viven son mas grandes que mi departamento. Mi ex- esposa tuvo q tomar un segundo trabajo, y yo tambien. Pareciera que mi familia fue a prision tambien, con la excepcion de que ellos no hicieron nada malo. Yo si.

La reaccion no es poco comun. La gente a menudo se culpan a si mismos por cosas que les suceden aun cuando ellos no cometieron ninguna falta.

Comunmente se sienten tan avergonzados que ni siquiera les contaran a sus familias. Vemos todo tipo de gente muy inteligente, gente educada que cae en este tipo de timos.

Es la historia del Sr. Matson inusual? Me encantaria que lo fuera.

He visto victimas que han perdido sus casas, sufren la perdida de sus trabajos, tienen problemas en sus relaciones, incluso de divorcian.

Listo dos, toma dos.

La buena noticia es que estas ahi para ayudarles a reconstruir sus vidas. Estamos fuera.

Bien, salgamos de aqui.

Inspector, me gustaria conversarle acerca de la compania ahora. Pienso que tal vez yo puedo ayudar a poner algunas piezas en su lugar.

Muy bien. Quieres traer a tu abogado?

Eso seria lo mejor, no es verdad? Cree que el Fiscal me conceda algun trato?

Bueno, no puedo hablar por el, Mark, pero estoy seguro que tomara tu cooperacion en consideracion.

Algunas de estas personas que estamos viendo hoy sufrieron perdidas por causa de nuestra compania?

No, no, no. Estos eran todos casos mas antiguos.

Yo siempre pense que los bancos o las companias de las tarjetas de credito cubririan sus perdidas.

Bueno, es como en los cuentos de hadas. Todos los caballos del rey y todos los hombres del rey simplemente no pudieron poner las cosas de vuelta nuevamente.

Vamos a tomar tu declaracion.

Necesito ese documento para el Martes. De acuerdo, Jefe.

Muy bien. Gracias.

El remordimiento de Mark Harrison de su crimen no le duro por mucho tiempo. Despues de acordar testificar en contra de los lideres del fraude, el fue arrestado nuevamente en menos de un ano despues por ayudar a operar un timo de remates en internet.  Este tipo de criminales rara vez tienen consideracion de sus victimas o del dano que han hecho a sus vidas.  Si usted o alguien que usted conoce ha sido una victima de estos crimines, es importante que conozca los derechos de las victimas y los servicios disponibles.

En 2004, se emitio el Decreto de Justicia para Todos, fortaleciendo los derechos para las victimas de crimines federales. La mayoria de los estados tienen protecciones similares para los casos manejados en el sistema de justicia criminal local. Todos estos Derechos de Cuentas de las Victimas fueron creados para proteger a las victimas y darles un lugar apropiado en el sistema de justicia criminal. Ellos proveen una oportunidad para participar y ser escuchado, y ofrecer una asistencia practica para minimizar los inconvenientes y frustraciones que las victimas de estos crimenes sufren.

Usted puede encontrar mas informacion acerca de sus derechos como victima de crimen federal visitando este sitio web: El Servicio de Inspeccion Postal investiga muchos tipos de crimenes financieros diferentes. La mayoria son manejados en el sistema de justicia federal. Adicionalmente se provee material educativo acerca de los derechos y servicios para las victimas de estos crimenes, el Servicio de Inspeccion continuamente se esfuerza en informar al publico acerca de los timos de fraude normales y como evitar llegar a ser una victima de ellos. La educacion es su mejor defensa. Mantengase al dia

en los ultimos timos visitando nuestro sitio web: y

Recuerde, ser una victima de un crimen no es para avergonzarse. Tampoco lo es el buscar ayuda para recuperarse del mismo.

Nowhere to Run
The above media is provided by  YouTube (Privacy Policy, Terms of Service)

Law enforcement agencies from around the globe are joining together to stop international fraud. Criminals who thought they were safe from arrest are being extradited thanks to the work of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. This U.S. Postal Inspection Service video tells the story of the international efforts to stops these “long distance” scams and provides tips on how you can avoid being tricked by these criminals.

I didn't want to come here, but I couldn't ask Mrs. Washburn to drive all the way back into town just to hear more bad news.

Her daughter suggested meeting them halfway, and this place was it.

The stock they sold you is basically worthless.

Either the companies don't exist or they have never heard of Lohan/Michaels investments.

I should have known better. I started getting these investments offers in the mail shortly after my husband died.

I should have done my due diligence before sending them any money at all.

These crooks are very slick, Mrs. Washburn.

They target seniors with mailing lists, lottery sweepstakes…

Once they get your information, they don't give up.

Have you arrested these criminals yet? I mean, even if you can't recover any of my money,

I would like the satisfaction of knowing that they are going to pay for their actions.

It's a bit more complicated than that. Lohan/Michaels is what we call a boiler room.

It's basically a bank of phones and con men. They set up shop in Canada to make it harder to prosecute.

It would be very helpful if we can get access to your phone records.

Sure... I don't have any problems with that.

However, I have caller ID on all the phones at home, and I don't remember ever seeing a call that came from outside of the country.

Usually their calls are routed through switchers here in the US, or they use prepaid cell phones or calling cards.

They do the same with the mail, so you never see foreign postmarks.

Oh, I see. How clever of them. My husband always handled all of our investments.

Perhaps I should have hired somebody after… the investments were so small, especially in the beginning, and I guess I wanted to think that I could do it on my own.

It's difficult watching someone when they realize that they've been taken.

I could imagine Doris Washburn sitting alone in her house, just starting to realize that her husband was really gone.

Then the phone rings, and it's a nice young man asking if she had a chance to read the prospectus that she had received in the mail.

She probably explained that she hadn't had time, since her husband had only recently passed away.

The con man would have then stopped talking about investments altogether.

He'd spin some story about losing his aunt or sister. They might have talked for an hour or more, without him ever once asking for money.

By the time they had hung up, Doris Washburn might have thought she'd made a new friend.

The next time he called, she'd be happy to make a small investment.

Is there anything else you can recall that might help us?

Did you speak to anyone else besides Mathew Raines?

Yes, I spoke to his supervisor on a least two occasions.

And if anything he was even more charming than Mr. Raines.

I remember that he always asked how my daughter was holding up.

Mom, I'll get the car.

Oh, alright Honey. I believe his first name was Richards or Richardson, something like that.

I know I have it written down at home. I'm very careful about taking good notes.

I believe his first name was Park. Park Richards?

Park Richards. Park Richardson?

Park Richardson… yeah.. I need to get your notes today, Doris.

Alright. We're gonna get to the bottom of this. I promise.

It couldn't be. We busted a boiler room operator named Park Richardson just before my father died three years ago.

This was exactly the type of scam that he used to run.

Didn't I tell you about that one, George? Didn't I tell you to load up on that one, George?

Didn't I tell you that I had my own mother in that stock, George?

