By Allen Kane, Former Director, National Postal Museum

Picking Favorites

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24-cent Curtiss Jenny invert stamp

I selected these 15 objects in honor of the museum's 15th anniversary. When it comes to picking favorites in the collection, it is harder than it looks. While I naturally appreciate those items that relate to my life and experiences, I have a great fondness for many, many other items in our collection. And why not. In a collection of over six million objects, it's almost impossible to select just a few to spotlight.

As you make your way through our collections, whether in the exhibits, or online, I know you will find what I discovered when I first came to the museum. Each object is a treasured piece of philatelic or post office history. And each has a story to tell that is worth listening to. So enjoy your exploration of the collection, and listen carefully - you may just find a few items that end up at the top of your own favorite objects list.

Allen Kane, Former Director, National Postal Museum