Holiday Delivery

'Christmas Overseas 1918' postcard with an illustration of several troops looking through packages
American Red Cross postcard, 1918

The US military reported that over 15 million parcels, issues of print matter, and packages with the special Christmas “coupons” arrived in Europe during December 1918. Additionally, 46 million letters came from the US while AEF service personnel sent home over 40 million letters. Delays and misdirection often hampered delivery of wartime mail, but military officials found their transportation convoys kept the mail running relatively smoothly during the busy holiday season.

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AEF trucks with 225 sacks of Christmas mail in France
Courtesy National Archives
Sergeant Clyde Eoff posing for a photo

“After writing this letter I received the Christmas Pkg, on Christmas eve. It just reached here at the right time. I guess there will be no use hanging up our stockings tonight! Well I thank you all for the package, and it helps make a Merry Christmas for me. This coupon has crossed the ocean 3 times and covered over 15,000 miles.”
~Sergeant Clyde Eoff to his sister Josephine, December 24, 1918
Courtesy Center for American War Letters, Leatherby Libraries, Chapman University, CA

a man handing packages to several others
Delivering Christmas parcels
Courtesy National Archives