September 9, 1850

From Football to Film Stars

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This 32-cent Marilyn Monroe stamp was issued June 1, 1995.

Though the gold rush was short lived, ending in 1864, its legacy survives through another activity that inspires fervor in the hearts of Californians: football. The San Francisco 49ers are named for gold prospectors who traveled westward in 1849 after hearing news of the precious metal’s discovery. The original 49ers are depicted on the 150th Anniversary California Gold Rush postage stamp.

California continues to draw attention with the glow of its Hollywood stars. Perhaps the embodiment of this fantasy world, Marilyn Monroe rose from a childhood spent in Los Angeles orphanages and foster homes to being the blonde that all gentlemen preferred. Her life and career were commemorated by a 1995 stamp, the first in the Legends of Hollywood series. This 32-cent commemorative stamp was unveiled during a ceremony at Universal Studios Hollywood.

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The 33-cent San Francisco 49ers stamp was issued January 12, 2000.