Goddard. Hey Alan!

Hey, Michelle!

Can you run a check with the US Marshalls and see if Park Richardson is still locked up?

Richardson? Isn't that the guy who was running that investment scam…

the one that your father's friend was mixed up in?

Yes, that's him. I'm working a US-Canadian cross border case...

It sounds like his M.O. If it's him, it might make extradition easier.

Gotcha… I know the US Attorney would love to get him back.

So would I.

Yeah…let me check with the Marshalls.

Great! Give me about twenty minutes.

Ok. Ok, Thanks!

It didn't take long to find out that Park Richardson had been released from prison four months ago.

While he was inside the joint, he must have picked up some new tricks.

We've gotten good at finding and busting boiler rooms in the US, so their newest wrinkle is taking their operations across the border.

Sometimes to Canada, Latin America, or an offshore island.

But as fast as they can change their tactics, so can we.

The Phonebusters National Call Center is a Canadian telemarketing fraud complaint organization.

We now routinely work with Canada on cross border fraud schemes.

I called one of my contacts there and gave him all I had on Lohan/Michaels and my suspicions about Park Richardson.

Two days later, an email brings me a passport photo of a man named "Park Richards," who's in Canada on a tourist Visa.

The photo confirms that it's our guy.

Knowing the city he's in helps, and within a few days Canadian law enforcement has tracked down the location of the boiler room in Montreal.

It takes time for the Canadians to build their case, get the warrants, and make the arrest… but I don't mind waiting.

The look on Park Richardson's face is going to make it all worthwhile.

You can't keep me here. I'm an American citizen.

I demand to speak to someone with the US Embassy, like "pronto".

This is … this is all just a big mistake... a misunderstanding… in the French-English thing you guys have…

Park Richardson…. Remember me?

At your trial I told you that you should try a new line of work….

This one has too many occupational hazards.

Listen, no matter what they think I've done here, it happened in Canada, so it's none of your business.

Except that your victims are in the US, and you used the US mail to get to them.

That makes it my business.

Hey.. Look…This is all just a big mistake…

I just came here to help a friend of mine start up a small company.

None of this is even in my name.

We're extraditing you to the US to face mail fraud charges.

You'll have plenty of time to sort it all out…about ten years.

See ya in court.

Thanks to our partnerships with Canada, Park Richardson is now serving a ten-year sentence for mail fraud.

Effective law enforcement within the US has driven these criminals across borders in an effort to hide their crimes.

While US-Canadian cross border task forces are helping to stop these crimes, prevention is still the best medicine.

Consumers should be aware that there is an increasing trend for fraud schemes to operate outside the US.

Modern travel, communications, and the Internet make it even easier for these crooks to prey on you.

You can help protect yourself with some simple steps.

One. If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Beware of anything that promises large sums of money, sweepstakes or lottery winnings in exchange for your advance payment, donation, or investment.

Two. Don't allow yourself to be pressured into making a decision.

Consult with your financial advisor, Better Business Bureau, family member or trusted friend, or your consumer protection bureau before deciding to act.

Three. Remember that legitimate businesses will never object to you asking questions.

They are also happy to provide references. Beware of anyone who tries to conceal their mailing address, telephone number, or evades questions about their operations.

Four. Be aware that if you respond to even one of these offers, your name will likely be added to a "mooch" list by these criminals.

These are mailing lists, similar to those used by legitimate businesses that track people who have fallen for these scams in the past.

They are bought and sold as part of these underground enterprises.

Five. Be cautious if a company insists on using a commercial wire transfer service to send money.

It's often impossible to verify the actual destination where the money will be picked up, making the receiver of the money difficult to trace. Always pay by credit card or postal money order.

And if you think you've been the victim of fraud, you need to report it.

These reports are vital in helping to track down these criminal operations, especially if they are operating outside the United States.

You can contact your local Postal Inspector in the phone book or on our website at


Cross border fraud can be a world of trouble for it's victims.

Make sure that you're not one of them.

The United States Postal Inspection Service would like to recognize our partners in law enforcement for their efforts in combating cross border frauds.

These include: Project Colt in Montreal

The Toronto Strategic Partnership

Project Emptor in Vancouver

The Alberta Partnership against Cross Border Fraud in Calgary

The Vancouver Strategic Alliance

and, The Atlantic Partnership in Halifax

These task forces target criminals in Canada who operate fraudulent foreign lotteries, prize promotions, sweepstakes, advance payment loans, credit card, and internet scams.

The Phone Busters National Call Center assists these partnerships in investigating and prosecuting criminals who commit cross border and telemarketing fraud.

Our ability to protect U.S. consumers is greatly enhanced by these partnerships, and we are grateful for their cooperation.

Producido por el United States Postal Inspection Service Transcripción del vídeo

No queria venir hasta aqui pero no podia pedirle a la Sra. Washburn que manejara todo el camino de vuelta a la ciudad, tan solo para oir

mas malas noticias…

Su hija me sugirio reunirnos en la mitad del camino, y ese era el lugar…

Quienes le vendieron a usted basicamente no tienen ningun valor, ya sea que la companias no existen o que jamas han oido de Lohan/Michaels Inversiones.

Deberia haber sabido mas. Yo comenze a recibir estas ofertas de inversiones en el correo apenas mi esposo fallecio.

Deberia haber averiguado mas antes de enviarles el dinero…

Estos criminales son muy astutos, Sra. Washburn.

En busqueda de personas de edad, loterias falsas, etc. Una vez que obtienen su informacion, ellos no se rinden.

Ha arrestado a estos criminales? Osea, aun cuando no pueda recuperar nada de mi dinero, me gustaria tener la satisfaccion de saber que ellos van a pagar por sus acciones.

Es un poquito mas complicado que eso. Lohan/Michaels es lo que nosotros llamamos un cuarto caldera. Basicamente un banco de telefonos y estafadores. Ellos montaron un negocio en Canada para hacer mas dificil la persecucion.

Seria de mucha ayuda si pudieramos tener acceso a sus registros telefonicos.

Seguro. No tengo ningun problema con eso. Sin embargo, tengo

identificador de llamadas en todos los telefonos de la casa y no recuerdo haber visto una llamada desde fuera del pais.

Sus llamadas son preferiblemente dirigidas desde los US a convertidores o

usan celulares prepagados o tarjetas telefonicas. Hacen lo mismo con el correo, entonces usted nunca ve estampillas extranjeras.

Oh, ya veo. Que inteligentes son. Mi esposo siempre manejaba todas nuestras inversiones, tal vez yo debi haber contratado a alguien…las inversiones eran tan pequenas, especialmente al comienzo, y quizas queria pensar que podia hacerlo por mi cuenta.

Es dificil observar a alguien cuando se da cuenta que ha sido enganada. Puedria incluso imaginar a Doris Washburn sentada en su casa… sola…

comenzando a darse cuenta que su esposo realmente se fue. Luego el telefono suena, y es un joven agradable preguntando si ha tenido la oportunidad de leer el prospecto que recibio por correo.

