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Map of Omaha, Nebraska drawn by airmail pilot Farr Nutter features railroad tracks, the Missouri River, and an airfield.
- Courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration

The early years of America's airmail service unfolds into a story of ingenuity, resourcefulness, courage, and innovation that characterizes the pioneering era of aviation. It is a history that encompasses the adaptation of new technology and devotion to challenging work. Explore these topics, review the objectives of the activities, and follow the links and resources to learn more on the subject.

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In Above the Clouds: The Airplanes, you will read about early airplanes used by the Post Office. You can learn the parts of an airplane, color a printable page, and test your memory with an on-line airmail stamp activity.

By the Seat of Their Pants: The Pilots will give you a sense of flying an air route and some of the hazards pilots may have faced. You will learn about the life of a pilot by completing a rebus, reading an adventure story, and applying your new-found knowledge to finishing a logbook entry and a replicated version of an official airmail form.

Innovation is a recurring theme in the history of airmail and flight. Explore the creativity of the airmail pioneers through the Aviation Innovation topics and invent your own solutions to everyday problems.

» Yesterday and Today & Can You Predict?
» Airmail Changes the de Havilland DH-4 & Make It Better
» Flying by the Seat of Your Pants & Doing Your Best

If you wish to delve deeper, look for the links to the main history section of this website.

Fad to Fundamental: Airmail in America