Prep and Color Your Airplane for Flight

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Servicing a airplane at an emergency field.

Mechanic Mike is preparing the airplane for your next airmail delivery run. On the checklist he has noted all the necessary steps to make sure your airplane's parts are in top-running condition. Mechanic Mike's work helps all pilots have safe and successful flights.

Review Mechanic Mike's checklist for your airplane.

Wing All the connecting wires must be secure.
Rudder Oil the hinges on the rudder so the flap will work smoothly.
Propeller Tighten the propeller's fit to the engine shaft, and clean, polish and check the wooden propeller for splinters.
Fuselage Patch any holes.
Engine Check the oil level, fill the radiator with the proper amount of water, and fill the gas tank.
Wheels Inspect the axle and the condition of the rubber tires.
Drawing of an airplane in front of two plane hangers
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