Seguramente ella le explica que no ha tenido tiempo, pues su esposo acaba de fallecer. El estafador entonces terminaria de hablar inmediatamente sobre las inversiones. Vertiginoamente, comienza a contarle alguna historia sobre la perdida de alguna tia o hermana. Hablarian por una hora o mas, sin nunca mas mencionarle nada acerca del dinero.

Al colgar el telefono, Doris Washburn pensaria que hizo un Nuevo amigo. La proxima vez que llame, ella estara feliz de hacer una pequena inversion.

Hay algo mas que recuerde que podria ayudarnos? Hablo con alguien mas aparte de

Mathew Raines?

Si, hable con su supervisor, solamente en dos ocasiones. Y la verdad es que este hombre era incluso mas encantador que Mr. Raines. Recuerdo que siempre me preguntaba como mi hija estaba apoyandome.

Mama, voy por el auto. O, ya mi amor.

Creo que su apellido era Richards o Richardson, algo asi. Se que lo escribi en alguna parte en la casa. Soy muy cuidadosa cuando tomo notas. Creo que su primer nombre era Park.

Park Richards?

Park Richards.

Park Richardson? Park Richardson… si!

Necesito sus notas hoy, Doris Ok.

Llegaremos al final de este asunto. Se lo prometo.

No podia ser. Atrapamos a un operador de cuartos calderas llamado Park Richardson justo antes que mi padre falleciera hace tres anos atras. Este era exactamente el tipo de timo que el suele hacer.

No te dije acerca de este, George? No te dije que participaras en este, George? No te dije que hasta mi madre esta invirtiendo en esto, George?


Hola Alan!

Hola Michelle!

Podrias chequear con la policia y ver si Park Richardson esta todavia en prision?

Richardson? No es el tipo que hacia timos con inversiones… el que estafo al amigo de tu padre?

Si, es el. Estoy trabajando en un caso de cruce fronterizo, entre US-Canada. Suena como su M.O.

Si es el, seria mas facil pedir su extradicion. Entiendo.

Se que al Fiscal le encantaria tenerlo de vuelta. Igual que yo. Si…deja que averigue con la policia.


Dame unos 20 minutos. OK

OK, Gracias.

No tomo mucho tiempo descubrir que Park Richardson habia sido liberado de prision hacia cuatro meses atras. Mientras estaba recluido, debio haber adquirido nuevas tretas.       Nos hemos vuelto buenos para desbaratar cuartos calderas en los US, entonces su nueva estrategia es hacer sus operaciones en el exterior.     A veces en Canada, Latinoamerica, o alguna isla. Pero, tan rapido como ellos cambian sus tacticas, nosotros tambien.

El Centro Nacional Desbaratador de Llamadas, es una organizacion canadiense que recopila reclamos por fraudes de telemercadeo.  Actualmente trabajamos en forma rutinaria con Canada en casos de fraudes de cruce fronterizo. Llame a uno de mis contactos alli y le di todo lo que tenia de Lohan/Michaels y mis sospechas acerca de Park Richardson.

Dos dias mas tarde, me llega en un e-mail con la foto de pasaporte de un hombre llamado "Park Richardson" quien esta en Canada con visa de turista. La foto confirma que es nuestro tipo. Sabiendo la ciudad donde esta, nos ayuda y dentro de unos pocos dias la ley canadiense dio con la ubicacion del cuarto caldera en Montreal.

Le tomo tiempo a los canadienses para concretar este caso, tener las garantias, y hacer el arresto… pero no me molestaba la espera. Ver la cara de Park Richardson lo hacia totalmente meritorio.

No puede retenerme aqui. Soy un ciudadano americano, y demando hablar con alguien de la Embajada Estadounidense, asi como "pronto". Esto es tan solo un gran error….

un mal entendido… en Frances-Ingles que tienen.

Park Richardson… me recuerda? En su juicio le dije que deberia buscar una nueva linea de trabajo…

Esta tiene demasiados peligros ocupacionales…

Escuche, no importa lo que ellos piensen que yo hize aqui. Sucedio en Canada, No es su asunto.

Excepto que sus victimas estan en los US y utilizo el correo americano para llegar a ellos.

Eso lo hace mi asunto.

hey… mire…esto es solo una gran equivocacion. Yo tan solo vine a ayudar a un amigo mio a montar un pequeno negocio… y nada de esto siquiera esta a mi nombre…

Estamos extraditandolo a los US para enfrentar cargos por fraudes de correo. Tendremos mucho tiempo para analizar todo con calma. Unos diez anos.

Gracias a nuestros contactos con Canada, Park Richardson esta ahora cumpliendo 10 anos de sentencia por fraude de correo.

Un efectivo cumplimiento de la ley dentro de los US ha movido a estos criminales hacia el exterior en un esfuerzo para ocultar sus crimenes. Mientras las fuerzas internacionales US- Canadiense hacen su tarea para ayudar a terminar estos delitos, la prevencion sigue siendo la mejor medicina.

Los consumidores deben estar al tanto del aumento en los fraudes de correo que operan fuera de los US. Viajes modernos, comunicaciones, y la internet facilita a estos criminals hacer de usted su proxima victima. Ud. Puede protegerse siguiendo estos simples pasos:

Numero 1. Si una oferta parece muy buena para ser verdad, probablemente lo sea.

Desconfie de todo lo que prometa grandes sumas de dinero, loterias, subastas a cambio de su pago anticipado, donacion o inversion.

Numero 2. No permita que lo presionen para tomar una decision. Consulte con su Consultor Financiero, Agencia de Negocios, algun miembro de su familia, un amigo de confianza o su Agencia de Proteccion al Consumidor, antes de decidir actuar.

Numero 3. Recuerde que un negocio legitimo nunca objetara que haga preguntas.

Estaran felices de proveerle referencias. Desconfie de cualquiera que trate de ocultar su direccion postal, numero telefonico, o evada preguntas acerca de sus operaciones.

Numero 4. Sepa que si usted responde a alguna de estas ofertas, su nombre sera incluido a una lista "fantasma" usada por estos criminales. Estas son listas de correo, similares a las usadas por los negocios legitimos, que persiguen a la gente que ha caido

en este tipo de timos en el pasado. Estas se compran y venden como parte de estas empresas clandestinas.

Numero 5. Desconfie si una compania insiste en usar un servicio de transferencia de fondos para enviar el dinero. A menudo es imposible verificar el destino actual donde se retirara el dinero. Haciendo que quien recibe el dinero sea dificil de rastrear. Siempre pague con tarjeta de credito o una Orden de Dinero Postal.

