Airmail Miscellany

The National Postal Museum has an exciting collection of three-dimensional airmail objects in its holdings. Although never technically an airmail pilot, Amelia Earhart regularly carried airmail envelopes on her flights. Her husband, George Putnam, sold these philatelic collectables after the flights to help finance future ventures. One of Earhart's flight suits is among the items in the Museum, along with covers from many of her flights.

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...that after leaving the Air Mail Service, two pilots died when they tried to make the first transcontinental flight from the U.S. to Rome, Italy?
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Another flight suit that can be found in the Museum is one worn by one of the first postal airmail pilots, Edward V. Gardner. In addition to his flight suit, the Museum also holds his leather helmet, a leather face mask, leggings, and two sets of goggles. Images and histories of the flight suits can be found in the Pilots' Gear section of this virtual exhibition.

These are several other collections in the National Postal Museum that may be of interest to airmail researchers. Among them are the museum's collection of archival photographs, flags, posters and airmail maps.

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