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Library of Congress

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20-cent Library of Congress stamp
3-cent Gutenberg Bible stamp
The Library of Congress owns and displays an original and complete Gutenberg Bible.

Although originally established in 1800 to serve the legislative needs of Congress, the Library of Congress, which now holds over 130 million items, now reflects Thomas Jefferson’s belief that Congress must not exclude any branch of knowledge from its storehouse of wisdom. Jefferson’s own library of 6,487 books forms the core of this, the national library. The British burned the original library, then housed in the Capitol, in 1814, and Congress purchased Jefferson’s library in 1815.

LOC Main Reading Room

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33-cent Library of Congress stamp

Considered by many the world’s most beautiful room, the Library of Congress reading room, located in the Jefferson Building, is truly an enchanting feast for tourists’ eyes. It serves thousands of researchers annually. Robert Langdon’s breathtaking adventure takes another twist in the Library of Congress reading room.