Y si usted piensa que ha sido victima de un fraude, necesita reportarlo. Estos informes son de vital ayuda en el rastreo de estas operaciones criminales, especialmente si estas estan operando a fueras de los Estados Unidos. Usted puede contactar a su Inspector Postal local en el directorio telefonico o en nuestro sitio web en: USPS.COM/POSTALINSPECTORS.

Los fraudes de cruce fronterizo pueden ser un mundo de problemas para sus victimas. Asegurese de no ser una de ellas.

El Servicio de Inspeccion Postal de los Estados Unidos le gustaria reconocer a nuestros asociados por su esfuerzo en el cumplimiento de la ley para combatir fraudes de cruce fronterizo.

Esto incluye:

El "Project Colt" en Montreal

La Sociedad Estrategica de Toronto el "Project Emptor" en Vancouver

La Asociacion con Alberta en contra de los fraudes de cruces fronterizos en Calgary

La Alianza Estrategica de Vancouver La Asociacion Atlantico en Halifax

Estas fuerzas de reprension dieron en el blanco con criminales en Canada, quienes operan loterias extranjeras fraudulentas, promociones de premios, porras, prestamos con pagos anticipados, tarjetas de credito, y timos de internet.

El Centro Desbaratador Nacional de Llamadas atiende a estos organismos asociados en la investigacion y persecucion de criminales quienes cometen fraudes de cruces fronterizos y telemercadeo.

Nuestra capacidad de proteger a los consumidores americanos es grandemente afianzada por estos organismos y estamos muy agradecidos por su cooperacion.

Truth or Consequences
The above media is provided by  YouTube (Privacy Policy, Terms of Service)

Imagine you receive a check in the mail and you're told to deposit it into your bank account . . . and the money is yours to keep. Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? This film reveals the type of scams known as "419 fraud" and provides tips on how you can avoid being tricked.


Let's log off, Becky, and get out of here.

Hey, I got eight hits on that last batch of "help wanted" ads.

I was right in the middle of chatting with Stuart, the clown from Pittsburg who thinks we're going to get married.

Did he get that check you sent him last week to help with the wedding expenses?

Yeah. Just give it a few days, let the money show up in his account, and Bam!

I'll get him to send it right back to me. You know, I'll make up some emergency expense that suddenly came up that I had to cover. Fool won't know what hit him.

What did you tell this one?

Oh, this one? I told him that I am putting myself through nursing school, modeling underwear for catalogues.

That one's almost too easy. The guy probably had never had a real date in his life.

Yeah, but he's still going to wonder why I bailed on him in the chat.

You know the rules. Never stay wired for more than thirty minutes.

I've already sniffed another open network near the motel. We can log on there later and finish up.

OK, but I still want to call him.

I don't want him to start getting suspicious or something before I've hit him up for the green.

But use the prepaid phone and keep it short.

I don't want him to have anything to connect back to us.

Chill, Abs. I know the drill.

Well don't screw up. I'm like Paris baby. Orange ain't my color.

So, who are you supposed to be today, Niece?

I'm a sixty-three-year-old woman named Brenda, recently retired from school teaching, and I've settled in New Mexico.

Yeah? I can see that. You already got the divorce and the cat.

That could totally be you in about thirty years.

That's cute, Lang. I wonder what that says about you, though. You play better females than I do.

She's got a point, Howie. Remember that mope from Nigeria last month?

I think he was in love with you. Any leads on our "work at home" scams out west?

Yeah. There's several new job listings on one of the resume websites this morning. It's the usual pitch.

"Wanted: international company seeks payment processor."

These guys claim they're from Ireland, and they need someone to process payments to avoid making customs fees.

You thinking it's our "coffee shop bandits?"

Fits their "M.O."

The "coffee shop bandits"….that's what we've been calling them for weeks now.

We've tracked them to a series of coffee shops, hotels, laundromats, and other locations in the Southwest.

They use public wi-fi hotspots to connect to the internet wirelessly.

Their scams cover a whole range of internet fraud with one common link - they all depend on counterfeit checks and money orders.

The payment processing clerk con is one of their favorites.

They target people who want or need to work from home - retirees, single moms with kids, even people with disabilities.

Once the person accepts the job as a payment processor, they're asked to open a checking account for the overseas business.

In a few days a series of checks arrive from their customers.

The new employee is told to deposit these checks, and once they've cleared, to wire ninety percent of the money to their employer.

The clerk is told they can keep ten percent of the payments as their salary.

When they check their available balance, the money is there.

But actually it can take weeks for a check to clear or be discovered as counterfeit.

But the ATM said that the funds were available.

Yes, it did. At the time it was in there but in five or six days…

If the person withdraws money during this period, then they become responsible for covering the bank's loss.

But I've spent some of the money…

We've seen victims lose tens of thousands of dollars on this type of scam.

This job posting is nearly identical to the one we saw last week.

Hey, if it's working, why change?

There are thousands of new people who look at these "help wanted" postings every day.

Where did you tell him you lived?

Truth or Consequences.


OK, so what else we got on these guys, Derek?

Well, first of all, they're not guys. Remember that last trace that we ran? An inspector went to the scene.

Ran into a dead end. They got their room with a stolen credit card…fake names on the registration.

But he spotted an ATM across the street, and we managed to get these photos.

But these photos, they don't give us a whole lot to go on.

You underestimate me. Another phone was used at three of the bandit’s locations.

And this phone, it's not a prepaid cell phone.

It's registered to a Becky Meyers of Key Largo, Florida.

NCIC says she got a list of arrests for all kinds of petty stuff - everything from shoplifting to bad checks.

OK, I'm impressed. Any idea who her friend is, Sherlock?

Hey, man, I had to leave something for you guys to do, right?

You're not calling one of the punks on that phone, are you?

No, dope. I'm calling Mikey. I need to get some refills on those checks.

Your boyfriend gives me the creeps.

Whatever. You don't like any of my men.

Besides, he's better than anybody we know with Photoshop. Look how legit these things look.

I told you to stop flashing those! You're going to blow this whole deal!

I'm going to blow this whole deal? There wouldn't be a deal if it wasn't for me!

This sweet ride…my deal!

Hardly! You and your boyfriend would still be passing bad checks for beer money at the Piggly Wiggly if it wasn't for me!

Still, you've got to admit, Mikey's got good hands…and mad skills on that printer.

So what did you turn up on Becky Meyers?

Hey, I'll check you a little later.


According to her parole officer, her printer is a local loser named Michael Friedman.

They've been an item since high school.

He spends most of his time playing those multi-player games online,

printing counterfeit checks, just as a way for him to keep the lights on.

So who's playing "Thelma" to her "Louise?"

Our best bet is another high school friend, Abbey Seals.

She was a computer science major at FSU until she dropped out last year.

Miami cops busted her on a DUI a few months back, Becky Meyers in the car.

Almost violated her parole, but the judge cut her a break.

So this Abbey Seals may have helped take their bad check racket high-tech?

Looks like it. Trouble is, her PO says she's skipped. Hasn't check in in three months.

That fits the timeline to our scams.

But we stills can't actually connect them to any of the frauds, or any of the victims' wire transfers.

Which brings us back to Brenda, from Truth or Consequences.

Alright, do it. I'm on it.

Oh, damn it! Stupid freaking woman! God!

What is it?

It's that woman from New Mexico, the teacher.

Now she can't figure out how to send a simple wire transfer.

She deposited those checks like two weeks ago.

If she doesn't send the money soon, the bank's going to tip her off, and the whole thing is going to fall apart.

How can one woman be so dense?

Did she email you?

No, we're chatting on IM. Oh wait, get this. She didn’t trust the guy at the wire service.

Good god! Stupid broad took the money out in cash!

Well, how much?

Ninety percent. Almost thirty thousand dollars.

You're kidding. Now what?

Well, she's wants to meet in person so she can deliver it.

Doesn't she think the company is located in Ireland?

Yes, but remember? She thinks we have an office in Forth Worth.

Yeah, OK, OK. No way in hell do we ever meet anyone in person.

That's the rule, remember? Yes.

Well we have to think of something else.

Are you kidding me? Stupid hag could barely open the account.

She's never going to brainstorm a wire transfer.

And besides, the bank is going to call her any day now and tip her off. The money's going to walk.

Then it walks. We never meet anyone in person.


What? Bull! Log off.

No, No! What am I going to tell her? Come on. It's thirty grand!

Tell her you'll call her later. Now log off, Becky. I mean it!

She just logged off. She said she was going to call me on the phone.

Do you think they bought it?

I don't know. They've been playing it really safe.

They might now be willing to risk a meeting in person.

We better hope that they're getting greedy. If they keep using these web-based email services to open networks, limiting their access time, we're never going to be able to connect them to any of these "work at home" scams.

Come on.

Yeah. UC phone.

Hold on, hold on, hold on. Caller ID says, "unknown." It's her.

Yeah, trace that call. OK? Go.


Hi there, Brenda? Oh, hello, dear.

Hey listen, I was thinking that you really shouldn't come all the way to Forth Worth, especially carrying all that cash on you.

We're concerned about our liability, because our insurance wouldn't cover it if anything happened to you.

Oh, I just don't trust those wire services, dear.

My father tried to wire money to my Uncle Benjamin once when he was having twin girls.

And he tried to wire it to Tulsa, Oklahoma, but it went to another Benjamin in Kansas City.

They didn't even have the same last name.

Kansas City is nowhere near Tulsa. Yeah, I know where Tulsa is, Brenda.

Hey, listen, my partner and I, we're going to be in your area. We're going to be looking at some land that we're considering.

Why don't you at least let us meet you halfway there, you know, to save you some trouble.

Oh, it's no problem, dear, to drive to Fort Worth.

I have a half sister in Irving. I've been dying to see her miniatures collection.

No, no, no, Brenda, really, I insist. Listen, Friday, let's meet at…

You know what? Why don't we meet at Alamogordo. Do you know where Alamogordo is?

Oh, certainly, dear. Everyone knows where Alamogordo is. That's where they tested the first atomic bombs in the 1940's.

It was part of the Manhattan Project.

That's a funny name, actually, as it was here in New Mexico and nowhere near New York.

Well, that was really fascinating, Brenda. Well, listen, OK, Friday it is.

I'll call you on your cell phone when we get there, like right around lunchtime. Of course, I'll bring you a receipt.

Alright, well listen, Friday it is. I've got to go, Brenda. OK? Alright. Bye bye.


We'll meet her in the middle of nowhere, in and out, ten minutes, we're done.

Less if I could get her to shut up for five seconds. Cake.

I still don't like it. What if she's a cop?

I swear, you must think I'm mental. Listen, I'll go in there, and I'll talk to her.

You wait, out in the car. If something smells funny, we'll walk. Can't tie us to the phone calls, or the checks.

Thank you.

Did you get it? Yep. It's the same signature as the phone used to call the other victims.

I'd like to see their lawyer explain that one.

We're still going to need them to show up for the transfer in order to pick them up.

I mean, by the time they do this trace, they could be a hundred miles from here.

No problem, we'll pick them up on Friday.

Aren't you kind of forgetting something? What?

They're expecting a sixty-three-year-old named Brenda.

It's after one. Look sharp, everyone. Possible suspect vehicle - white Ford Mustang, late model.

We couldn't make the tags off the ATM photo.

Location two, clear.

Niece, they called you again?

No, it's been forty-five minutes. She said they were running late. They'll be here.

Our suspect is approaching, east side of the street. No sign of her partner.


Becky, dear.

Brenda, I wasn't sure that was you.

Sorry we're running late. It took a little longer to tour the property.

Oh, that's fine, dear.

I've just been sitting here enjoying my tea, and reading up on the history of this wonderful little town.

Did you know that Robert Oppenheimer was almost convicted of being a traitor and a spy?

Can you imagine?

You look a lot younger than I expected.

Oh, you're sweet, dear.

OK, OK, Thelma's getting nervous.

I don't think she's buying Niece's makeup.

Find Louise, fast!

I got her. She's parked just down from the war wagon - white Mustang in that alley.

I'm on it, Lang. Watch my back. Everyone else cover Niece. Wait for my signal.

I have the money right here. I put it in this bag. I didn't want to attract attention, you know.

It's under my needle point.

No, that's OK, Granny. You keep it.

Federal Agent! You're under arrest!

No! No, no, no! This is complete crap! It didn't touch that money.

Police! Police! Freeze! Hands up! Hands up!

Clear the door, folks, please clear the door.

Thank you. Listen, everybody, thanks for your help. I need everybody outside.

There's nothing else to see here. Thank you very much.

Get up.

Howie, she's all yours.

Have a nice day.

Did you have any trouble with her friend?

Nah. She's already trying to pin the entire scam on Becky and her boyfriend.

Yeah, she didn't take the bait.

She's got several phony checks in her purse.

Well, we're still going through the car, but so far, we've got lots of fake checks, prepaid cell phones, and your little friend Derek is going to have a field day with the laptops.

Oh yeah, we got a whole lot of love letters from Mikey the printer.

Can't wait to send the Miami team in there.

Did you recover any of the victims' moneys?

Not a whole lot. About eight grand on them.

Whole lot of neat toys and shwag from a shopping spree or two.

Yeah, well at least they're off the street.

Yeah, this time they're all looking at ten to twenty for mail fraud.

You know, I've got to tell you. You look…ridiculous.

I told you you weren't going to pass for sixty-three. What's the matter with you?

Thanks to some solid police work and the efforts of the Technical Services Division, these two high-tech crooks are behind bars.

Unfortunately, there are hundreds more of them out there, operating these scams from around the world.

Remember, on the internet, these crooks can pretend to be anyone that they want.

Often, they construct elaborate fronts to make them seem legitimate - fake websites, phony pictures, even references that can vouch for them.

We refer to this as "the anonymity of the internet." But don't be fooled.

There are very few legitimate jobs that allow you to work from your home, and none that involve processing checks or money orders.

To avoid falling into these traps, remember these important tips.

Number one: Never accept a check or money order for payment for any items

if the check is greater than the amount owed to you.

These so-called "overpayment scams" seem like a ticket to easy money, but usually leave the victim with an overdrawn account and empty pockets.

Number two: Just because your ATM or bank statement says "funds available" doesn't mean that the check has actually cleared.

By law, banks must make funds available to you in a few days.

After that you can access the funds, but the check may not clear for weeks.

Until the check does clear, you're legally responsible for the deposit, as well as any funds that you withdraw.

Number three: Many lottery or sweepstakes frauds involve counterfeit checks.

You receive a check for a portion of your winnings and are told to deposit it.

You're then instructed to use a portion of these moneys to pay for taxes or fees, with a promise of even bigger winnings to come.

Don't buy it. It may seem like easy money, but it will cost you big in the end.

And lastly, don't forget your good common sense. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

There are no "get rich quick" schemes, and you can be sure that no one needs your help to transfer millions of dollars into or out of their country.

Cops call these types of scams "419 fraud." They've been around for years, only now they've been updated for the information age.

Play it safe, and log off on these fake check scams.

For more information on how to avoid counterfeit check fraud, visit our website at

Producido por el United States Postal Inspection Service Transcripción del vídeo

¡Tiempo! Salgámonos, Becky, y vámonos de aquí.

Hey, recibí ocho respuestas en el último grupo de avisos "Se necesita ayuda"

Estaba justo chateando con Stuart, el payaso de Pittsburg que cree que nos vamos a casar.

¿Le llegó el cheque que le enviaste la semana pasada para ayudar con los gastos de la boda?

Sí. Dale unos pocos días, deja que el dinero aparezca en su cuenta, y ¡Bum! Le pediré que me lo mande de vuelta.

Ya sabes, le inventaré algún gasto de emergencia que tuve repentinamente y que tengo que cubrir.

Tonto…no se dará ni cuenta.

¿Qué le dijiste a éste?

oh, ¿a éste? Le dije que estaba pagando mis estudios para ser enfermera, modelando ropa interior para catálogos.

Ése es casi demasiado fácil. Probablemente este tipo nunca ha tenido una cita real en su vida.

Sí, aunque de seguro todavía se preguntará porqué me fui tan de repente del chat. Tú conoces las reglas. Nunca te conectes por más de treinta minutos.

Acabo de encontrar otra red abierta cerca del motel. Nos podemos conectar desde allí mas tarde y terminar.

Ok, pero aún quiero llamarlo. No quiero que sospeche o algo así antes que le haya pedido el dinero.

Pero usa el teléfono prepagado y se breve. No quiero que tenga nada que lo conecte a nosotras.

¡Cálmate! Yo sé lo que hago.

Bueno, no lo heches a perder. Yo soy como Paris, linda. El naranja no es mi color. Entonces, ¿quién se supone que eres hoy, Niece?

Soy una señora de sesenta y tres años llamada Brenda, una maestra de colegio jubilada recientemente, y que me he instalado en Nuevo México.

¿Sí? Puedo verlo... Ya tienes el divorcio y el gato.

Podrías definitívamente ser ella en unos treinta años más.

¡Qué lindo, Lang! En todo caso, me pregunto que se diría de ti. Tú imitas a las mujeres mejor que yo.

Punto para ella, Howie.

¿Te acuerdas de ese deprimido de Nigeria del mes pasado? Yo creo que estaba enamorado de tí.

¿Hay alguna pista sobre que nos lleve a los "fraudes de trabajo desde su casa" del oeste?

Sí. Hay varias listas de nuevos trabajos en uno de los sitios web actualizados esta mañana.

Es lo de siempre. "Se necesita: Compañía internacional busca procesador de pagos" Estos tipos dicen ser de Irlanda y que necesitan a alguien que procese los pagos para evitarse los gastos de aduana.

¿Estás pensando que son nuestros "bandidos de la cafetería"? Bueno, encaja con su modo de operar.

"Los bandidos de la cafetería"… así es como los hemos estado llamando por semanas. Los hemos rastreado por una serie de cafeterías, hoteles, lavanderías, y otros lugares en el Suroeste.

Utilizan puntos de conexión públicos inalámbricos para conectarse al Internet.

Sus delitos cubren un gran rango de fraudes de internet con un vínculo común: todos se basan en giros de dinero y cheques falsos.

Uno de sus favoritos es el asistente para procesamiento de pagos.

Buscan gente que desee o necesite trabajar desde su casa, como: jubilados, madres solteras con niños, incluso gente discapacitada.

Una vez que las personas aceptan el trabajo como procesador de pagos, les piden que abran una cuenta bancaria para los negocios del extranjero.

A los pocos días llegan una serie de cheques de sus clientes.

A este empleado se le pide depositar los cheques, y una vez que están disponibles en la cuenta, que le transfieran el noventa por ciento del dinero a su empleador.

Se le dice al asistente que se quede con el diez por ciento como pago de su sueldo. Cuando ellos chequean su saldo disponible, el dinero está allí.

Pero en realidad, puede tomar semanas para que un cheque se libere o descubra que es falso.

Sin embargo, los cajeros automáticos mostraban que los fondos estaban disponibles. Así fue. En el momento el dinero estaba allí, pero en cinco o seis días…

Si la persona gira dinero durante este periodo, inmediatamente es responsable de cubrir la pérdida del banco.

Pero, he gastado algo del dinero…

Hemos visto víctimas que perdieron decenas de miles de dólares en este tipo de fraude. Este tipo de mensajes para trabajo es casi idéntico al que vimos la semana pasada.

Hey, pero si funciona…¿para qué cambiarlo?

Hay miles de personas nuevas que ven estos mensajes de "Se necesita ayuda" todos los días.

¿A dónde le dijiste a éste que vivías? Verdad o Consecuencias.


Ok, entonces ¿qué más tenemos sobre estos tipos, Derek? Bueno, primero que todo, no son tipos.

¿Se acuerdan del último rastreo que tuvimos?

Un Inspector fue a la escena, pero se encontró con una calle sin salida.

Obtuvieron su cuarto con una tarjeta de crédito robada… y usaron nombres falsos al registrarse.

Pero descubrió un cajero automático cruzando la calle y logramos conseguir esas fotos. Pero estas fotos, tampoco nos ayudaron mucho.

Me estás subestimando.

Se utilizó otro teléfono en tres de los lugares de estos bandidos. Y este teléfono, no es prepagado.

Está registrado bajo Becky Meyers de Key Largo, Florida.

El Centro Nacional de Información de Crímenes dice que ella tiene una lista de arrestos de todo tipo de cosas insignificantes, pero todos desde hurto en tiendas a cheques malos.

Ok, Estoy impresionado.

¿Alguna idea de quién es su amiga, Sherlock? Hey, tenía que dejarles algo que hacer…¿no?

¿No estarás llamando a uno de los punks en ese teléfono, verdad?

No, estoy llamando a Mikey.

Necesito que me mande más de esos cheques. Tu novio me da una sensación extraña

Lo que sea. A tí no te gustan ninguno de mis hombres.

Además, él es mejor que cualquiera que conozcamos con Photoshop.

¡Mira lo legítimas que se ven estas cosas!

Te dije que pararas de andar mostrando esos! ¡Vas a hecharlo todo a perder!

¿Que voy a hecharlo todo a perder? ¡No habría nada de nada si no fuera por mì! Y este auto… lo tenemos gracias a mí.

¡Seguro! Tú y tu novio todavía estarían pasando cheques malos por cerveza en el Piggly Wiggly si no

fuera por mí.

Igual tienes que admitir que Mike tiene buenas manos y gran destreza con esa impresora.

¿y qué has conseguido de Becky Meyers? Hey, hablaremos mas tarde.


De acuerdo a su oficial de libertad condicional, su impresor sería un perdedor llamado Michael Friedman.

Han sido novios desde la secundaria.

Pasa la mayor parte de su tiempo jugando esos juegos de multi-jugadores del Internet, imprimiendo los cheques falsos, como una forma de mantener las luces encendidas.

Entonces… ¿quién está jugando a ser "Thelma" a su "Louise"?

Nuestra mejor candidata es una amiga de colegio llamada Abbey Seals.

Ella era una alumna de Informática en la FSU hasta que se salió el año pasado. La policía de Miami la detuvo por manejar bajo la influencia del alcohol hace unos meses atrás, y Becky

Meyers estaba en el carro. Casi violó su libertad provisional, pero el juez la perdonó.

Entonces, ¿esta Abbey Seals le habrá ayudado a mejorar su sistema de cheques falsos?

Eso parece. El problema es que su oficial dice que ella no se ha aparecido. No se ha registrado en tres meses.

Bueno, eso coincide con la fecha de los fraudes.

Pero, en realidad no podemos relacionarlas a ninguno de los fraudes, ó algunas de las transferencias de sus víctimas.

Lo cual nos trae de vuelta a Brenda, de Verdad o Consecuencias. Así es. Hazlo.

De acuerdo, lo haré.

¡Oh, diablos! ¡Mujer estúpida! ¡Dios!

¿Qué sucede?

Es esa mujer de Nuevo México, la maestra.

Ahora no tiene idea de como enviar una simple transferencia de dinero. Ella depositó esos cheques hace como dos semanas atrás.

Si no manda el dinero pronto, el banco le va a avisar, y todo se va hechar a perder.

¿Cómo una mujer puede ser tan torpe?

¿Te mandó un correo electrónico? No, estamos chateando en IM.

Oh,espera. Mira esto. Dice que no confía en el tipo del servicio de transferencias.

¡oh, que bien! ¡La estúpida tiene todo el dinero en efectivo!

¿Y cuánto es?

El noventa porciento. Casi treinta mil dólares. Estás bromeando… ¿y ahora qué?

Bueno, quiere que nos veamos en persona para que me lo pueda entregar.

¿Que acaso no sabe que la compañía está ubicada en Irlanda?

Sí, pero ¿te acuerdas? Ella cree que tenemos una oficina en Forth Worth.

Sí, Ok, Ok. Pero de ninguna manera vamos a reunirnos con alguien en persona. Ésa, es la regla. ¿lo recuerdas?


Bueno, tenemos que pensar en algo más.

¿Estás bromeando? Bruja estúpida, apenas pudo abrir la cuenta. Nunca va a tener la brillante idea de mandar una transferencia.

Y además, el banco la va a llamar en cualquier momento ahora y avisarle. Se nos va a ir el dinero.

Bueno, que se vaya entonces. Nunca vamos a juntarnos con alguien en persona.


¿Qué? ¡Diablos! Desconéctate.

¡No, no! pero… ¿Qué le voy a decir? O sea, ¡son treinta mil dólares!

Dile que la vas a llamar más tarde.

Ahora, desconéctate Becky. Lo digo en serio.

Se acaban de desconectar.

Me dijo que me llamaría por teléfono.

¿Crees que se lo creyeron? No lo sé.

Realmente han estado haciendo todo a la segura.

No creo que quieran arriesgarse a vernos en persona.

Ojalá que se estén poniendo ambiciosas.

Si siguen usando esos servicios de correo electrónico basados en la web para abrir redes, limitando su tiempo de acceso, nunca vamos a poder relacionarlas a ninguno de esos fraudes de "trabaje desde su casa".



Teléfono UC.

Espera, espera, espera.

El identificador de llamadas muestra "Desconocido". Es ella. Sí, rastrea esa llamada.

Vamos, contesta.


Hola. ¿Brenda? Oh, hola, querida.

Hey escucha, estaba pensando que en realidad no deberías venir hasta Forth Worth, especialmente si traes todo ese efectivo contigo.

Estamos preocupados por nuestra responsabilidad, ya que el seguro no respondería si algo te pasara.

Oh, es que simplemente yo no confío en esos servicios de transferencia, querida. Mi padre trató de enviarle dinero a mi tío Benjamín una vez cuando nacieron sus gemelas.

Y trató de transferirlo a Tulsa, Oklahoma, pero se lo enviaron a otro Benjamín en Kansas City.

Y ni siquiera tenían el mismo apellido.

La ciudad de Kansas ni siquiera está cerca a Tulsa. Sí, yo sé donde está Tulsa, Brenda.

Mira, mi socia y yo, vamos a andar por tu área.

Vamos a estar viendo unas tierras que estamos considerando.

¿Por qué no nos encontramos a medio camino?, para así evitarte algún problema.

Oh, querida. No es problema manejar hasta Forth Worth. Yo tengo una media hermana en Irving.

He estado loca por conocer su colección de miniaturas.

No, no, no, Brenda. Realmente, insisto. Escucha, el viernes, juntémonos en…

¿Sabes qué?…¿Por qué no nos juntamos en Alamogordo? ¿Sabes dónde está Alamogordo?

Oh, sí querida. Todos saben donde está Alamogordo.

Ahí fue donde probaron las primeras bombas atómicas en los años 40. Fue parte del proyecto Manhattan. Ese es un nombre divertido, en verdad,

ya que fue aquí en Nuevo México y no en algún lugar cercano a Nueva York.

Eso fue realmente fascinante, Brenda. Bueno, escúchame, Ok, entonces el viernes.

Te llamaré al celular cuando lleguemos allá, así cerca de la hora de almuerzo. Por supuesto, te traeré un recibo.

Muy bien, escucha, entonces el viernes. Me tengo que ir, Brenda. ¿Ok?. Bien. Adiós.


Nos encontraremos en el medio de la nada, entro y salgo, diez minutos, y estamos listas.

Eso, si logro que se quede callada por cinco segundos.

¡Muy fácil!

Igual no me gusta. ¿Qué pasa si ella es un policía? Te lo juro, debes pensar que estoy loca.

Escucha, yo voy a ir allí, hablaré con ella. Tú esperas afuera en el auto. Si algo se ve raro, nos vamos.

No nos puede relacionar ni con las llamadas o los cheques. Gracias.

¿Lo lograste?


Es la misma frecuencia de teléfono usado para llamar a las otras víctimas. Me gustaría ver como su abogado explica esto.

Vamos a necesitar que se aparezcan para la transferencia de modo que las podamos capturar.

O sea, para cuando tengan este rastreo, ellas podrían estar a cientos de millas de acá. No hay problema, las capturaremos el viernes.

¿No te estarás olvidando de algo?


Ellas esperan encontrarse con una señora de 63 años llamada Brenda.

Son pasado la una. Mira bien, a todos.

Posible vehículo sospechoso - es un Ford Mustang blanco, último modelo. No pudimos obtener las placas desde la foto del cajero automático.

Ubicación dos, despejado. Niece, ¿te llamaron de nuevo?

No, ya han pasado 45 minutos. Me dijo que venían un poco tarde.  Ya llegarán. Nuestra sospechosa se acerca, lado este de la calle. No hay señales de la compañera.


Becky, querida.

Brenda, no estaba segura que eras tú.

Lo siento por el atraso. Nos tomó un poco más de tiempo ver la propiedad. Está bien, querida. Yo sólo he estado aquí sentada, disfrutando mi té,

y leyendo la historia de esta pequeña ciudad maravillosa.

¿Sabías que Robert Oppenheimer fue casi convicto de ser un traidor y un espía?

¿Puedes imaginarlo?

Te ves mucho más joven de lo que esperaba. Oh, que eres tierna, querida.

Ok, Ok, Thelma se está poniendo nerviosa.

No creo que se esté creyendo el maquillaje de Niece. Encuentren a Louise. ¡Rápido!

La tengo. Está estacionada justo abajo del camión - un Mustang blanco en ese callejón.

Lo tengo, Lang. Cubre mi espalda. Todos los demás cubran a Niece. Esperen mi señal.

Tengo el dinero aquí. Lo puse en este bolso. No quería llamar la atención, tú sabes. Está a la altura de mi rodilla.

No, está bien, abuelita. Quédate con él. Te estoy dando un aumento.

¡Agente Federal! ¡Está bajo arresto!

¡No¡ ¡No, no, no!

¡Esto es una locura! ¡No toqué ese dinero!

¡Policía! ¡Policía! ¡Alto! ¡Manos arriba! ¡Manos arriba!

Despejen la puerta, amigos, por favor despejen la puerta. Gracias.

Escuchen, todos, gracias por su ayuda. Necesitamos que todos salgan afuera. No hay nada más que ver aquí. Muchas gracias.


Howie, es toda tuya. Que tengas un buen día. Ya, para.

¿Tuviste algún problema con su amiga?

No. Ella está ahí tratando de inculpar a Becky y su novio de todo el fraude. Sí, no mordió el anzuelo. Tiene varios cheques falsos en su cartera.

Bueno, todavía tenemos que registrar el auto, pero por ahora, tenemos un montón de cheques falsos, teléfonos celulares prepagados, y su pequeño amigo Derek va a tener un día de campo con los laptops.

Oh sí, tenemos un montón de cartas de amor de Mikey, la impresora. No puedo esperar a mandar al equipo de Miami.

¿Recuperaste algo del dinero de las víctimas?

No, no mucho. Apenas unos ocho mil que llevaban consigo.

Y de las variadas compras, un montón de juguetes bonitos y cosas. Sí, al menos ya están fuera de las calles.

Sí, esta vez les darán unos diez o veinte años por fraude de correos.

¿Sabes?, tengo que decírtelo. Te ves… ridícula.

Te lo dije, no ibas a pasar por una de 63 años. ¿Cuál es tu problema?

Gracias a un trabajo policial sólido y los esfuerzos de los Servicios de la División Técnica, estas dos delincuentes de alta tecnología están detrás de las rejas.

Desafortunadamente, hay cientos más de ellos afuera, operando estos fraudes alrededor del mundo.

Recuerde, en el Internet, estos delicuentes pueden pretender ser quienes ellos quieren. A menudo, construyen fachadas bien elaboradas para hacerlos parecer legítimos, tales

como: sitios web falsos, fotos falsas, incluso referencias que pueden responder por ellos.

Nos referimos a éstos como "el anonimato del Internet". Pero, no se deje engañar. Hay muy pocos trabajos legítimos que permiten trabajar desde su casa, y que nada tienen que ver con el procesamiento de cheques o giros de dinero.

Para evitar caer en estas trampas, recuerde estos importantes consejos:

Número uno: Nunca acepte un cheque o un giro de dinero como pago de cualquier artículo si el valor del cheque es mayor que lo que se le debe.

Estos bien llamados "Fraudes de Pagos en exceso" parecen un boleto para el dinero fácil, pero generalmente dejan a la víctima con un sobregiro en su cuenta y los bolsillos vacíos.

Número dos: No porque su Cajero Automático o estado de cuenta bancaria dice "fondos disponibles", significa que el cheque haya sido liberado.

Por ley, los bancos deben dejar los fondos disponibles a Ud. en unos pocos días. Después de eso, puede acceder a los fondos, pero el cheque no necesariamente se libera hasta unas semanas después. Una vez liberado, Ud. es legalmente responsible del depósito, así como también de los fondos que gire de su cuenta.

Número tres: Muchos fraudes de loterías o juegos de azar involucran cheques falsos. Ud. recibe un cheque por una porción de sus ganancias y piden que lo deposite. Luego, le solicitan usar una porción de estos dineros para pagar los impuestos o gastos con una promesa de recibir ganancias aún mayores.

No lo crea. Puede parecer dinero fácil, pero le costará muchísimo al final.

Y, finalmente, no se olvide de su buen sentido común.

Si algo suena demasiado bueno para ser verdad, probablemente lo sea.

No existen las ofertas de "Hágase rico al instante", y Ud. puede estar seguro que nadie necesita de su ayuda para transferir millones de dólares hacia o desde otro país.

Los policías le llaman a este tipo de fraudes "Fraude 419".

Han estado circulando por años, tan sólo han sido actualizados para estos tiempos. Váyase a la segura, y desconéctese de estos fraudes por cheques falsos.

Para mayor información de cómo evitar los fraudes por cheques falsos, visite nuestro sitio web en